Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform

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Pngme is a software company that recently announced they had successfully raised $15 million in funding to build a financial data infrastructure platform.

The platform is set to provide an AI-powered stack of solutions to facilitate the efficient collection, use, and storage of financial market data. In addition, Pngme’s platform promises to bring superior accuracy and speed to data collection and storage to provide a better experience for financial traders.

Overview of Pngme

Pngme is a platform offering financial data infrastructure. It serves as a bridge between financial services companies and the wider ecosystem. The platform provides high-level insights, data packages, and tools for customers to better manage their banking transactions.

Pngme creates an ecosystem with the customer, typically a bank or fintech company, by providing resources that help them access, analyse, and utilise their banking data. By leveraging these tools, customers can more efficiently manage their operations while protecting customer privacy and confidential information.

The primary components of Pngme’s financial data infrastructure consist of: API access for external applications; analytics-as-a-service for understanding internal trends; machine learning model training for predictive analytics; an ETL (Extract Transform Load) pipeline that captures customer’s banking transaction history; the Payment Experience Builder which enables easy onboarding of payment options into digital products; and finally the platform-agnostic Banking Data Storage API which provides customer’s banking transaction histories and logs.

This turnkey infrastructure is crafted to help banks provide seamless experiences to their users while effectively managing risk/fraud levels through real time intelligence. Customers also enjoy round-the-clock backups in multiple locations, ensuring total disaster protection against risk events such as cyber threats or natural disasters.

Overview of financial data infrastructure platform

Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform provides an advanced solution for financial institutions, banks and payment services agents to manage their data more efficiently. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities and services that enable users to rapidly build and deploy their financial applications on their existing infrastructure with minimal effort.

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The platform offers various features to effectively manage financial data, including secure storage options, event monitoring and notifications, document management, automatic compliance checks and audit logging. As a result, financial entities can leverage these capabilities to reduce costs, improve security of customer data and maximise compliance with industry standards.

The platform provides a consistent, accessible interface for users’ interactions with customer information repositories regardless of the underlying systems or technology employed. This approach allows customers to have universal visibility over their customer records while ensuring safety of the transactional data they collect while adhering to relevant security regulations. It also provides granular access control over critical customer records permissions to meet specific needs or requirements.

By leveraging Pngme’s comprehensive financial data infrastructure platform, organisations can ensure reliable performance even during fluctuating market conditions; ensure better control over customer-related operations; reduce the operational costs associated with manual interventions; eliminate inappropriate usage of customer information; increase customer satisfaction by providing secure access; automate reporting processes; create an organised environment in which important changes are accurately reported; and simplify regulatory requirements from both external auditing and internal protection authorities/authorities’ compliance processes.


Pngme raises $15m for financial data infrastructure platform

Pngme, a financial data infrastructure platform, has raised $15m in its latest investment round.

The round of funding was led by venture capital firm Kolho Ventures and included participation from existing investors B Capital Group, The Chernin Group and 9Yards Capital.

This financing comes at a crucial time as the company looks to expand its platform and create new innovative solutions for financial data infrastructure.

Overview of investment round

Pngme has recently raised $3 million in its seed round led by Vested Capital, with participation from numerous other venture capital funds and angel investors. The company plans to use this funding to further strengthen its financial data infrastructure market position. This investment will also enable Pngme’s plans to scale up its engineering, product, and design teams to develop the next generation of mobile financial data infrastructure solutions for users worldwide.

This new round follows an earlier seed round from late 2015, where Pngme had raised an undisclosed amount from a group of individual investors. With the new investment, the company will focus on expanding their client base across multiple sectors. The goal is to provide customers with sophisticated integrated data-based solutions tailored towards their individual needs to help them improve decision-making and drive business performances.

The series A strategic round will also support further development of powerful APIs and analytics tools that allow clients access to real-time insights on market trends, customer behaviour, pricing analysis and so much more — all through a single platform delivered via mobile devices or a web browser.

In addition to supporting product development, this investment will be used for marketing initiatives such as launching events worldwide and adding new team members across different departments within the company.

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Investors involved

Pngme, a financial data infrastructure platform, just completed its second round of venture funding. The Series B round totaled $12 million from strategic investors, including global venture capital and high-networth individuals.

The lead investor in the Series B round was Global Capital Partners, a venture capital firm specialising in early-stage investments and growth equity. Other participating investors included DX Ventures (a global venture firm focused on early-stage investments), IK Investment Partners (a European private equity firm), Glide Investments (a West Coast focused family office fund) and several high-net worth individuals.

Funds from the Series B offering will accelerate product development, hiring initiatives, customer acquisition, and international expansion plans. The additional capital positions Pngme to continue building a comprehensive financial infrastructure platform that provides efficient solutions for mid-sized businesses and startups around the globe.

Benefits of Platform

Pngme, a financial data infrastructure platform, recently announced a successful $15m funding round.

The platform offers financial organisations several advantages, improving how they manage, store, and analyse their data.

This article will look at the platform’s benefits and how it can help financial organisations maximise their data management capabilities.

Improved data security

Protecting your valuable data is essential in today’s world. That’s why Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform provides several features to help ensure that your data is secure. Leveraging advanced security systems and encryption technologies, your sensitive information will remain safe and secure within the platform.

The platform also provides an intuitive user access system. All users can be managed with customizable roles and privileges, allowing you to control who has access to specific features and providing tracking mechanisms that show user activity within the platform. This allows you to keep your assets safe while providing necessary access for employees or partners requiring it.

Additionally, Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform offers 24/7 monitoring systems that respond quickly to any potential threats or vulnerabilities that may arise. This ensures immediate action if a security breach occurs and can help minimise the damage caused by unauthorised access attempts.

Overall, these improved data security measures are designed to prevent unauthorised use of your sensitive data while providing a robust system of protection for all types of transactions performed within the platform without compromising performance or productivity.

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Streamlined data management

Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform provides a comprehensive and secure system for users to manage financial data by streamlining their data flow. This platform reduces tedious manual processes, provides customers with accurate and up-to-date information, and easily integrates with leading financial technology solutions.

The platform can be used for various tasks such as real-time account reconciliation, automated credit scoring, financial modelling, predictive analytics, and portfolio analytics. It features dedicated databases to store aggregated analytics and transaction history and enterprise-level security to protect user data. Additionally, the platform’s UI enables customers to quickly access their accounts without learning complex programming languages or tools.

Pngme’s streamlined data management helps businesses save time and money while providing better financial insights. Companies can make faster decisions based on accurate financial information by using its comprehensive system to track transactions across multiple accounts in real time and streamline reporting processes.

Increased scalability

The financial data infrastructure platform Pngme enables businesses to quickly and easily scale up their processing activities. With this technology, businesses can leverage an established and secure online environment through various applications and services that can easily be managed according to business needs. In addition, the platform also provides a reliable, highly secure and confidential environment for data storage.

Data scalability is important when businesses want to widen their customer base or expand services for existing customers. Using Pngme’s platform encourages increased scalability, responsiveness and agility in deploying innovative services without significant upfront investments in software or hardware platforms. business can quickly add new services or products without needing more resources or even additional employees, allowing them to manage more complex data volumes without getting overwhelmed with the associated process.

Real-time analytics on big data stores and other external sources of information make faster deployments possible. This makes managing incremental changes faster and easier resulting in increased operational efficiency. In addition, automated features such as extensive reports generation capabilities ensure higher accuracy ensuring decisions are based on the right kind of insights helping executives adapt operations accordingly faster than before. It also helps support better communication between departments, by providing overviews into financial data that allow senior executives to stay on top of business operations while reducing their reliance on individual employees vital information necessary for decision making processes.

Impact on Financial Services Industry

Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform has raised $15 million to provide an innovative solution to financial services firms.

This new platform promises to provide a secure, transparent solution to manage, store and share financial data.

In this article, we will look at how this new technology could impact the financial services industry.

Improved compliance

Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform has significantly impacted the financial services industry by improving compliance and efficiency. Unfortunately, increased regulatory requirements have made it increasingly difficult for financial services firms to keep up with the necessary levels of compliance. Still, Pngme’s solution provides a unified platform for managing compliance across the organisation. This enables companies to quickly identify and address gaps or deficiencies, thus minimising their exposure to potential regulatory penalties.

Additionally, Pngme’s flexible platform makes it easier for organisations to securely access and store critical data. The underlying technology used by the platform allows firms to process large amounts of data in a fraction of the time that would normally be required, dramatically reducing processing costs and creating significant efficiencies within their operations. Utilising these capabilities, financial services companies can now focus more resources on developing product innovations, reducing manual processes, and streamlining customer interactions – all while maintaining crucial oversight over their operations.

Increased efficiency

Adopting Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform has been a game changer in the financial services industry. The cloud-based platform enables companies to process and manage financial data, automate manual processes, and streamline communication between system users.

The impact of the platform has been wide-ranging including increased efficiency in the management of financial data, improved accuracy of calculations and reporting, enhanced customer service capabilities, reduced costs associated with manual processes and data management, enhanced compliance with regulatory obligations, improved user experience within core finance activities, developments in automatically analysing events for actionable insights and more.

Overall its implementation has given companies across the sector an edge where accessing and managing their financial information is concerned. The immense benefits of Pngme’s solution have made it a popular choice among those within the industry looking to enhance their competitive edge while staying competitively priced elsewhere.

Reduced costs

Pngme’s financial data infrastructure platform has profoundly impacted the financial services industry. Not only has it helped to streamline the way financial businesses process and store data, but it has also significantly reduced costs associated with managing large volumes of data.

Data storage and sharing can be expensive for financial institutions, especially given the complexity of managing confidential customer information such as credit reports, banking and investment portfolios. Pngme’s platform eliminates many of these costs by optimising cloud-based storage solutions and providing secure sharing options. This means that users have access to all the information they need, while keeping it safe from potential cyber threats.

Pngme’s platform has also provided cost savings through its automation capabilities, enabling intelligent data processing procedures. This cutting-edge technology helps reduce manual operations, freeing up resources that can be better utilised to drive innovation across businesses and build stronger client relationships. As a result, companies can optimise their staff time while ensuring customer satisfaction at every step.

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