9 Tips on How to Play Warzone for All Gamers

9 Tips on How to Play Warzone for All Gamers

When you’re just starting to play call of duty warzone, you feel like you’re lost and overwhelmed. There are so many things to think about and consider that it becomes almost impossible to figure out what to do next on your learning path. In addition, beginners often have many questions: What is the next Warzone update? What kind of weapons should you play with? How to make real money playing warzone? This guide won’t answer all of these questions, but it will give you an idea of what you should know about the game.

Learn more about the weapons

Just hoping you would get something nice is a bad warzone strategy. There are around 160 weapons currently playable in the game, and it is impossible to progress through it without knowing at least a little bit about how they work. What is the best weapon for a long distance? Should you choose an SMG or a shotgun for a close-quarters fight? What weapons were nerfed in the current season? All of these questions, along with many others, can be answered only if you dive into the weapon guides and learn the differences between all weapons.

Don’t go anywhere without your team being close to you

One of the biggest mistakes anyone could make is trying to fight your enemies on their own. You need to stick to your team at all times, even if you feel like you could handle your enemies on your own. Having someone to back you up is important, so don’t neglect your team and make sure you don’t go too far away from them.

Spend the cash

You won’t get any bonuses for saving all your money in the game. Of course, you should not spend everything you have right away–do it in a more well-balanced way. Buy killstreaks, loadouts drops, and other goodies.

There is one situation though in which you might end up saving up a lot of money–you will need it if your teammates die a lot. Revives are a costly thing, so you’ll need some cash to bring your teammates back to life.

Pay attention to different sounds

It’s impossible to be completely silent in the game. Yes, you can minimize your sounds, but you will still make some. As well as your enemies. Walking, reviving, shooting, loadout dropping, etc., are all the things your foes can do that will inform you about their presence. However, when trying to understand where the enemies are coming from, don’t forget to be quiet yourself, since they might find out about you as well, and your cover will be blown.

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Check & track your progress

It’s important to see how your warzone stats have improved or worsened. To do that, you can use a warzone tracker. There are tons of tools like that available on the internet, so choosing something that suits your needs and playstyle won’t be a problem. However, you need to make sure that the chosen warzone win tracker reveals all metrics that you would like to track.

Choose the right strategy for you

Strategy is about using your skills and ideas to your own advantage. It might be hard to come up with the best warzone strategy right away, so before you do that, participate in a few matches to determine your playstyle and how you would like to continue playing the game. Next, you can read a warzone strategy guide or some tips from PROs–this will help you understand what others do to win more often. Your personal warzone turn-based strategy should be based on tricks and moves that are your personal favorites.

Experiment with loadouts

You never know what kind of weapons and perks will work out best for you. This is why you should play around with them before you decide on a certain loadout. The best warzone loadout is the one that you built yourself. Of course, reading a couple of guides would help a lot, but you should also not hesitate to do some experiments of your own.

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Consider earning money by playing the game

Many players wonder how to make money playing warzone but not a lot of them actually do it. Is warzone pay to win? No. But can you earn money from it? Definitely! This is much easier than you imagine—all you need to have is just a decent computer and some skill and experience in this game. If you know what you are capable of, got some achievements behind your back, and are ready to share your knowledge with others, you can become a professional coach. Your task would be to train other gamers and help them figure out how to beat some difficult challenges and overcome obstacles that stopped them from enjoying the game to the fullest. Coaching is a fun and exciting way to make money playing warzone, so if you feel ready for this kind of experience, you should definitely try it.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a piece of advice

There are many gamers out there who are happy to share their experience with you. It’s okay if you don’t know something–remember that you’re not supposed to be aware of all the in-game details, even if you are an experienced player. There are tons of forums, channels, and other places available on the internet that are great sources of tips. You can see important warzone 2 hacks right here.

Warzone is a game for those who are prepared for a good challenge. So, if you feel ready, jump right into the battle, and remember that there is always a lot to learn!


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