Eggertspiele Announces Two Additional Games To Form Great Western Trail Trilogy

16. February 2021 – The incredibly popular Great Western Trail board game, originally released in 2016, now has a timeline with a second edition and two brand new games. Eggertspiele and Plan B Games announced this morning that in addition to the remake of the original, Great Western Trail Argentina will be released in the summer of 2022 and Great Western Trail New Zealand in the summer of 2023. It promises the same gameplay mechanics you love, but with a whole new adventure.

It all started with a dream to take the original game to the next level. The Great Western Trail is a real masterpiece when the players do what they want. We couldn’t agree more. We’ve been dreaming of a new edition that we want to see on all players’ shelves for years to come – Sophie Gravel, CEO of Plan B Games.

According to the announcement, Eggertspiele has been working with designer Alexander Pfister for the past few months on a complete edition of the Great Western Trail. To create something of the epic grandeur of the Great Western Trail, we took inspiration from western movies. Artist Chris Kiliams used a typical letterboxing style for the cover of the film that evokes the essence of these films. He also worked hard on a new sign and card art. There’s nothing like it on the market!

I was inspired by the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone – with plans of the beautiful American West. It captures an atmosphere that is indistinguishable! We wanted the same feeling with the Great Western Trail! – Chris Killiams, illustrator of the Plan B games.

It went so well that it soon became a trilogy of games. Yes! A new collection of Great Western Trail names! At the end of the summer of 2021, fans will discover a new edition of the Great Western Trail! The fans will travel to Argentina in the summer of 2022. After all, the players will travel to New Zealand in the summer of 2023! All of these titles use the basic mechanics of the Great Western Trail – deck and puck building – but also something new and interesting! It was an exciting process for me to go back to my most famous game and work on two new games in the series! – Alexander Pfister

Eggertspiele Announces Two Additional Games

Fans can look forward to exciting new gameplay changes, and we invite you to rediscover the joys of the Great Western Trail!

Developed by Alexander Pfister, the entire trilogy receives the same special treatment as the second edition of the Great Western Trail. Fans should know that a new edition of Northern Railroads will be available at a later date to be compatible with the second edition of Great Western Road. The promised details and surprises will be coming soon from the publisher, so we’re looking forward to it with incredible excitement. Have fun on the road!


On the Great Western Trail, take on the ranchers of 19th-century America. This trail is a 19th century starting point that takes cattle from Texas to Kansas on the Loop Trail. Your cattle will then be sent on the train, giving you money and victory points. Hire skilled workers, B. Cowboys to improve your herd, craftsmen to build cattle poles or engineers for the railroad. When you arrive at your destination station, make sure you have your most valuable livestock with you. The winner is the one who best manages his herd and demonstrates good timing in mastering the opportunities and pitfalls of the Great Western Trail. Designer Alexander Pfister (Mombasa) has created an extraordinary game for players, full of exciting solutions and with enough strategy to win countless games.

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