DotBig Forex Broker Review: Scam or not?

DotBig Forex Broker Review: Scam or not?


Description: Trading currencies, stocks, and other instruments with the 20-years-old broker. Learn more about the DotBig company.

DotBig ltd Review: How do we know it isn’t a scam

Today, you don’t need to go to banks to invest in certain assets. Everything becomes much easier and more convenient with the capabilities of online trading platforms. All you have to do is avoid scammers who want to steal your money by imitating accurate forex trading services. Today, we will tell you how a trusted forex broker should work on the example of the DotBig company.

Registration and regulation

First, a good forex broker must display clear information about the place of business registration, offices, and licenses, if available. DotBig LTD is based in St Vincent and the Grenadines under 26350 BC 2021. Such registration allows the company to provide its brokerage service to clients from the US and Europe. The company has official representatives in New York and Stuttgart. Its services are also available for clients from Asia and the Middle East.

Different types of accounts

This is instead a functional feature, but this also shows how different the conditions of the forex broker might be. The DotBig forex broker allows clients to open four types of personal accounts. The chosen account type usually depends on the trader’s capital and experience in forex trading. See the following:

  • Basic. You must verify your profile and deposit $250 or more to activate the primary account. The excellent characteristic of this account type is that there are no limitations on the exposure to financial markets and educational materials. The disadvantage is that you cannot make free withdrawals and transfer less than $50 from your trading account. Some traders in their DotBig testimonials also complain about a high minimum deposit.
  • Standard. The conditions on this account aren’t much different, but it adds some valuable perks, which are worth paying the minimum deposit of $2,500. This account type is for those who want to become professional traders and operate more significant capitals. Here you have access to a personal manager, PRO webinars, advanced trading strategies, and free monthly withdrawal.  
  • Silver. To upgrade your level from Standard to Silver, you have to pay a deposit of $10,000. Such investors will be eligible to use personally-developed trading strategies with the most promising offers for investment portfolios.
  • Platinum. Make three withdrawals a month and don’t pay fees for them at all. Use a 10% swap return to benefit from trading. Use more perks for professional and institutional trading after upgrading your level with the $25,000 deposit.

Except for these account types, DotBig forex broker has Islamic and PAMM accounts. If beginners want to practice without risk, they may request Demo accounts. This is the most efficient way to gain practical and theoretical skills.

Safe and fast depositing & withdrawing

In DotBig testimonials, traders often write that they like the diversity of options through which they can deposit and withdraw their earnings. This also determines the safety of the broker. If it’s a reliable one, it has to process payouts as quickly as possible. This makes the difference for those who write DotBig testimonials because they don’t want to face delays or other issues.

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Another positive feature of this broker is that it doesn’t charge commissions for depositing funds. Fees are paid for requesting payouts.

You can take your time to study how different payment systems work. However, if you have been trading for a while, you probably know which method is the most convenient and the fastest. Here are the services offered by DotBig LTD:

  • Credit and debit cards issued by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.;
  • Bank wire transfers;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Tether USD;
  • Litecoin;
  • Transferwise;
  • PayPal;
  • Qiwi;
  • Webmoney;
  • YooMoney;

Here is our recommendation to you: bank wire transfers might take a lot of time to be processed. If you want a fast and safe payment method, rely on blockchain-based systems. This is an excellent time to explore how cryptocurrency transactions work.


  • a reliable platform for exploring crypto trading;
  • good exposure to the stock markets without extra commissions;
  • free educational courses for beginners;
  • advanced signals and diversity of indicators;
  • the possibility to put money into venture projects without the need for them from open sources.


  • 3.5% commission;
  • you can’t withdraw less than $50;
  • inactivity fees are charged after short periods of inactivity – doesn’t suit holding strategies.

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The review of this broker took some time to understand its core principles and the features of the trading platforms available. Today, we cannot see any significant reason to say this company might be unreliable. Even the most skeptical DotBig testimonials complain about the functional characteristics of the services, but they don’t try to dispute its legitimacy. Learn more from other reviews, make your exploration, and make your well-thought-out choice.

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