The Minecraft Vanilla Experience can become stale over time. It is rarely updated and is not particularly difficult for experienced players. That’s where the data packages shine, because they allow you to improve Minecraft Vanilla without making major changes to the base game. This guide will cover the best Minecraft data packages and what makes them so great.

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Serious Minecraft players often like to create predatory farms to automatically obtain raw materials. When you create an agricultural tool, you can essentially kill the growing masses with lava or other means to generate uninterrupted objects. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up and move the spawners from their standard location. This dataset corrects this by allowing players to make all kinds of eggs and hatching eggs.

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Bees are a new addition to Minecraft, but their use is currently somewhat limited. This data package aims to solve this problem by adding a number of new beekeeping characteristics. This data pack contains queen bees that crush your beekeepers, recipe changes for honey and cheaper comb blocks. All these changes make beekeeping more dynamic and rewarding.

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This data pack is exactly what it looks like, a weapon in Minecraft. But it’s not just the skin of an average onion. It comes with ammunition, new melee weapons and tons of new player weapons.

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One of the most annoying things about Minecraft is that you can’t see the enemy health barriers. The only way to deal with this problem in the basic game is to remember all the damage caused by the weapons and the health of the crowd. With this data pack, however, the player can see the enemy health bars. The display of enemy health barriers makes tasks such as breeding Blaze Rods much easier.

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If you like hardcore Minecraft, you have no doubt about this data package. This package brings classic RPG elements to Minecraft, including rare loot, from the Unknown to the Legendary to bosses who drop extremely rare loot. You can find everything this package has to offer by entering one of the randomly generated dungeons scattered throughout the map.

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Ships have been around Minecraft for a long time, but you can only find them destroyed on the ocean floor. Ships on Oceans adds the Villager and Illager ships to the Minecraft ships. They are everywhere in the ocean and they make a busier sea.

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The first hours of Minecraft are characterized by the monotonous felling of tree after tree to start the game. The vegetation cover makes this process a little less painful and makes it possible to cut trees in one go. Just cut off the base of the tree and the whole thing falls apart.

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Tridents are a unique weapon that you can rarely get and they are under an overwhelming influence. But with Trident Crafting you can make a trident for your own use. With more than four different craft recipes in this package, you can create unique and powerful tridents.

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This data package takes Minecraft’s survival elements with it and brings them to the foreground in a more creative way. There are street vendors, personalized items and realistic sleep mechanics. It’s not for everyone, but if you miss the hardcore survival game that Minecraft used to be, you should definitely try it.

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