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Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

While there are already some great armor designs in Skyrim, there aren’t many.

This can lead to the experience not being the most immersive…..

So if you’ve already pulled out the last set of dragon scale armor and you’re a little tired of the basic selection, rest assured, you don’t have to be.

We’ve collected some of the coolest and most unique light armor mods for Skyrim, all of which are below. Try them before you dive back into Tamriel!

10. Hunting bow Armour

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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Of all the light armor Skyrim offers in the base game, there is nothing that could be considered archer armor. So it’s best to use a Skyrim enb.

Sometimes you just want to channel your inner Legolas, you know?

Featuring a simple tunic in rough and brown tones with leather chainmail sleeves sticking out, this fashion will help you look and feel like the best hunter you can be.
The natural look of this armor really makes it feel like it belongs in the world of Skyrim. And it can really drag the game along a lot more as a stealth and archer based character.

9. The Lords of Death – The Community Rises

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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While the original Dark Brotherhood armor (Shrouded Armor) is widely regarded as one of the best armor sets for the beginning of the game, it is not known among fans for its visual appeal.

There are many mods trying to solve this problem. But few of them hit the mark like Death Masters – Brotherhood Rising.

With a new set of lightweight armor that is highly practical, scalable and manageable, live Citis and honor the Night Mother in style!

This set includes a customizable color hood, ladder leather panels, and an intricately designed leather kitchen. You don’t look like a goth anymore!

8. Armonaiser

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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One of the biggest complaints about Skyrim is the lack of variety in light armor, at least visually.

This mod tries to remedy that by adding some awesome kits for you to discover during your adventure through Skyrim.

These are exotic classes like the Woodsman, the Dark Alchemist or the Snow Bear.

Whether you want to adorn yourself with the finest fur, separate yourself with massive beasts, or cloak yourself in black leather, Armonizer is definitely worth your download list.

7. Archmage Hadgar

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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Whether you know the character or not, this module asks a simple question:

You want to look like a real bad guy?

Do you like wearing elaborate armor when traveling overland?

And most importantly: Do you like sweaters as much as I do?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should try this modem.

With a black hood and layers of scaled armor wrapped in dark fabric and fine leather, you won’t feel out of place when wielding a battle axe or beating up an atronach. Try it today!

6. Court dresses and masks

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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If you’ve played Morrowind before, you may recognize some of these masks and capes.

After all, these were some of the most colorful, unique and detailed sets of light armor available at the time.

Now you can make your arbitrage dreams come true in Skyrim!

With the many outfits in this fashion, you are sure to find something that will make your next trip even more memorable. Plus, you have a scary mask.

Who doesn’t love the scary masks?

5. Leather harness

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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The alien, Salvador Dali-Esk Netch of Vvardenfell, was sorely missed in Oblivion and Skyrim.

The addition of rosters in the Dragonborn DLC only led to further disappointment:

The reticulated armor of the beasts was nowhere to be seen!

This mod corrects that problem and adds a beautiful representation of the original outfit with a layered net skin wrapped in a rough brown fabric and stiff half sails.

You can now look (and feel) like you just escaped from an apocalyptic red mountain.

4. Optimal equipment

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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Packed with versatility and customization options, Opulent Outfits is a fantastic mod that adds literally dozens of different wizard robes and other magical light armor sets.

And they all have fully customizable colors, accessories and finish options.

The sumptuous outfits are fully upgradeable and can be changed according to level – a real game changer for all mages. This adds a whole new level of immersion.

3. DCR Crusader King

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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Bathed in shade and wrapped in spikes is the common theme of this mod.

With numerous sets of gothic and medieval armor that wouldn’t look out of place in a Witcher game or a Lord of the Rings movie, DCR King Crusader brings a certain stylistic flair not found in the base version of Skyrim;

Sneaking into the Pale and looking as hideous as Sauron sounds fun, right? They know!

2. Medium Dresses

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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The robe of a member of the Order of the Psyjians, whose mission is to protect Tamriel from those who abuse or maliciously manipulate magic.

These redesigned robes, originally seen by a member of the Order on quests at Winterhold College, look incredible.

They have a gold and yellow-brown headpiece, with crimson half-drops and a moonstone strap.

You can finally wear this legendary clothing set.

1. Dockyard Heating

Best Light Armor Mods For Skyrim

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It’s a real arsenal, as this mod contains dozens of fully upgradeable and customizable sets of light armor, with some pretty awesome class themes.

And with exotic designs like Shadow Warlock, Sand Assassin, Telvanni Battlemage, Nordic Bard, or Pathfinder themes, what’s not to like?

In addition to the added light armor sets, this mod also adds the ability to equip dragon priest masks as belt accessories.

The breadth and versatility of this mod blows me away every time I start Skyrim and try to create a new character.

In a country where you can be whatever you want, that’s never a bad thing.

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