Why is Matched Betting Better Than Gambling?


In the ever changing world of sports betting, there is a method which is gaining serious traction, with this method benign matched betting. Unlike the unpredictable nature of traditional gambling, matched betting provides players with a more calculated approach to turning the odds in their favor. We believe that as a result of this, matched betting surpasses conventional gambling. Matched betting provides a strategic alternative for those serious about seeing investment returns. So, let’s break it down and explore why matched betting is emerging as a prudent choice for those seeking both entertainment and a reliable source of supplemental income.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a strategy that takes advantage of free bets and incentives bookmakers offer to ensure a guaranteed profit. It is a method that involves placing two opposing bets, one at a bookmaker and one at a betting exchange, to cover all possible outcomes of a sporting event. By doing so, the bettor can eliminate the element of chance and lock in a profit regardless of the final result.

In order to match bets you must place both a back bet on a specific outcome at a bookmaker and a corresponding lay bet against the same outcome at a betting exchange. This effectively covers all potential results of a sporting event. The initial bet is known as a qualifying bet and it will trigger the award of a free bet, as long as there is a promotion on at the time. You then repeat the process and secure a profit regardless of the outcome. The success of matched betting lies in careful calculators, with online tools such as OddsMonkey being able to aid bettors in determining optimal stakes for both the back and lay bet options.

What is Gambling

Gambling is the act of betting or wagering on an event with an uncertain outcome. The result of the wager is often immediate, and it involves an element of chance, meaning that the outcome cannot be predicted with certainty. Gambling can take various forms, including casino games, sports betting, lottery games and online gambling. While some forms of gambling may involve skill, the primary decider of whether or not your bet will be successful is chance.

Gambling is prevalent worldwide and has been a part of human culture for centuries. People engage in gambling for various reasons, including entertainment, social interaction, and the potential for financial gain.

The Differences Between Matched Betting And Gambling

Matched betting and traditional gambling diverge in their fundamental approaches and outcomes. In matched betting, risk is minimised by strategically placing opposing bets on all possible outcomes of a sporting event. By leveraging bookmakers promotions and free bets players are able to secure profits and reduce the risk dramatically. On the other hand, traditional gambling is characterised by inherent risk and uncertainty, as outcomes are largely dictated by chance. Whether it’s the roll of a dice, the spin of a wheel, or the result of a sports event, luck plays a very significant role in the outcome.


The profit structure is also a major difference between the two. What we mean by this is that matched betting is focused on a methodical and systematic process aimed at exploiting promotional offers, with the goal of securing a profit. In contrast, traditional gambling centres around the entertainment factor, with potential profits often considered secondary. There is no guaranteed profit in traditional gambling and therefore this is not the main appeal from gambling whereas the only reason people match bets is to make profits.

The role of skill also varies between these two different methods. Matched betting success hinges on the understanding of the matched betting process. Players must utilise mathematical calculations, promotional offers and compare odds against multiple different sites. In traditional gambling, however, although there is some skill used in certain card games, overall the end result is out of the players control.

Benefits of Matched Betting

Matched betting boasts several benefits which make it an appealing avenue for many sports bettors. Firstly, there is the fact that matched betting is risk-free. As we mentioned many times matched betting involves covering all potential outcomes and therefore minimises risk. This paired with a reliable matched betting software can even lead to matched betting becoming a side hustle and providing players with a supplementary stream of income.

Furthermore, matched betting is recognised for its accessibility, particularly for beginners. With once again online tools and comprehensive guides being available for individuals to help improve their knowledge of matched betting. These tools can help people implement the strategy, with next to no prior knowledge.

Another benefit of matched betting is that it only requires minimal time investment. Matched betting can take a while for some to fully understand, however, once you do understand the principles and you become capable in applying them you can then go on to matched bet frequently with little time investment.


Matched betting stands out for its strategic and calculated approach, offering participants a risk-free avenue to generate consistent profits by covering all possible outcomes of a sporting event.


The utilisation of free bets and promotions from bookmakers further enhance its appeal, allowing individuals to boost their bankrolls without assuming personal financial risk. All of these reasons and more make matched betting, in our eyes, the better option when it comes to methods of sports betting.

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