5 Fun Facts About Online Casinos You’ll Find Interesting

5 Fun Facts About Online Casinos You'll Find Interesting

Online casinos first started popping up around 1994 and became increasingly popular as more and more people started gambling online instead of at physical casinos. Online gambling has its perks, such as being able to choose whichever game they’d like to play and even being able to play with players from around the world. There are different types of online casino games: Bingo, which is fun and usually played with others; Slots, which take little effort and relies on luck; Sports betting, such as horse racing, which one will need a strategy to play; Poker, which is played with others and is highly competitive.

There are also other card games that one can gamble with online. Having the ability to access any kind of game at any time and play with anyone in the world creates a lot of opportunities. Also, the availability of online casino guides such as CasinoHEX.at makes it easy for players to decide which online casino is worth their time as they provide extensive information on the safest online casinos out there.

Online gambling also has quite an interesting history. Since online gambling began, more and more information has come to light, such as game preferences. Here are a few fun facts about online gambling.

1. The First Online Casino

The beginning of online casinos may seem shrouded in mystery at first glance. Some say that online casinos started in 1994 with a company called Microgaming, while others argue that Intercasino was the first. Intercasino launched in 1996, meaning that if Microgaming did release a casino, it would be the first.

5 Fun Facts About Online Casinos You'll Find Interesting

The issue is that Microgaming released its first game in 1994 before the internet had become popular for home use making the game redundant. The other problem is that although they have been said to have released a game at that point, it’s hard to find out what the game was called, just that they had released one. Also, back in 1994, online gambling had not yet been legalized, meaning that the first legal online casino was Intercasino. Microgaming is still the first company to have made a mobile casino which is also a great achievement.

2. Men and Women Have Different Game Preferences

Online gambling provides its players with anonymity, which means that no one is pressured not to gamble based on who they are. In years past, there was a stigma that claimed that women would not or should not gamble. These days there is no problem with women of any culture gambling because no one apart from the casino needs to know about it. This, along with online casinos’ general popularity, has made casinos for almost everyone.

This, of course, excludes those who are below the age restriction or live in an area where it is illegal. Interestingly enough, though, men and women do seem to have different preferences when it comes to online gambling games. Women are said to prefer slots and lotteries, games that focus more on fun and chance, not something serious and strategic such as poker or sports beds which men are said to enjoy. While there are of course exceptions, there are underlying reasons for this. Women often simply gamble for fun and don’t usually want to get involved in something heavy and time-consuming like poker can be.

3. The Longest Poker Game Ever Was Over 8 Years

Speaking of the time-consuming nature of Poker, there was once a record-breaking game of poker. It took place at the Bird Cage Theater, in 1881 and lasted 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days. This game had a buy-in of $1000 and is said to have seen as much as $1 million pass over the table.

There are many different gambling games, most of which are enjoyable to some extent but one game stands out above the rest. With their attractive graphics and simple playability, slots are the most popular.

5 Fun Facts About Online Casinos You'll Find Interesting

They don’t take as much time as other games, they’re easy to understand and they have large payouts. It is possible to win a large payout with just a small amount of money when playing on slots. One of the slot machines most famous for its large payouts is Mega Moolah. 

5. The Biggest Win In Online Casino History

Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune have constantly been competing for the highest payout in online casino history with players winning over $9.5 million at times. Mega Moolah once paid out $21.7 million to someone who just spent 75c, proving that you don’t need to spend big to win big.

Interestingly enough, while Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune hold the majority of the biggest wins, Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah paid out the highest in history. This machine paid out one lucky winner $23.6 million, just beating Mega Moolah by $100 000 or so.


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