A Guide To Choose Bags

A Guide To Choose Bags

Thoughts of fashionistas are always directed to the future. They are interested in what fashion designers will offer next season. Those who dictate fashion look into the past. The types of bags worn in the last century inspire the creation of original forms.

Great-grandmother’s Chests of Drawers

Until the end of the 19th century, all types of women’s bags were available only to wealthy ladies. Commoners could wear a pouch or purse on their belts or under their skirts, a knot, a knapsack over their shoulders, or secondhand from the masters.

Only after the First World War did it become clear what a bag was in a woman’s wardrobe. Millions of women went to work, and they needed to put the necessary things somewhere. So, there was a whole industry and all kinds of bags. Women’s images can no longer be created without this accessory. A real bag cult has arisen, in which marketers indulge in every possible way.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine at a glance which class and type a particular model belongs to. You need a real fashion Wikipedia to argue with a stylist when choosing a comfortable everyday bag. You can group names with photos according to a dozen signs.

The classification looks different for technologists, sellers, and fashion experts.


  • Rigid with frame
  • With hard rates
  • Soft (bag)

Clasp Type:

  • With a latch on the frame on top (kiss, clasp)
  • With lightning
  • With a flap on the latch of a briefcase type
  • With a swivel-type latch valve
  • With magnetic latch
  • With latch-button

In addition to the clasp, a high-quality bag needs a variety of metal fittings:

  • Eyelets
  • Rivets
  • Legs at the bottom of the bag (public)
  • Penholders
  • Rings, half rings
  • Buckles
  • Carabiners

The classification of bags by purpose is the most obvious. But this is an insidious accessory. A fashionable bow spoils a stylistically inaccurate bag or plastic bag in hand, especially at a business meeting. Even an inexpensive shopper with a simple shape looks more stylish on a city street.

Classification by Purpose:

  • Casual
  • Business
  • Youth
  • Teenage
  • Ladies
  • Evening
  • Sports
  • Road

Instagram experts prove that buying expensive things is an investment. For a quality bag, the statement is true. Genuine leather, a classic model, is forgiven for its detachment from the trends of the times. Therefore, a successful purchase will eliminate the need to change the accessory every season.

Who Chooses Bags For Us?

Before looking at the price tag and the quality of the seams, you need to listen to the name of the upcoming purchase. If the sound is familiar to the ear, or instead of “imported,” there is a well-aimed Russian word, this model will argue with the dictates of the catwalks for a long time.

It is easy to call any wardrobe item “outdated” and “provincial.” It is much more difficult to impose an unsuccessful design concept on the street and the mass market. There are no rational explanations why waist bags-bananas, once aptly called “stomachs,” suddenly revived from the past, why grown men ignore men’s printed backpacks.


A faithful leather companion for every day is chosen in accordance with the attitude. Stylists and psychologists can radically change the style and even the way of life. Convince a girl to change her backpack for a flirty handbag. Or a tired mother of the family – a shapeless sack on a semi-rigid tote.


A real wicker basket with a lid, a shopper made of artificial rattan or straw, wicker boxes, kegs, buckets like bucket bag purse. For office summer suits, they offer business models in light colors with wicker inserts and handles.

Baskets go well with light dresses and floral patterns. By autumn, they disappear from the streets. Brings sad thoughts about A must-have accessory in your summer wardrobe, it replaces a sports bag for going to the pool.

By design, this is a shopper made of bright materials, decorated with cords and beads, with a light pareo tied around the handle. Great craft idea for patchwork and crochet.

Large Transparent Plastic Bag

A stylish alternative to a plastic bag. Several multi-colored bags will hide the property of the owner and, in various combinations, are in harmony with summer outfits. In transparent plastic, summer purchases, fruits, and greens look like a decoration. Suitable for everyone.

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