Beginner’s Guide –

Beginner’s Guide –

Beginner’s Guide –

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Sinking into the world of Teywat, a fictional world in which the free kick Genshin Impact is installed, is not a good idea. The gameplay and basic mechanics of Genshin Impact may seem completely alien to many players. This can make you feel confused, lost and/or intimidated.

You’re lucky we’re here to help you.

Below is a short but informative guide for beginners to help you start your adventure in this open game the right way.

What’s the game – Genshin’s influence?

Beginner’s Guide –

Genshin Impact is a free action game in the open fantasy world of Teyvat. The game uses a lot of game mechanics.

Genshin Impact is not an MMO, as many unknown players would have you believe. Instead, it has a cooperative component for multiple users. Multi-platform games can use a universal identification system to play with each other.

Warning, crossback function only available on PC and iOS. It is not yet available for PlayStation 4.

What platforms/effects are available for Genshin?

Genshin Impact was developed and published by the Chinese miHoYo and released on the 28th. September 2020: Release on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS

What is Gacha?

Gacha games, as their name suggests, are video games that use the hashapon mechanism widely used in Japan.

In Japan, vending machines are sprinkled with small capsules with toys, into which you have to throw a badge to get a small capsule with a surprise toy. The attraction of the game is that you don’t know what the object is and you have to fight constantly to drop more tiles until you get the toy you want (or you run out of money).

The games of the Gacha behave that way. It is also similar to the way some games, especially in the West, use a lottery system where players are encouraged to spend real money on the game currency and buy items that reward them with any virtual object.

How does the gacha mechanism work when it hits genshin?

Since Genshin Impact is a free game, it has to make money somewhere. In this case, the game uses the mechanics of gacha to raise money.

The game offers you banners in exchange for the imaginary currency you buy with real money. Each of the three banners in the game contains a different set of objects with different odds of falling.

One of the biggest draws of Genshin Impact are the winning characters.

Once you’ve entered your credit card details and purchased the currency of the game, you can open a wish that includes everything from a weapon to a four- or five-star character.

It is impossible to say whether your next wish will contain everything you wish for. Maybe there’s something better or worse. However, if it is any consolation, the game offers what some call pathetic throws. That’s what happens when you spend so much money and get nothing good in return. At the end of the game you will receive a free random reward.

Which characters are available in Genshin Impact?

Beginner’s Guide –

Players can select and name two characters known at the beginning of the game as Travelers in Genshin Impact. Players can increase the number of characters in their game up to 4. Players can swap these characters according to the battle conditions or battle strategy they prefer.

Each character will have four different attacks: a basic attack, a stronger attack that must be recharged, an elementary skill and an elementary splash. The characters can also use various weapons, from swords to bows and arrows, and so on.

Genshin Impact currently uses more than 20 unique characters to create virtually unlimited combinations of characters and playlists.

To complete your game, players can unlock additional characters (up to 3) from the game using the game history. However, in order to get more characters, players must buy them through micro transactions with the game mechanism, which can be quite expensive and where the game earns most of its money.

If it’s any consolation, Genshin Impact uses different systems to make players feel less exploited. For example, if you keep more Destiny, you’ll get at least one 4-star symbol. So, the more you roll the dice and don’t get 4 or 5 stars, the more likely you are to get the best reward on your next roll.

All this data is available for any event, including the likelihood and the people you can call.

The game also gives you a reward when you get double characters, so nothing is lost.

How do you play the influence of Genshin?

Apart from the gacha mechanism, the impact of the genshin is relatively simple. It’s an easy game to learn. In fact, if you played The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath, so you basically played the Genshin influence.

Both games are incredibly similar, from the graphics to the combat missions.

The main difference is that with Genshin Impact you can play a game with 4 different characters that can be mixed and matched for different benefits.

How long has Genshin been exposed?

Since Genshin Impact is not an MMO, the game is technically finished.

We’re talking technically because the game is designed for infinity.

As far as the current circumstances are concerned, Genshin Impact currently has a final historical search that is only available to players with an adventurous rating of 29. After that, however, players will still be able to play the game and complete side quests and other content available to players up to the age of 36.

The open world of Genshin Impact is huge, but only two of the seven zones claimed by miHoYo will eventually be accessible to players.

In this respect, we can expect Genshin Impact to receive at least five massive updates in the coming years. But as things stand, you can beat the game if by beat you mean the end of the last task. However, the question of how long it will take to defeat Genshin Impact has a rather confusing answer.

Because of the way the game works, players can’t just jump in at the end. Instead, the player must focus on his or her research to advance to the Adventure rankings to reach the final quest of the game. This could take 30 to 50 hours. This variety is mainly the result of a mechanism based on luck.

If you’re lucky and immediately launch rare characters or weapons, it’s a good idea to complete the main story game in 30 hours. However, you can easily spend twice as much time with Genshin Impact if you get lost in the open game world (very likely) or if you just have bad luck with the dice (very likely).

TLDR; expect it to take you at least 30 hours to get to the end of the Genshin impact game as it is, but if you want to get content out of the game, you can end up spending over 100 hours there.

Tips for playing Genshin Beat

Beginner’s Guide –

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We said Genshin Impact is a pretty simple game. However, even the simplest games have a mechanism that is not so obvious to casual gamers.

Here are some tips to make your Genshin Impact easier.

Duplicates – Your girlfriend

Getting duplicates seems sad in almost every game except Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact it is actually a good thing to have double weapons and double characters. Indeed, this raises the rank of your character’s constellation. That’s why you can receive new status updates and only move because you have multiple duplicates of the same one.

Reconnaissance of items

As mentioned earlier, Genshin Impact contains many elements of Breath of the Wild. This also includes how your basic skills change depending on your environment. At the same time, Genshin Impact’s basic system works in the same way as Pokemon’s, where the nature of the water is weak compared to electricity.

It’s just that with Genshin Impact, your environment and your writing are huge factors.

For example, if you are in the water and are fighting enemies in the water, it is much more effective to use lightning strikes. When it rains, frozen enemies feel much better at the same time.

If you want to make progress in Genshin Impact, you need to learn how to change characters based on their strengths and their current situation, for example by fighting the boss.

Don’t forget to update.

Your first task is to align the characters to level 20, which is the first maximum level in the game.

We’ve all said it, so make sure resources are allocated to more than one person.

Speaking of characters: Make sure they have the right equipment. They need to strengthen their weapons. You can do this by opening the icon menu and going to the Weapons tab. You can then upgrade your weapons with the equipment you looted during your adventures.

Use of appropriate artifacts

You can also use artifacts to improve the attributes of your characters in Genshin Impact. The same artifacts can be combined in one set to get extra bonuses, such as a higher maximum horsepower, extra skills and more.

Before equipping the artifact, check that it matches the character.

Search for Carrier crossings

It’s quite simple, but most players are not familiar with how open world games work.

If you are new to the open world game, you can use the mechanics to quickly navigate in the big world. Genshin Impact has a fast working mechanic. So you can move around anywhere on the map. Or at least at any location where you have already activated a teleport point, which you can see by opening the map and checking whether it is empty (not activated) or blue (activated).

There are also costs associated with activating the teleport from the transport point.

For example, if you activate one of them, you get primograms. You can use them to buy more Desire to get a new character or weapon.

Open your mail

We don’t know yet if it will last forever, but so far the developers are constantly sending free material to the players of Genshin Impact. To receive these prizes, simply check your in-game mailbox. From time to time you will receive free flights.

So make sure you open your game mailbox every day.


Beginner’s Guide –

The hype is real. Less than a month has passed since the release of Genshin Impact, and hundreds of thousands of players around the world have already logged on to Genshin Impact.

With hundreds of hours of content ahead of us, it is very unlikely that the hype around Genshin Impact will stop soon.

Luckily you can get into the game with these tips without losing your head.


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