Best characters in Illusion Connect

Gacha games are always full of different characters that you have to choose and fill your list. That’s exactly what Illusion Connect does, with more than 50 characters, or Radiants, from which you can choose, which you then communicate together to tackle the nightmares.

With so many Radiants to choose from, you’ll want to know which ones should be on your team first. So here’s a list of the best characters in the game. These characters are all the ones that, if you unlock them, should be on your list.


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Anna makes a place for herself on this list for her healing abilities, which are among the best in the game. Her healing can either be a very powerful AoE ability or she can focus on a single target to heal.

Add to this the list of her other skills that can do good damage while keeping her allies alive, and Anna is a bull’s-eye for your team.


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Kasumi is a monster when it comes to inflicting damage on his opponents, especially in targeted attacks that can easily take out tanks and commanders of an enemy platoon.

Her main attack, Clash, is 105% damage, and she has a 15% chance of using Omen and a 162% chance of damage. In fact, his unique Curse of Death skill causes him to lose 40% of his health, but treats 256% attack damage as damage and increases his critical strike probability by 60%.


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Kiraya is a great tank to have on your team to protect your allies and do the damage you need to take down your enemies. If you combine it with other colleagues of light and healing.

Their abilities give allies a strong shield when called upon, and this can be enhanced with the lessons of Light and Healing, as well as with these units. Then, while protecting others, use his special Rage ability to inflict 162% of attacks as damage.


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Maki is able to do considerable damage to individual goals, but the best he can do is his passive reform-mindedness.

With this ability she immediately inflicts 220% attack damage on the enemy leader when she leaves the game. In addition, each killed ally inflicts 100% attack damage on the enemy leader if your average energy is 14 or less. She also has other active skills that will hurt her a lot.


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Many players consider Miyuki to be the best character in the whole game, and for good reason. It is capable of causing senseless damage to the AoE while destroying the anger of the enemy units.

Their base attack can cause 105% damage to a single enemy, while their special attack can cause 120% damage to a column of enemies. All this boils down to their passivity, which translates into a 330-degree reduction of the opponent’s anger.


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Phoebe’s an easy class to kill because of her resupply ability. It also has its own decent attacks with which it can do damage when necessary.

Rebirth is an ability that, when killed, allows him to be reborn with 110% attack, 100% defense, 50% health and 500 rage. It can only be used once in battle, but that once is enough to make Phoebe an absolute obligation if you have Phoebe.


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Rotania is a great class of wizards that can cause incredible damage to the original equipment on the battlefield as well as more damage to its allies.

With skills like Ultimate Reversal or Energy Impact, you can destroy entire columns or groups of enemies, as well as inflict additional damage on evoked enemies. If you want a Radiant that can keep the crowd sufficiently under control and keep itself away from swarms of enemies, Rotania is a good choice for you.


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Selena can keep pace with the damage she can inflict on her enemies, but her ability to support your team leader is limited by her limited immunity to deadly damage.

Selena has the Divine Check ability to do 400% damage to her enemies, but her real advantage is that she uses 35% of that damage to heal our leader. If your Linear Energy is 14 or less, each ally you use also gives the leader a shield equal to Selene’s HP.


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While Viviane can certainly bring a lot of suffering on the battlefield, she can also help reduce the cost of a battle. This can be a game changer in any combat situation.

Using a skill like the Heavenly Power, which causes 380% damage to an enemy, also gives it a defensive and speed boost, making it a real threat on the battlefield. And, as we have said, by mentioning it, the cost of the next defendant’s ally is reduced by 6%. This is a crazy discount you’re being offered.


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Yuffie is one of the best wizards in the game, if not the best. Their attack power can cause enormous damage to OCWA and at the same time increase the damage of other allied OCWA users.

In particular, the capacity for passive reincarnation increases the AoE of all its allies by 16.5%, which is a significant increase. As for her own damage, Abyss can do 210% attack damage to all enemy units, and another 15% to enemies with 14 or more energy.

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