6 Ways to Secure a Win in Online Bingo

Bingo is a game with a long history. While it is mostly considered a form of gambling today, it started out as a game for children called lotto in the latter part of the 1700s.

 When bingo is brought up in our modern era, most of us might still consider it a game for the elders in our population taking place in dedicated bingo halls. However, the best online casinos understand how much bingo is loved and will offer a section devoted to this game.

Benefits of Online Bingo

Why play bingo online? This is considered a highly social game, which brings about the question of why it is moving to an online setting. One obvious reason is accessibility.

More and more online casino sites have mobile apps today or design their sites to work well on smartphones, and the social aspect of the game is achieved through live chat. 

This is excellent news for Swedish bingo lovers, as bingo halls are declining. Carlos Norberg, an expert in the Swedish casino industry, stated:

“Svenskar gillar bingo, kanske främst i form av bingolotto som både kan ses på plats i studion för en lycklig skara men också hemifrån via TV:n. Att kunna njuta lite av online bingo är i dagsläget bara ett plus, mest för att man kan göra det lite var som om man spelar via sin mobil.”

Feel free to check his profile for further information.

How to Win in Online Bingo

While the basic rules in bingo tend to stay the same across bingo halls and websites, it is important to remember that specific house rules can exist.

Below we have gathered some additional tips on how to be successful when playing this beloved game.

Don’t Play Single Cards

Whether in a bingo hall or online, the game tends to be fairly cheap entertainment as bingo cards rarely cost much. Since bingo is all about obtaining the correct numbers on a card, playing with more increases the chances of winning.

Avoid the Competition

Yes, bingo is partly about socializing but to have an increased chance of winning, avoid crowded bingo rooms. The amount of people playing doesn’t add or take away from the prize pot. You would want less competition to achieve a win.

Have Chat with Your Rivals

Yes, the last tip was to avoid crowded bingo rooms, but a few people still need to play for a game to take place. While playing, remember to participate in the chat as some extra fun is likely to happen there, even some bonus prizes if you are lucky.

Read up on Bingo Strategy

As bingo is a number game based on luck where the correct numbers on the balls are drawn, tactical gameplay is never perfectly achievable in this game. The two main strategies most players use are Granville’s and Tippett’s.


This approach states that you want cards with three key factors: an equal amount of both high and low numbers. Same for even and odd numbers, they too should be equal. Lastly, you want an equal amount of numbers ending in 1-9.


This approach states that long bingo games will have more chances of winning on numbers close to 38. In contrast, short bingo games will have more chances of winning on 1 and 75.

Set Your Eyes on the Prize

Playing bingo for the game itself is great, but it gets more exciting if you know what you can actually win. Always check the prize pot to determine if the particular game is worth your time and money.

Make Use of Bonus Offers

Gambling sites usually offer some kind of bonus to all their sections. The best online bingo bonuses are a great way to explore different bingo variants and get you going without spending too much of your own money straight away.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we want to remind you that bingo, while basically being the same game worldwide, is true to its roots despite some changes. Online, new game features can easily be added, and in the bingo halls, a younger generation of players are taking over. The funny calls of numbers may see a change, and perhaps it is time to freshen up the bingo-lingo a bit.

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