Response to calls for the M4A3E2 (76W) to move to 5.7 and to u/Unemployed_Goose in particular.

As the subject of this post, I will be reviewing the M4A3E2 (76W) Sherman Medium Tank. As I have written in many other places, the M4A3E2 was the only Sherman tank variant that was not blessed with the designation Model of the Year in the US. I have seen arguments from both sides of the Model of the Year debate, but if I had to pick a winner I would go with the M4A3E2, which did not get announced as the winner in the very first model year, but rather in the second. The M4A3E2 was the first Sherman tank to be equipped with an air-cooled version of its V8 engine. This was done

As a mod of the M4A3E2 (76W), I’m going to be responding to a few comments here. First, I’m going to address the comment that pertains to the 77W shell on the M4A3E2. This is not impossible, but it is not a good idea. The reason is the same reason why the Sherman Firefly was never produced in a lower caliber, and never produced in a higher caliber. The 76mm (5.2″) round was chosen for the Sherman primarily for its surface-to-air (SAM) capabilities. The 76mm round was intended to destroy aircraft that were flying at low altitude. The 76mm round was intended to be an anti-aircraft weapon,

I’ve been looking to get a better look at the M4A3E2 (76W) and wanted to submit an idea for a move. The M4A3E2 (76W) has always been a “niche” tank. It’s not the most popular tank in the game, nor is it the most effective. The common belief is that the M4A3E2 didn’t move to 5.7 just because we wanted to make it more effective. The facts are, we didn’t want to make it more effective. We wanted to make it a better tank. The benefit is in its speed.

Greetings to everyone!

I was reading this sub earlier today when I came across this post. When I scrolled down into the comments area, I came across a few people discussing the performance of US tanks, namely OP and M1 tanks.

u/Unemployed Goose, who claimed the 76 Jumbo, as well as a few other tanks, were over-tiered. After a little of interaction with the comments (and being downvoted :/), I realized that plain text wasn’t going to cut it any more, and I decided to gather some actual proof to back up my assertions.

Yes, several American tanks, most notably the M4A3 76W and the T25, are above the BRs that they should be at, but the M4A3E2 (76W) is not, as I aim to demonstrate here. Now that it’s out of the way, let’s get started.

Firepower This is the simplest category to cover, so I’ll start with it. One of the reasons I presented was that the 76 Jumbo had a firepower advantage over its main rival, the Tiger E. My argument is that the 76 Jumbo and Tiger E (all tanks shall be referred to as Jumbo or Tiger from here on unless otherwise indicated) have approximately equal penetration qualities on the most viable shell, but the Jumbo has a better reload and gun stability. Let’s start with the APHE shell types for each competing car.

76 Jumbo

lspwlwnvrng71 - Response to calls for the M4A3E2 (76W) to move to 5.7 and to u/Unemployed_Goose in particular.

On the Jumbo, the M62 is the sole APHE option.

Tiger E

However, if you need greater penetration, PzGr. 39 is a viable option.

When it comes to playing the Tiger, though, I prefer Pzgr.

So, what exactly do we have here? In terms of shell types, the Tiger E has a wide range to choose from, however I believe the M62 vs Pzgr shells are the most likely to be utilized. As can be seen in the images above, the Pzgr. has a few extra millimeters of penetration and almost 4.5 times the TNT equivalent of explosive filler, implying a more potent initial shot. However, there are two caveats (three if we consider armor) that give the Jumbo the upper hand in this situation: the Stabilizer and the reload speed. First, the stabilizer on the Jumbo is effective up to 22-23 kph, enabling buttery smooth aiming in most close quarters combat scenarios. The second factor is reload speed; the Tiger can reload in 10.4 seconds with a basic crew and 8.0 seconds with an aced crew, while the Jumbo can reload in 7.6 seconds with a basic crew and 5.9 seconds with an aced crew.

So, what precisely does it all mean? So far, it seems that the Jumbo and Tiger are exchanging blows in terms of firepower, with the Jumbo emerging victorious since it is much more adaptable and reactive than the Tiger.

Mobility The Mobility category is the second simplest to go through, so I’ll make a basic chart to save this from becoming too lengthy (all numbers are on spaded tanks in RB)

Horsepower Weight HP/Ton Maximum Forward Speed Maximum Reverse Speed Traverse in a neutral state?
Tiger 700 57.3 12.22 45 9 Yes
Jumbo 500 37.8 13.23 36 5 No

Now, mobility is a difficult one to really describe since it is so highly dependent on the map type, hills, crew abilities, and, shockingly, how you choose to press WASD, so I consider this to be a grey area, but here are the fundamental numbers of both tanks.

So, what exactly does all of this imply? While the Jumbo has a higher HP/Ton ratio, it has a lower top speed in both forward and reverse, as well as no neutral traverse, which means that while the Tiger is slower to accelerate, it can go faster and turn more effectively when stationary, implying that the Tiger does indeed outmobilize the Jumbo.

Are you ready for some photos, ArmorY’all? I’m all set for photos. Let’s get started,

Tiger E versus M62 Shot at 500m

a62c669uvng71 - Response to calls for the M4A3E2 (76W) to move to 5.7 and to u/Unemployed_Goose in particular. 728 Response-to-calls-for-the-M4A3E2-76W-to-move-to.jpg

DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS SHOT, IT IS FINNICKY; I just took it as a proof of concept.

M62 Shot against Tiger E at 0m

h1jtjsv1wng71 - Response to calls for the M4A3E2 (76W) to move to 5.7 and to u/Unemployed_Goose in particular.

(We already know what would happen, therefore we bypassed the frontal plate at 90 degrees)

(In most instances, PzGr. 39 will behave similarly to Pzgr. since their angled pen isn’t too far off) 76 Jumbo at 500m versus Pzgr.

j3kobpzgwng71 - Response to calls for the M4A3E2 (76W) to move to 5.7 and to u/Unemployed_Goose in particular. 581 Response-to-calls-for-the-M4A3E2-76W-to-move-to.jpg

cf5p6q5iwng71 - Response to calls for the M4A3E2 (76W) to move to 5.7 and to u/Unemployed_Goose in particular.

Again, this is a finicky shot that should not be attempted.

76 Jumbo versus Pzgr at 0m

So, based on everything we’ve seen so far, I’m going to attempt to make a few basic inferences.

  1. At 90 degrees up to approximately 60 degrees frontally, the Tiger E is vulnerable to the M62 at 500 meters, but when the distance is reduced to 0 meters, the lower side armor may be pierced.
  2. The 76 Jumbo is vulnerable to side shots to the lower side armor at approximately 70 degrees, although it shouldn’t be in that position since it’s immune to Pzgr. and PzGr. 39 from 500m and 0m from 90 degrees.

So, say it with me, what precisely does all of this mean?

Conclusion To attempt to sum everything up, here is my argument for the 76 Jumbo remaining at 6.0.

Each of the 76 Jumbo and Tiger E models has its unique set of skills and play styles. When oriented at 45 degrees, the Tiger’s poor lower side armor can no longer be pierced by M62, allowing it to excel in distance combat. Due to its stable cannon, quick reload, and strong frontal armor, the 76 Jumbo excels in close quarters ‘dogfights.’ Each tank’s playstyle is successful, but the 76 Jumbo’s is more consistent, and more in accordance with winning games, since you are forced to push the battle to the opponent, which generally leads to an objective. As a result, the 76 Jumbo is deserving of its place. Instead of being relocated to 5.7, the Tiger E is now 3 above it.

I hope this was a useful post, not only for u/Unemployed Goose and u/Zack Knifed (OP of the post I linked at the top), but for anybody else who stumbles across it. Thank you for taking the time to read, and best wishes.

EDIT: I don’t typically like to be the “haha look at my stats” guy but I did also want to mention that despite people calling the 76 Jumbo bad, I, a perfectly average player, do have a 65% win rate in the vehicle alongside a 3.3 KD in it (Thunderskill link )

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