Immortals: Fenyx Rising Kottos the All-Seeing boss guide

The Tomb of Ares is one of the first major missions you must complete in Immortals : Climbing the Phoenix. This should mean that the experience is relatively painless, but this is far from the case. The only thing that makes this area so excruciatingly difficult is the boss you’ll end up fighting, Cottos the Omniscient. That’s why we developed this guide to destroy it by making it as harmful as possible.

Heavy attacks only

The first thing you need to know about this fight is that you should primarily use your heavy attack. It’s slower, but it damages and restores Kotto’s paralytic. The goal of this fight is to maximize the stunner’s power, so that he can then launch a barrage of light attacks at Cottos while he’s down.

As long as you stick to heavy attacks while he stands, you should be able to defeat Kottos shortly after you take him out a second time. Maybe even sooner if you have a few mild seizures in between.


Some items can help you more in this battle than others. It totally depends on what else you did in the game. Any equipment or weapon that does more damage to unique enemies is a godsend. Kottos All-Seeing is absolutely unique, so you benefit from the extra damage.

If you’re confident in your evasive abilities, you can also take advantage of equipment that does more damage while the Fenyx is healthy. Be warned, it’s an uphill battle and we didn’t stay healthy for more than 30 seconds.

Don’t be afraid to use the phosphorus attack. The bird wreaks havoc and lifts Cotto’s electrocution counter. Depending on the skin you equipped it with, the attack may also give you some useful stamina or health bleed. Just make sure you can control your stamina with this attack. You don’t want to work for free, because Cottos uses an unlockable motion.

Cottos and how to avoid them

The fight with the boss starts as soon as you’ve cut the last of the red chains and landed in the last knot of the main locker. Cottos comes to life and immediately tries to kill Phoenix. While he doesn’t have a wide variety of moves, he has more than his share of freestyle moves.

Roller (unlockable)

The first move Cottos makes in combat, and every time you reproduce after he kills you, it’s his throw. Cottos curls up into a ball and rolls towards Phoenix with incredible speed. If it hits, it damages half of the Phoenix Health Bar.

There is no way to block that movement. However, it’s easy to dodge if you know when to move. As soon as you see Kottos crouching to get ready to roll before he turns red, run sideways away from him. As long as you walk in one direction, you will miss the Cottos roll.

After a call, Kottos is open for a few punches before attacking again. Beat it while you can.

Column slide (not lockable)

The second unlockable attack from Cotto’s arsenal is the first of his victories. You’ll see that it glows red and reaches the ground. When his fists land, he has erected stone pillars where Phoenix is, unless you move.

The best way to avoid this is to run as soon as you see Kottos reach the top. The Pillars will approach you, but as long as you keep sprinting, they won’t even hold Phoenix. Don’t even think about trying to get out of their way. It’s not working.

Spike Smash (unlockable)

This last unlocked move is wired in the same way as the previous move. Cottos raises his fist in an attempt to break the clinch. This time, however, a straight line of deadly spikes would appear directly in front of him. This line can run the entire length of the arena, and you cannot jump off of it.

The only way to avoid this attack is to run left or right. The attack leans slightly towards the phoenix, but not enough to do damage if you just sprint sideways.

Wiring (lock)

The final attack in Cotto’s arsenal is his squeak. Thus, it attacks between the above release moves. He waits a few seconds after the attack. He then brings his arms to his sides before waving to Phoenix. It will miss twice, once in each direction, before continuing the release motion.

You can block or parry this attack, but it’s best to dodge it at the last minute. This slows down time and opens the Cottos to a flurry of attacks. You can bend over, but it’s better to bend over between your legs. This puts you in an advantageous position to do damage.

Single Attack Strategy

Now that you know what Cottos will do, you need to know how to eliminate him. As we said before, you should only use heavy attacks. The establishment of this electric shock meter is very important.

The best way to attack Cottos is to not use ranged attacks, although they do allow you to do some damage between unlockable moves. It’s best to get close to Cottos and get to his legs. You almost have to be under the boss to exploit every hole for damage.

The host telegraphs any movement early enough that you can quickly evade it or flee if necessary, without sacrificing distance and thus the ability to attack. It seems thoughtless, but by getting in closer you can see exactly what Kottos is going to do and he manages to avoid it almost every time.

The only problem you may encounter is his attacks. Even if you can dodge them, you still have to run to avoid damage.

You can avoid sticking spikes into Cotto’s legs, which will leave a trail of spikes moving harmlessly away from you. This is the best point to get as many heavy attacks as possible. The post collapse will haunt Phoenix, so you’ll have to keep running even if you manage to dodge it.

With this strategy, you should take Kottos shortly after the second stunt, as described above. Don’t be afraid to take your time with this boss. As long as you watch his movements and dodge or flee when we suggest, you’ll find it much easier to fight.


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