A Guide to Playing Deal or No Deal Live

A Guide to Playing Deal or No Deal Live


Many players are looking for an engaging, live gameshow experience online with some exciting prizes up for grabs. If a player can pass through the qualifying game, they can meet the host and begin choosing boxes with the hope of holding on to the biggest prize until all other boxes are removed. Another nod to the popular game show format is the banker whose phone call can lead to tempting offers for players willing to settle. Fans of live casino play or the Deal or no Deal gameshow are sure to enjoy this game, but how does it play?

This game and Evolution Gaming’s popular Deal or No Deal Megaways are comparable. These publishers keep putting out games that shatter records and draw astronomical numbers of gamers worldwide. Every element of the games, from the audio design to the visuals, is expertly handled, and they are consistent and always precisely created. You may find more Deal or No Deal-inspired games from the Evolution Gaming library on a variety of other casino websites.

With so many different Deal or no Deal games available, what makes this Live title so different? The live play format provides a more interactive experience, to say the least; there are a lot of reasons players are choosing the live version over other Deal or no Deal game titles. Let’s take a look.

Deal or No Deal Live Setting

The play setting here is an authentic gameshow atmosphere with interesting light fixtures, a glamorous host and assistant surrounding the briefcases in play. Before the main game, players will spin the qualifying wheel with 3-tiers to land golden to play Deal or no Deal Live for real. The effort that Evolution Gaming has put into making this live release as realistic and straightforward as possible is clear.

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All of the play features here are positioned around the outside of the screen, including the different box values available in play. Players can also see their account balance in the screen’s bottom-left corner and the bet stake currently in play. A chat feature is available in the screen’s top-left corner, and game/audio settings with additional game information are located in the top-right. Once in the main game, players must choose boxes and whether to take a Deal or No Deal, with these choices appearing on the screen when necessary.

Exciting Live Gameplay

Firstly, players will need to place their betting stake; this is the initial basis of each box’s value before any multipliers are added later. Next, you will have to choose a briefcase of your own in the hope that it holds a high-value return; this is the case you can keep or swap during play.

Before playing the main Deal or no Deal Live game here, players will need to pass the qualifying round; this is a simple wheel spin with three separate tiers of gold and grey. Players must land the gold part of each tier to pass this round under the arrow at the top of the wheel. It is possible to play this round with an Easy or Very Easy mode that locks 1 or 2 of the tiers gold that increases the odds of reaching the live game feature; these will cost extra.

Once a player has qualified to play Deal or no Deal Live, they also access a Top-Up round where they can choose to place more money into a specific briefcase. There is another wheel spin game where players can win multipliers worth between 5x and 50x the stake.

Finally, players can access the live setting here and meet the presenter; he will talk through gameplay as each of the remaining 15 boxes are opened. When a box is opened, it is removed from play with whatever value it holds removed from the screen. As the boxes are opened, the player will receive calls from the banker with offers based on the remaining values and odds of landing a high payout; they can choose to Deal or No Deal. There is a top payout on offer here worth 500x the stake could be won by successfully keeping the right box and not giving in to the bankers’ generous offers.

Deal or No Deal Live – How to Play

Fans of the game show specifically will enjoy this title, with gameplay very much mirroring the show setup. Once players have qualified, the friendly host is there to guide players through the experience and relay offers from the banker! When players qualify for the live game they can see the real winning potential up for grabs here and the fun gameplay on offer,


In order to qualify for the main game, players need to spin the reels of the 3-tier wheel and all 3 gold segments under the arrow. It is possible to make more segments of the wheel gold, therefore easier to qualify for a higher buy-in cost. After the qualifying game, players can increase the prizes in the boxes of play with another wheel game full of prize amounts.

The Main game here lets players choose to open boxes on the screen, revealing the prize inside; this prize is then removed from the screen. The banker can call to make players an offer for their chosen case during play; this is based on the values left and the possible contents of that case. The game ends when players accept the banker’s offer or remove all boxes from play and find out the contents of their own box. The payouts can be quite exciting in the 16 boxes of play here.

Deal or No Deal Live Play Summary

Fans of live gameshow titles will surely enjoy the gameplay involved with Deal or no Deal Live. Whilst the qualifying round can be frustrating, once players have advanced from it, the Top-Up rewards and payouts on offer can become very exciting. The glamorous feel to play provides an exciting experience as the hosts assistant opens boxes to reveal the prize payouts inside.

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