Destiny 2 Advent Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Advent Mission

  • Mission type: History
  • Location: Ancient Russia, Earth and the Last City.
  • Running time: 10-20 minutes

After you find the superconductor, you need to talk to Shaw before you go to the Lost City.

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The show is over, and you go with the superconductor to the Lost City to finally meet Commander Zavala and the other people who live there.

You can start the mission once you arrive in the Lost City, which you can visit after talking to Shaw Khan.

You will find the mission starting point on the map of the farm you are going to in order to activate the mission.

Condition for use

You must return to the Steppe Campground to talk to Shaw Khan before he orders you to go to the Lost City to return your superconductor.

Interview with Shaw Khan

The Advent mission becomes available after talking to Shaw Khan in camp, and you’ll need to make a quick trip to the courtyard of Last Town.

Mission Objectives

Talk to Amanda.

The first thing you need to do after starting the mission is register your ship, since you just arrived and are the new Guardian.

Follow the route indicating Amanda’s location and talk to her to continue the mission.

Find Commander Zavala

After speaking with Amanda Holliday, go to the next intersection on the route, which will lead you to Commander Zavala.

You are blocked by a barrier and must wait for Ghost to open a path for you, while the superconductor stumbles to get you to safety.

Talk to Zavala and he will tell you to meet the people of the Lost City, whom you will meet one by one after you receive the gift he left for you in his office.

Collecting the gift of debris

Zavala is already aware of your immense courage and efforts to recover the superconductor, and he will be waiting for you with a gift.

Go to Zavala’s office, marked with a pad marker, and retrieve the looted service weapon from the vanguard in his office to continue.

Talk to Ikora.

After you receive the gift Zavala left you, the spirit suggests you meet the vanguard of the Ikora sorcerers, who is the leader of the sorcerers of the Tower.

Next, head to the bazaar where Ikora Rei is located, again marked with a landmark so you can easily find it.

Talking to the tramp

Their next target is “the wanderer,” the light bearer, who is now the new replacement for Vanguard Hunter after the previous leader, Cayde-6, was killed.

The waypoint marks its location in the application and you can follow it to find it and talk to it.

Talk to Lord Shax.

After talking to the Wanderer, Ghost won’t say much, but there will be an active crosswalk that will lead you to the Lord Shah, which is why Ghost will soon mention it once you are near him.

Follow the directions and talk to Lord Shax to access your Triumph system and move on to the next objective.

Talk to Banshee-44.

After talking to Lord Shax, Spirit will remember that Zavala asked both of you to come and talk to the local firearms expert, Banshee44.

Go to the next landmark that marks the location of Banshee-44 and talk to it to get to the next destination.

Talk to Rahul.

At the end of the tour, you are invited to meet Master Rahul, the tower’s cryptoarchaeologist.

You find Master Rahul not far from where you spoke to Banshee-44 and receive your Seasons System.

Back to Zavala

The spirit will then ask you to go to Zavala, who has already thought of a mission in which you could participate.

Once you have talked to Zavala, the mission is over and you can explore the area or start your next mission.


  • Later, you can take time to learn about the Lost City and meet other people who live there.
  • The Triumphs System Access is a coveted item from Lord Shaxx that allows you to unlock the Triumphs game system.
  • By accessing Master Rahool’s Seasons System, you unlock the Seasons Game System, which.
  • Other members of the Lost City will reward you with various projectiles that may come in handy as you begin Destiny 2.


After you went to the trouble of finding the superconductor safely, you were hired as a janitor in the lost city.

Most NPCs in the Lost City will seem familiar to you after you complete this mission, others you will meet later.

Once you complete the Advent mission, Zavala prepares you for a new mission to fight the evil of Navot once and for all.

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