Drawn To Life: Two Realms Review (Nintendo Switch)

Set: Attracted by life: Two Kingdoms
Genus: Puzzle, PlatformerSystem : Nintendo Switch (also for mobile, steam, PS4 and Xbox One)
Developer | Publisher: Numerical suite | 505 Games
Age classification: USA E10| EU 3+
Price: US $9.99 | UK £8.99 | EU €9.99
Publication date: 8. December 2020

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Drawn To Life was first released for the Nintendo DS in 2007. He has used touch controls a lot to design parts of the world. The next chapter followed, but this series is still going on. Attracted by life: The two kingdoms are created by another team, but go on with the story.

Next chapter

Again Mary turns to the Creator (you) to find a hero. So, again, draw an avatar with which you will help the inhabitants of both worlds. How people and rape suffer because they’re out of the picture. Instead of exploring, this time you’re fighting with a fantasy book in your head.

The course of the story leads you to small 2D platforms in groups of three (or more). Maybe you should go to the exit first or destroy all enemies. Some levels require you to place certain enemies and obstacles before you can try the level. This means that your platform and thinking skills are put to the test. Once you play, the window of opportunity is quite short. Even on a normal level, you have to manipulate enemies to move forward. This game can be difficult and the many levels of item placement can be frustrating for young players. There are no lives. If you do too much damage, you have to restart the level. If they’re grouped together, you have to repeat the old ones when you leave.

Sketches of my way to the centre

In addition, you can explore both cities to find problems or collect coins to buy stickers or models for your designs. There is a day and night cycle that changes the location of the residents and gives you different levels of difficulty, but the way you skip time is largely pointless. For some strange reason, you can’t run through the city, which makes you terribly slow, but you have to make a kind of sprint that only allows you to move fast for a short period of time. I preferred the challenge levels over the main story because they were shorter and you could try them again to get a better score.

Of course this game has a number of disadvantages, unfortunately you cannot use touch controls in the Switch version. This makes it very cumbersome, even with the extra functions. Although you can buy toys to use in certain levels, do not draw. That is an extremely strange choice, it seems that the only things that come to life in this game are the hero, a few items and some jewels.

Produced by the creator

The artistic style is somewhat based on the original with an isometric appearance of pixel art for cities, which is incredibly charming. The levels set in the mind seem simple because there are no large places to explore. The monsters are labeled and drawn like toys, but they have white contours that enhance the mobile aspect. The sound design itself is beautiful and of course there is no voice (that would be a strange addition at this point). Story-wise, even though they do it to remain consistent with other games, the scenes between levels are boring because most of the characters have little personality. That means I haven’t had any technical problems with the game.


The only good thing I can say about this game is that it is cute and reasonably priced. With abrupt game changes and unfortunate game patterns, it is a continuation of uncompromising play.

Personally, I don’t find it amusing or attractive, even if I try to examine it on its merits. It’s all about boring levels separated by boring cutting scenes. If you are interested in puzzle platformers, there are certainly better options, and as a fan of the series it is best to ignore them.

I don’t like it!


How to load…

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