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Just as in essay writing it is important to find the right arguments for your thesis, so in Old School RuneScape you need to know how to use weapons correctly. Only if you can find a dissertation writer to write a paper, in the game you have to use your own weapons.

These are the best weapons in Old School RuneScape that are capable of dealing out the most damage to your opponent.

In this post, I will rank 15 of the best ‘spec’ weapons in Old School RuneScape, based on their stats, fun factor and their overall usefulness in combat. These weapons are the best ones to use for entertaining yourself with while playing RuneScape. They are also useful for those wanting to train their combat skill at a very quick rate. If you have any advice on how I could improve this post, please let me know in the comments.

RuneScape is the best free to play game to play on your computer. It is a game that is set in the Gielinor (a fantasy world in which the player is able to explore in first person) and is a great alternative to the other MMORPGs that are available. The game is relatively simple in the way that there are no classes to choose from, however, this means that the player can still customize their character to suit their own needs.. Read more about runescape best weapon type and let us know what you think.Special attacks in OSRS have many uses, from dealing out massive damage to reducing defenses. Each special attack is useful depending on the situation you are in. And in general, special attacks are meant to make your life at least a little easier. This can make fighting a boss easier or speed up the skill acquisition process. Personally, I always use special attacks – they’re too useful to ignore. Let’s take a look at some of the best special attack weapons in Old School RuneScape that will make your lessons easier.

15. Excalibur

word-image-8142 The sword of legend begins this list: Excalibur! His special spell is called Sanctuary, which consumes 100% of his special scale and temporarily increases his protection level by +8. One of the reasons this sword is not listed is that it is a quest reward, making it completely free. While this skill is not often used by many players, it can be useful for Ironmen who need a defensive boost in the early game for dangerous actions. Especially since they don’t have access to super defense potions in the beginning of the game. At some point, you will remove the famous sword. But it’s a great weapon that can save your life in a difficult situation. How to get it: The Lady of the Lake in the quest for Merlin’s Crystal gets it.

14. Dragon Battle Axe

word-image-8143 Raarrrrggggghhhh! This is the epic scream you let out (literally) when you use the Dragon Battleaxe’s special attack. In Rampage, the player raises an axe above his head while letting out a battle cry! Your special plank consumes 100% energy and lowers your defense, attack, range, and magic stats by 10%. In return, you get a strength increase of 10 levels + (subtracted levels / 4). When used correctly, this ability can temporarily increase your power by 21 levels, which is the largest increase in OSRS. Many use this weapon in conjunction with a Super Recovery or Embellished Pool to restore depleted stats and gain a power boost. How to get it: You can buy a Dragon Battle Axe from the Hero Guild.

13. Personnel of the dead

word-image-8144 Invoking the spirits of the dead can have sinister consequences. The staff of the dead has a special attack of the power of death and uses 100% of your special energy to do it. The use of this special technique provides protection against enemy attacks in close combat. All damage taken in melee battles is halved. This makes it a great way to defend against enemies or store food if you try to escape. The total effect lasts up to one minute. However, the effect only lasts as long as the staff is equipped. So make sure staff have a full minute to make full use of the protection. How to get it: It can only be obtained from K’ril Tsutsaroth, who is in the God War dungeon. It fails quite rarely – 1/512.

12. Antique club

word-image-8145 It’s a niche weapon in the game. He is only used for his special attack, and only under very specific circumstances. This special attack is called God of War Favor and uses 100% of your special attack energy. You can use it to pierce another player’s melee prayer defense – this uses your opponent’s prayer points for all the damage they receive. In return, your prayer points are restored at the cost of what was taken from your opponent. In PvP environments, it is often used by baiters to take +1 item from unsuspecting players, so always be careful if you see it in the wild. In PvM, people often use it on their undead fighting dolls in their houses to maximize prayer points and give points above your base prayer level. This can be very useful when fighting caves where prayer is streamlined. How to get it: The mass is obtained during the search Another piece of ham. The quest must also be completed to use it.

11. Toxic tube

word-image-8146 The Poison Blowgun is probably the best distance weapon in the entire game in terms of versatility and utility. It’s a good thing he also has a good special attack. Toxic Siphon uses 50% of your special attack bands and heals you for 50% of the damage inflicted. If you z. For example, if you hit an enemy with 20, you are purged with 10. This can be very useful in almost any situation, as it saves you food and game points by not wasting time eating when you could be attacking. The poison siphon has also become something of a meme in the OSRS community, as many players who use this special effect can get multiple 0’s in a bind – causing them to die or waste food. How to get it: Zulra throws a strike for Tanzanite. The tusk must then be transformed into a breathing tube, requiring level 53 in fletching.

10. Lance Dragon

word-image-8147 This special attack is quite infamous, as it is usually used by players trying to lure players into multilateral combat zones in the wild. Shove literally does what its name says: It pushes the user’s opponent in every direction (and also stuns them). A total of 25% of the special board is used. For the duration of the stun (3 seconds), your opponent cannot eat, move, teleport or do anything else. Many teams of Pk’ers will spam a single enemy with multiple special abilities, pushing them into multiple attack zones where they can be easily hit and killed. How to get it: To get the Dragon’s Spear, you either have to get very lucky in the rare cast table, or get it as a rare cast of Cruel Black Dragons.

9. Dark bow

word-image-8148 As another weapon for PvP, the special skill of the black bow is used as an attack attack attack to take down enemies with overwhelming force. The special attack has the highest maximum hit probability of any weapon in the game – assuming you have dragon arrows. A Tens of Darkness equipped with Dragon Arrows fires two arrows that do 50% more damage than the base arrows, with a minimum possible hit of 8. The total damage of a single arrow here can be up to 48 units. This means a possible total loss of 96. Talk about excessive force! In addition, the bow only uses 55% of the special attack range each time. How to get it: Black beasts that require a level 90 huntress to kill bring a black bow. The best place to kill them is in the funeral tunnels or catacombs of Coirenda.

8. Dragon Harpoon

word-image-8149 And finally, our first special gift in this list! The dragon harpoon is often used for AFK sharks and can be equipped unlike a normal harpoon. This allows you to save space in your inventory. It is also 20% faster than conventional harpoons. Fisherman consumes 100% of your special attack range and temporarily increases your fish level by +3. Note that you must swing a harpoon to use this special move, and you need at least a level 60 attack. How to get it: Wyrms found on Mount Karuulm have a rare 1/10000 chance of dropping a harpoon. To increase these odds, you can get a Wyrm Hunter order by lowering your roll percentage to 1/2000 (0.05%).

7. Armadillo sword

word-image-8150 This is another very powerful Knockout weapon in PvP. AGS by itself has some impressive features and an even more impressive special attack that is used by many hp’ers. This is one of the most commonly used special attack weapons in PvP, as it costs relatively little, encourages risky combat, and has powerful special weapons. Judgment uses only 50% of the special attack field, offering double the accuracy and 37.5% more damage than normal! This means you’re more likely to get hit, and you can do very high damage – it’s not uncommon to get hit 70% of the time. Since this exercise also uses only 50%, it can be applied several times in a row for devastating results. How to get it: The only way to get it is to drop Kri’arrah, who is in the God War dungeon. The Armadil handle is quite rare – 1/512. Once you obtain the hilt, you must use it on the blade of the divine sword to make the divine sword.

6. Dragon axe

word-image-8151 The Dragon Axe, which is 10% more powerful than the Runic Axe, is of the same family as the Dragon Harpoon (they have a similar special attack). The woodcutter consumes 100% of his special attack streak, temporarily increasing the woodcutter’s level by +3. Note that, as with the dragon harpoon, you will also need an axe for this technique. And you also need a level 60 attack. If you want to get the most out of this position, I recommend you get trained by the lumberjack guild. While you’re there, the guild provides an invisible lumberjack boost that gives you a special axe attack. How to get it: The Dragon’s Axe is dropped in DKS, otherwise you have to be very lucky in Winter’s Death, where the chance of getting this item is 1/1000.

5. Dragon Brush

word-image-8152 You may have guessed it already, but the dragon’s pickaxe follows the same pattern as the previously mentioned harpoon and axe. Rock Knocker uses 100% of the special attack line and temporarily increases your loot level by +3. As with the axe and harpoon, you must wield a pickaxe to use this special item, and you also need at least 60 attack units to equip it. How to get it: All the bosses, except the half bosses, drop a dragon axe. Personally, I would recommend Kalisto for this trap as it is easy to bait and equip.

4. Bando’s divine sword

word-image-8153 Reducing the opponent’s defense is very important in PvP. And Bando’s divine sword does a great job with its powerful special attack. Warstrike uses 50% of the special attack field and doubles its accuracy, also does about 21% more damage and reduces the opponent’s stats in the following order: Protection, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Reach. This effect is incredibly effective in PvP because the special effect can be used over and over again (and the effects add up)! The BGS is often used for bosses like the Physical Beast when your defense is weak, or in single player mode. This weapon is also not very expensive compared to the dragon hammer, it only costs about 8m. How to get it: The only way to get it is to free General Graador, who is in the God War dungeon. The Bandos handle is released quite rarely – 1/512. Once you obtain the hilt, you must use it on the blade of the divine sword to make the divine sword.

3. Crystal halberd (i)

word-image-8154 You need a Western Province diary for this weapon, and C-Hally offers a really great free weapon for special attacks if you’re willing to keep a diary to get it. This special sweeping attack consumes 30% of the special attack field and hits normal-sized enemies, increasing damage by 10% and causing large enemies to take double damage. However, the accuracy of the second shot is reduced by 25%. Eventually, this weapon is used as an economical version of the dragon’s claw. You can get it for free, and it’s still pretty powerful, so it definitely deserves a spot on this list. How to get it: After completing the Western Province Elite Journal, you can bring the Crystal Weapon Seed to Ilfin, who will craft it for you.

2. Dragon Claw

word-image-8155 These are a large number of PvP and PvE weapons used exclusively for special attacks. And some players are calling them overpowering. This could be one of those examples. The special attack here is Slice and Dice, which uses 50% of the special attack field and hits each opponent four times in one hit. This damage can mount up quickly. Especially if the special product is used consecutively. In PvP, players can inflict a tremendous amount of damage with a single special knife strike, sometimes up to 80-90 damage to opponents with weaker defenses. In PvP, this particular weapon is often used when battle weapons are a monster’s weak points. Vasa and Bloat, two raid bosses, are particularly weak against dragon claws. fights are much faster with these claws! Ultimately, this god weapon is the king of melee DPS in OSRS. How to get it: It can only be obtained from the Chambre Xérique.

1. Dragon Warhammer

word-image-8156 Choosing the first place on this list was not easy. But if there’s one special attack that deserves first place, it’s Dragon Warhammer. PvP has always been the cornerstone of OSRS. And Dragon Warhammer Smash’s special attack goes to almost any boss that has a high defense level. On a successful hit, the opponent’s defense is reduced by 30%. This spell can be used multiple times in a row and the effect adds up, meaning that the monster’s defense can be reduced to almost zero when used as a team. As you can imagine, this makes them very… soft. DWH is worth about 40 million on the main exchange. But it’s worth every penny. And some teams even require you to have these weapons to join the team. How to get it: DWH can only be obtained from a lizard shaman with a probability of 1/5000 (0.02%). You can also buy it if you have enough gold. It’s a tedious task, but it’s worth it!After taking a break from Old School RuneScape, many players are beginning to return to the game. To help them get acquainted with the game and see some of what the community has been up to recently, we’ve decided to start a series where we review the best of what the community has to offer in this game. The first powerful weapon in this series is the fire sword.. Read more about osrs best weapon type and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon in Old School RuneScape?

This week, we’re going to explore a few of the best weapons in Old School RuneScape. The weapon we chose to focus on is the Dragon Scimitar, a weapon that can be purchased from either a Slayer Master or a Grand Exchange. This weapon isn’t expensive to purchase, and it gets an average number of kills when compared to other weapons. Most of the time, this weapon is used by those who are new to the game, but why is this weapon so popular? Let’s find out. You’re reading this because you’re interested in weapons in Old School RuneScape. This guide is a compilation of the latest weapons that can be found in the game. For a complete list of all the weapons and items in Old School RuneScape, check out our original guide.

What is the strongest weapon in RuneScape?

Every combat-orientated game needs a weapon that can take out an entire army of monsters with a single swing, right? In the case of Old School RuneScape, that weapon is the dragon axe. In this article, we will try to find out which one is the best of the lot in terms of damage per second, and leave the rest up to you. When it comes to the best weapons in RuneScape, there is no question. The best weapons in RuneScape are the special weapons, which are not available to everyone, but are extremely powerful and worth hunting down. But what makes them so special? In this guide, we will rank the top 5 best special weapons in RuneScape, and describe how they can be used as a weapon of choice in combat.

What weapon does the most damage in Osrs?

RuneScape has been a favorite game for years, and is especially popular among the OSRS players. The games has been around for many years, and is known for its deep character customization and lasting updates. It has many players, and many players are known to play without a mic. But what is the most powerful weapon in RuneScape? Runescape is a highly complex game. This means that there are a lot of ways that you can get killed in Runescape, and there are a large number of combat strategies that you can employ in the game. There are even differences between players, and within a player, there are differences between weapons. It’s not just how much damage you do, but how much damage you do to what, and what you hit in what part of the body. Knowing all this can be very beneficial.

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