How to Optimize Your Internet Connection for Gaming

How to Optimize Your Internet Connection for Gaming

A spotty internet connection is troublesome in all cases. However, it is particularly frustrating if you play games online. Gamers are required to have a better internet connection to be able to play games smoothly. A slow network can affect the outcome of every game because your actions are detected slower. The slow reaction of the server can cause you to lose games and tip the scale in favor of your opponent.

Lucky for you, there are many ways for you to try to improve your connection.

Tips to Boost Your Internet Connection


Examine Your Internet Speed & Bandwidth

You don’t need the fastest internet connection to be able to play games online without any interruptions. Ideally, you need a connection with a speed of 15 to 20Mb. You can run an internet speed test to check if the connection is causing a problem.

Another aspect of your connection that may be strained is the bandwidth. If there are other internet users in your home, they may be responsible for the slow connection. Some activities such as streaming videos can require a lot of data and slow down the internet connection for other users. If your connection doesn’t offer high bandwidth, your gaming experience will be impacted.

Target Low Latency

What is latency? Latency measures the time it takes for the data to travel from the source to the destination over the network. Latency should remain low. Higher latencies can cause significant delays. In this case, the game will act on your instruction with a delay of a few seconds. A speedy connection with lower latency can help in reducing lag.

A couple of factors influence latency. The hardware of the network and the location of the router and server are a few of them. When data travels from the device to the destination, it has to travel to the router. If the route is longer, the delay is higher too.

Place Your Router Closer

The location of your internet router can also impact your internet connection. All the physical obstacles in your house can get in the way of the signals. By reducing the obstacles between your device and the router or by simply moving it closer, you can improve the line of connectivity.

How to Optimize Your Internet Connection for Gaming

If you are unable to reposition the router, try changing your location and moving your game closer to the router instead. You can also disconnect other wireless appliances in your household to let your signals travel directly to and from the router.

Shut Down Background Websites and Apps

If you have any apps or websites running on other devices, it is better to shut them down. Apps working in the background use up bandwidth and reduce the internet speed for games. Even your web browser uses up the bandwidth and should be closed. You should also avoid downloading files as you play your games.

You can also disconnect the Wi-Fi on the other devices to help boost the speed of your games. Each device uses up some bandwidth. Disconnecting the WI-Fi or enabling Airplane Mode can temporarily allocate its bandwidth for your games.

All devices are constantly downloading updates for their operating software. These updates are of large sizes, and disabling them can free up the connection for your games.

Use an Ethernet Cable

If a wireless connection is not cutting it for you, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet. A wired connection offers a much more stable and reliable connection, which is just what your game may need.

However, the wired connection reduces the convenience of a wireless connection. If you do not have a long cable, you may have to reposition the router or the console to connect to the network.

Choose a Local Server

You should reconsider the server that you select for your game. If you opt for a local server in your country, you can drastically reduce the latency—the closer the server, the faster the internet. Just think about how easy it is to talk to someone sitting next to you and how long it would take to communicate with someone miles away.

Adjust the Visuals

Nowadays, games come with HD visuals that take use up more data when you play. You can adjust the frame rate in your game’s settings—the higher the game rate, the better the quality of the animation. If you lower the frame rate, you may be able to avoid any lags during your gameplay, but you will adversely impact the visuals.

Restart Your Internet Router

The router offered with the AT&T internet packages can become strained after working for a long time. By simply restarting the device, you can refresh the connection to reduce latency while speeding up the connection. Older routers may require to be restarted frequently.

Replace Your Router

Your router is also responsible for the speed of your internet connection. Old routers can reduce the speed of the internet and offer spotty connections.

It is advised that you replace the router with one that is specifically made for gaming purposes. Gaming routers are designed to offer specific features for games and have ports for this singular purpose. The Quality of Service (QoS) feature allows you to order the traffic on your console. You can access the QoS setting by going into the router’s settings.

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

In some cases, you may not be able to improve your connections by any of the tips above. Your connection may simply be too slow to offer a quick internet connection. As mentioned previously, a smooth gaming experience requires a connection of at least 20Mbps. If your internet connection is slower, you may want to consider upgrading the package.

How to Optimize Your Internet Connection for Gaming

Today, most households have multiple devices that all access the same network. Wi-Fi is connected to TV, smartphones, laptops, and other household appliances. An improved internet connection is necessary to allow all devices to run smoothly.

You could also reconsider your internet service provider (ISP). Have a look at other ISPs who offer much more reliable and speedy internet connections.

Avoid Connections with Data Caps

Many internet packages come with a data cap. A data cap refers to a restriction on the transfer of data over a network and plays an important role in your gaming experience. Games are known for using up a lot of data, and a data cap can force you to stop your game when it is all used up.

Check the Hardware

The hardware being used should be checked and maintained properly. Even dust can cause issues, as it could block the ventilation systems and overheat the device. By keeping the devices in working order, you can improve the connection. This includes checking your console, router, and even the cables.

Summing It Up

Avid gamers require a smooth and reliable connection. Every player wants to avoid internet issues because reflexes in real-time are very important for the outcome of a game. By implementing these tips, you will be able to solve the dilemma and use the quickened connection to enjoy your gaming experience.


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