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Games Like Decrypto

Continue if you are looking for games like Decrypto and wondering what similar games you should play next. In Decrypto, players compete in two teams (white and black), each trying to correctly interpret their opponent’s encrypted messages before doing the same. Each team has four cards that are placed on their personal board in different screens (#1 to #4). The team can see these words, but the opponent cannot. In each round, one team member is the decoder and draws a card with a number line (linked to 1 – 4). You have to make your team guess this sequence by giving clues, but you also give clues to your opponent.

To define this list, we broke down Decrypto into what it is. This is a two-party communication game with one party in play. You are part of a team and have to be creative to give the right information, but be careful not to give your opponents too much information. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We’ve taken all of this into consideration and have come up with a list of 5 board games like Decrypto.

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Games Like Decrypto

#05 | Draft

The concept belongs in a list of board games like Decrypto, because it’s another great team game where you pair clues with communication tactics. The players work with the same tools, but individually it’s a race to see who reaches the finish line first. Rather than just words, this title offers interesting iconography.

The goal is to guess the words by matching the icons. A team of two players – neighbors at the table – chooses a word or phrase that the other players must guess. This team acts together and places the pieces judiciously on the available symbols on the board. Whoever gets there first gets points and the highest score. With 4 to 12 players, the games take about 40 minutes.

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Games Like Decrypto

#04 | Taboo

Taboo is on the list of board games like Decrypto because it’s another board game where one team member gives clues so his teammates can guess the word, but in a way where you don’t lose. Instead of revealing too much information that gives away your secrets, here you will be penalized if you use keywords from the list included in each prompt. A key element of both titles is a minefield of communication possibilities.

In turn, players describe the word or phrase on the drawn card to their partner, without using the usual five additional words or phrases on the card. The opposing players watch the clock and use the buzzer to stop the game and scold the describing player if any of the five forbidden words or phrases are used or if the describing player makes a gesture. With 4 to 10 players, the games take about 20 minutes.

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Games Like Decrypto

#03 | Time’s up

Time’s Up belongs to the list of board games like Decrypto because it is another fun team guessing game with creative communication. Instead of plain words, this game uses popular culture, requiring your teammates to guess real and fictional characters as the clues become more limited.

This is a charade game based on party charades for teams of two or more players. Before the game begins, each player looks at a number of cards representing famous historical or fictional characters and picks a few. Each player’s cards are shuffled into a pile, and this pile of famous names is used for each of the three rounds of play. In each round, team members take turns trying to get their teammates to guess as many names as possible in 30 seconds.

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Games Like Decrypto

#02 | one

Just One mentions board games like Decrypto because it’s a board game where using a word to do a task too well gets you in trouble. Each has the task of giving a clue. The problem is that duplicate words are deleted by the players. Your job is to provide a clue that is good enough to get the job done, but not a clue that highlights the information.

Players take turns guessing the word. Beforehand, a card with a word on it is revealed to the other players, and they must write down a clue that will help them get there. It could be anything, but the catch is that duplicate evidence gets erased. It’s harder than you think. The goal is to get as close to 13 points as possible. For 3 to 7 players, the games take about 20 minutes each.

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Games Like Decrypto

#01 | Code Name

Codenames tops the list of board games like Decrypto because it is an excellent communication title that also gets a game within a game going. As with Decrypto, you must give your team information in a way that helps them, but also protects the other team’s information. Instead of having each team work on their own secret words, they work on a common grid, where one member of each team knows what is hidden in it.

The group will be divided into two teams. You are spies and must get your comrades off the field before your opponent does too. This is represented by a grid with many words under which there is a blue agent, a red agent, an outsider or an evil assassin. In each round, one member of each team looks at the decoding map with all the locations and must report them to his or her team with one-word answers. The key is to give clues that apply to multiple points to win. For 2 to 8 players the playing time is about 15 minutes per round.

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