5 The Sinking City features you need to know before you buy [preview]


As you can see on the video, everything here is a little crazy! The last of these contributions, The Declining City, is a story that revolves around the city, the protagonist and madness.

Private investigator Charles Reed is your protagonist. And the madness around him isn’t the only thing that’s hard to keep track of.

The forces that work in the world also drive you crazy. This means that strange things keep happening while shaving, such as tentacles sticking out of your face (you don’t usually see that in Gillette commercials!).

It is true that your psychological problems have sometimes proved useful. You can use your link to madness to find clues, solve puzzles and continue the story.

It will be interesting to see how they manage to decide how the world affects your character. Or how you influence the world.

Our position

In a world going crazy, so are you. It makes sense and gives the story a reasonable direction. Even opening up different endings and twists in the story.

There’s fear, like some things, you can smell a little cheese. So I hope the test and the performance are good enough to sell it as something really dark and serious.

It also works to give you interesting skills, it works well so only you can decide what really happens to the city. There will undoubtedly be some unexpected moments.

Thoughts of a sinking city in preparation for launch

Personally, it’s nice to see the voice of the frogs. They have done a very good job over the years and made the Sherlock Holmes games. With every game it improves.

Throughout the series, they have brought the same sense of adventure and exploration games, but in a more modern way. Especially for games that arrive on the console and are very good to play on PS4 and Xbox One.

I certainly expect to see some similarities with Sinking City. But it’s also time to get out of Sherlock’s formula. With a new style and new characters I hope to see something truly unique.

An installation and a concept I like. There is a sense of darkness in her, and Kutulhu’s plot should create a sense of amusement and awe.

The gameplay is sensible, it can be slower than a standard action-adventure game. But while we’re on the subject, there are some monsters and a game with weapons in the title, so it may be faster than your traditional adventure title.

Fortunately, my review for the publication starts, and I can go a little deeper into the details. But after what I’ve seen so far, I have a positive feeling about the sinking city.

It targets a niche audience by targeting those who love the L.A. rhythm. Noire [Switch Review] or their previous Sherlock games. But I think there might be enough change to attract a few more players.

Soon another sinking city will appear on MGL.

Did you sink the city?

What do you think after all this? Will you take the sinking city with you when it comes out? You’re not sure? Let me know what you think in the following remarks.

If you have questions about the game, you can ask them in the comments. I’ll tell you what I can do, embargo rules and stuff.

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