7 Online Gambling Jobs You Can Work From Home

7 Online Gambling Jobs You Can Work From Home

Are you looking for a remote job position, and you’ve set your eyes on the online gambling market? Check out the top online gambling remote jobs.

Top Online Gambling Remote Jobs You Can Do Today

More and more people are ditching the traditional office work approach and opting for the work-from-home model. As with everything else, there are pros and cons with remote work, and avoiding the lengthy commute to work is probably the biggest one – but that’s for another story. Let’s assume that you’ve decided that you’re tired of the hour-long traffic jams in peak hours, and you want or need to adopt a more flexible schedule.

Congratulations – you’ve crossed the first step. But now what? How do you find a work-from-home position that offers a competitive salary and is prosperous? Well, how does working in a $100 billion-a-year industry sound?

The online gambling industry has been booming in the past decade, and the opening up of the gambling market in many US states and Canadian provinces and the legalization of many forms of online gambling opened up thousands of new jobs. Major markets such as the sports betting Pennsylvania market already employ thousands of people across a wide range of roles.

For instance, most Pennsylvannia online sports betting sites have openings for remote workers, and there are many jobs that you can do in the online gambling market. We’ll present you with some of the most prosperous online gambling jobs that you can do today – no matter where you’re located.

Casino Game Developer

Probably one of the trendiest job roles of the 21st century, it seems like developers are in high demand everywhere, and that’s the case in the online gambling industry as well. Casino game developers earn competitive salaries and get to make fun and innovative games for online casinos. In addition, due to the fast-paced nature of the job, casino game developers get to participate in a variety of innovative projects and influence the final product.

Numerous PA sports gambling sites and game studios have job openings for game developers, and if you have an aptitude for programming languages, a casino game developer might just be the job for you.

Web Developer

Just like game developers, web developers are in high demand as well – including in the online gambling industry. Although not as popular as casino game developers, many sports betting PA online operators and casino groups employ in-house web developers to help them keep their websites up-to-date.

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Marketing is crucial for every gambling platform – regardless if it’s a well-established and reputable brand or a new gambling site that wants to compete with the big dogs.

Even the best sportsbook in PA rely heavily on marketing to attract new customers and keep their regulars happy. So, as a marketer, you would be responsible for building the brand’s online presence, expanding the reach of the casino, and running numerous ads and campaigns. That includes coming up with PA sportsbook bonus offers and promotions, coordinating social media campaigns, and collaborating with affiliates to attract customers. So, if you are a creative person that has a knack for marketing, this role might be appealing to you.

Web Designer

Most modern casino platforms offer impeccable online gambling experiences to their users. The user interface of the website or the mobile app must be easy to navigate, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Take the Borgata sports app, for example, it features a fresh, modern design, yet it implements all the features that the platform offers in a neat and easy-to-use app. This is why many Pennsylvania legal sports betting has job openings for web designers, and if you’re a web designer yourself, this might be a great job opportunity.

Customer Support Specialist

Customer support service is one of the crucial aspects that make or break an online casino platform, so operators invest heavily in their customer support section. Many big brands, such as Borgata Sports Betting & Casino, have job openings for customer support specialists, and they’re looking for individuals that will set the stage for guest experience with their welcoming service.

As a customer support specialist, your job will be to assist customers in need through the Live Chat feature on the Borgata sports betting app, phone, or email. Therefore, the main requirements for customer support specialists are to be able to effectively communicate in English, both verbal and written and have the ability to handle all situations calmly and professionally.


Every bookmaker that offers sports betting in PA employs a head oddsmaker – a person that sets the lines on a given sporting event. The head oddsmaker doesn’t work alone, however, and there are other employees that help them create the odds, including betting analysts and technicians.

As an oddsmaker, your responsibility would be to produce odds for live events, publish accurate line bets, monitor the matches and calculate the odds. Oddsmaker is usually a long-term career, and the main skills required are statistical and analytical skills. As with every other role, if you’re a novice, you’ll start as an assistant oddsmaker and progress up the ladder.

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Live Casino Dealer

Live casino games are very popular, and many online casinos that offer legal sports betting in Pennsylvania are looking for card dealers to join the team. Although this is a specific position that requires skills, most operators offer training to their live casino dealers before they stand in front of the cameras.

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