Dead by Daylight Update 2.12 is Live – Update 4.5.0

Behavior Interactive today released mid-chapter update 4.5.0 for Dead by Daylight. We’ll have all the information on this patch on February 9.

The 2.12 update to Dead by Daylight is now available for download and installation. Today’s patch adds a new HUD layout, new HUD elements and much more. Of course, there are also fixes and improvements.

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 2.12 – Mise à jour 4.5.0


Volume VI and the event stamped in gold.

  • Tomorrow, February 10, at 11 a.m., archival work will begin.
  • The Golden Stamp contest begins the following day, February 11, at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern Time).

HUD redesign – Several elements of the HUD have been moved or updated.

  • The player status widget (player names, health, etc.) has been redesigned. In addition to some improvements in graphical animations, the “Player Status” widget is now located on the left side of the screen. While this change was not made lightly, it was necessary to make the player names readable on all platforms and resolutions and to make room for new HUD elements such as the hook counter.
  • Targets have been moved to the center of the screen to leave more room for detailed instructions.
  • The evaluation events and status effect alerts have been moved to the right side of the screen. This was done primarily to bring the status effect alerts closer to the KPIs they relate to.
  • Increases the number of visible event points when multiple events are triggered simultaneously.

New element of HUD – hanging diplomas

  • Assassins will see a new widget that shows how many hooks they have won during the game out of a possible total. This is only visible to the assassin.
  • Survivors will see a new set of markers above each Survivor player’s name. This will allow Survivor players to see how many times each Survivor has been suspended. This is only visible to Survivors.

New HUD Element – Survivor Portraits

  • The health and injury icons have been replaced with portraits of each character.
  • The injury status has been improved over the PTB to be more recognizable, especially for color-blind players.

Cursor UI

  • The Settings menu has been revamped with two new sliders that allow players to adjust the size of their user interface. Players can adjust the size of the menu and HUD separately. This replaces the maximum scale value used in previous versions.

Visual Update:

  • Updated the visual map of the meat processing plant and the Gideon shelter.
  • Update of the model and textures of the outfits of the 4 sisters.
  • Update the model, texture the clown’s base and update his VFX.

Survivor Site Update

This is new:

  • Updated positioning for all Survivor-Lok animations.
  • Added an on/off transition animation and a fast rotation animation.
  • Added ability to use a flashlight while crouching.
  • Creep speed adjusted and animation feedback for recovery added.

New from the PTB:

  • Added a new animation when entering the crawlspace hatch.
  • Self-healing jump animation updated.
  • Raise the camera slightly as you crawl.





  • The clown now has two kinds of bottles: Tonic and Antidote.
  • Press “Secondary Power” to choose which one you want to start.
  • Provide a secondary power supply for cylinder charging
  • The charging time is now 3 seconds (instead of 5 seconds).

Vials of antidote:

  • Release the gray cloud, which is activated and turns yellow after 2.5 seconds.
  • The antidote clouds last a total of 7.5 seconds and are less than the tonic clouds.
  • The overlapping antidote and tonic clouds both.
  • The survivors and the clown get the “Vigor” effect when they touch the antidote cloud.
  • Reverse gives a 10% speed bonus for 5 seconds.
  • A drunken survivor who touches the yellow cloud of the antidote is no longer drunk.
  • Tonic clouds remain unchanged


  • Party bottle: from discarded bottles, confetti is released when they break (was 5% ether by volume)
  • Parry gloves without fingers: throw bottles with another bow that is not as high, but goes further.
  • Stinky insoles: Increased speed bonus on reloads (used to be common, now rare).
  • Dissolving jar: moderately extends the duration of the reversal effect.
  • Thick grip: shorter loading time
  • Spirit of Hartshorn: moderately broadens the range of antidote clouds (was 10% ether per volume)
  • VHS Porn: changes the yellow and purple color of the antidote and tonic effect (was Rare, now Normal)
  • Cigar Box: When a player comes to life, he sees the auras of all other players within 16 meters.
  • Formatting set: significantly extends the duration of the inversion effect.
  • Middle finger tattoo: auras of intoxicated or intoxicated survivors are shown for 6 seconds.


  • The clown now has his own music from Terror Radius & Chase.


  • To escape from a bear trap, the probability of success is now 1/6 for each attempt (16.6%), but they are limited to a maximum of 6 attempts.
  • Addons that reduce the chances of escape increase the maximum number of attempts and decrease the chances per attempt.


  • When camouflaged, the Wraith are completely invisible (non-reflective) to survivors when more than 20 meters away.
  • Increasing the duration of the increase in the unmasking frequency from 1.0 s to 1.25 s.
  • Restore the missing bone snake sound at the beginning of the Wraith disguise animation (sometimes called “bell”).
  • Fixed an issue where the Wraith seemed to completely unmask a generator or pierce a palette or wall while hidden. The Wraith now unmasks only the necessary pieces.
  • Fixed an issue where progress was reset after completing interactions in the Wraith “Snake” add-on. It now leaves the Wraith completely unmasked and able to attack, and also triggers a speed reduction after damage to the generator or a broken paddle or wall.


Hex: Immortal:

  • While Hex: Immortal is active, the auras of survivors within 2/3/4 feet of a dull Totem are revealed.
  • When another hex token is removed, that hex token is transferred to the Hex: Fade token, disabling the Hex: Fade token. All tokens in the transferred hex are also transferred.

Sir. Benefits:

  • Fixed: Board now works on injuries
  • Iron Maiden: The effect lasts 30 seconds.
  • Second wind: duration 28/24/20 seconds.
  • Pebble defense: now reloads in 40/35/30 seconds. Throwing distance is now 20 meters at all levels.

Deep wound:

  • Now, there’s always a 20-second timer….
  • Frank’s mixed study of tape and stab wounds was modified to have the same proportional effect on the depth timers of the survivors’ wounds.
  • The level adjustment of the borrowed time is now a 10/12/15 second duration of the endurance effect.


  • The effect of the disturbed state always lasts until full recovery.
  • The watch no longer works on mutilated people.
  • Behemoth head: suppression of the rate of lesion repair, addition of a bleeding effect
  • Rusty fasteners: Applies only to affected survivors.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed problem in the download panel when selecting an item.
  • Correction of hiccups when opening the blood network after a certain level.
  • Fixed problem causing some survivors to passively fall asleep without regard to making Dream Master.
  • Fixed some issues related to identity theft
  • Fixed crash that could occur at the first interaction screen.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally occurred after an assassin disconnected and the player’s level displayed incorrect values for level and dedication.
  • Fixed an issue where a survivor could get stuck and not be retrieved if it was turned off during generator repair.
  • Solved problem where the cone of the flashlight did not widen after successfully blinding the killer.
  • Fixed problem where the piston of the 1st generator was moving abnormally fast.
  • Correction of Steve’s lip problem when he gestures.
  • Problem with the camera solved when the nurse was carrying a survivor and was attacked.
  • Fixed bug where Jane and Kate’s breast physics were not working properly.
  • Fixed problem where Oni’s armor was flying.
  • Problem solved where the clown’s hair was floating.
  • Fixed an issue where totem poles were near the combine wheel on Coldwind Farm and could not be cleaned.


  • Problem solved with Elodie screaming louder than the other survivors.
  • Application of various surface markings for steps and door openers
  • Fixed an issue where the Doctor’s static attack was not playing sound.
  • Fixed problem with some surviving locomotive animations.
  • Problem solved with the Legion “Leather Hoodie” setting.

PC only :

  • Fixed crash that could occur when inserting a blank text in a promotional code.

Windows Store only :

  • Fixed an issue where when you start the game and go directly to “Play as assassin/survivor”, the user currency is displayed as 0-0-0 instead of the actual values.

Just the switch:

  • Fixed an issue where the Nintendo Switch would not pass an echo with multiple sound effects.

PS5 only:

  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from returning to the initial interaction screen if the Internet connection was lost.

Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 only:

  • Fixed crash that occurred after downloading the manual when the game was not fully installed.

PTB Problem Solving

  • Fixed problem where a survivor could no longer nod up/down.
  • Fixed bug where the Survivor character stuttered quickly when changing direction.
  • Fixed a bug where a survivor bleeding from deep wounds played an incorrect animation.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to control a character during Dead Hard.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a survivor to return to his original position after dropping a generator repair.
  • Fixed bug where a character would stutter when using a flashlight while moving.
  • Fixed bug that allowed a character to remain in the drop position after a jump.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a character from playing the Dead Hard animation correctly because it was inactive.
  • Problem solved where a survivor who rushed out was able to get through the vault doors.
  • Fixed problem where a survivor carrying an object went through the floor.
  • Fixed problem where Ash’s hand vibrated when he carried the item.
  • Fixed an issue where a plague-infected character who came into contact with an exit door assumed the “T” position.
  • Fixed bug where the character was in “T” position when interacting with the fountains.

Source: The man who died in broad daylight

Frequently asked questions

What is the latest version of Dead in the Daylight?

Patches is the official Dead of Daylight wiki.

What time will the DBS be updated?

STEAM Scheduled: 11 AM EDT WINDOWS STORE Scheduled: 11 AM EDT PS4 Scheduled: 11 AM EDT XBOX Scheduled: 11 AM EDT SWITCH Scheduled: 11 AM EDT CONTENT DEVELOPMENT | APRIL 2020: This….the midweek madness sale ends soon!

How long does daylight stay on?

Today we want to let you know that we are more determined than ever to continue supporting Dead by Daylight for years to come. In June 2018, we will celebrate our second anniversary, and we think that’s just the beginning.

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