Genshin Impact – A Long Shot Guide And Walkthrough

A search in Henschin is a crazy idea. Unlike other Genshin Impact quests, A Long Shot is somewhat difficult to complete. If you had trouble with this research, this guide will teach you the same thing in the easiest way.

Henshin hit the long shot guide

Sealing companies

To perform the Long Shot at Genshin Impact, you must venture into Dvalin’s cave and get rid of anything that disturbed him. The recommended batch quantity is 26. As soon as you reach level 26, you need to talk to Venti. This opens the Domain Login menu.

If you cannot open this menu, you must go back and visit the same domain again. If this is the case, you will have to fight the same boss again with a higher level of difficulty. To do this, you need to upgrade your character’s TV title and adventurer title.

Saddle the wind to defeat Dvalina

Once you start fighting with Dvalin, you’ll find that the battle is very similar to the one you fought with him for Moon City at the beginning of the game. Venti will give his strength to stay afloat while we shoot Ameno in Dvalina. He’ll also tell us about two shiny spots on the back of the Dvalin. To bring down Dvalin, you have to take out those shiny spots.


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The only difference with the battle of Mondstadt is that Dvalin will attack you very skilfully this week. If you attack him constantly, his HP level will be 55-60% and he’ll fly away.

There are three colors of energy:

  • Blue: The blue rays of the film go in your general direction and are not directed at you at all. It’s up to you to decide whether you meet her or not.
  • Violet: Violet rays are much faster than blue rays. Usually they come in groups of three. As soon as you see them coming out of Dvalin’s back, you have to step aside to avoid them.
  • Green: The Greem Beams are the ones that interest all Genshin Impact players. Make sure you meet her every time you see her. Shooting green rays creates a wind current that will help you catch Dvalin.

Every time you encounter the Green Charms, shoot them and move your character in the wind to move forward. Then you have to avoid a few more energy balls while waiting for the next green scarf. Wash and repeat.  After you’ve exhausted his HP, you have to go into the real arena and fight him again.

Overcoming Dvalin

The victory over Dvalin is the first forest battle ever in the Genshin Impact. He may look scary, but he’s pretty easy to beat if you know what he’s doing. It is remarkable that Dvalin keeps a distance from you during a fight, which makes him difficult to attack.

All we have to do is wait for him to make a move before we can attack.  The best time to attack Dvalin is with an air strike. He clings to a platform where they start blowing a ride on him. There’s no better time than now to seriously injure him.

At the top edge of the screen, below the HP sensor, there is a white color called the shield. The moment you attack one of the claws, this device will be emptied immediately and the platform will fall over. That’ll give you enough time to get up in his neck and attack the blood clot on his back.

Be vigilant in fighting them and use the wind currents to move from one platform to another. When the mini-croscopes play between the platforms, you attack and cause damage.

If Dvalin uses his bait in the box, all platforms will collapse. These torn platforms can easily be destroyed by Dvalin if he hits them often enough. Since you don’t have much time, hurry up with him.

Sweep, Energy Rays, Air Guest and Caelestinum Final Termini are Dvalin’s attacks. If you do what we say here, it won’t take long to defeat Dvalin at the Genshin Impact.

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