Why Did Opera Acquire Yoyo Games?

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In the tech world, it’s no surprise that Opera, one of the largest web browsers, has decided to acquire Yoyo Games, an independent game development platform. This deal has been lauded by many as a smart move, as it gives Opera access to a wide array of gaming possibilities as well as extending its reach into new revenue streams.

Let’s take a closer look at why this acquisition was made and how it will benefit both Opera and Yoyo Games:

Opera Acquires Yoyo Games

Opera Ltd is a computer software company based in Oslo, Norway, with operations in Asia and Europa. Founded in 1996, Opera is best known for their flagship product – the Opera web browser – available for multiple platforms on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. The company also develops other software including media players and email clients.

Yoyo Games is an independent video game developer and publisher based in Dundee, Scotland. It was founded in 2007 by Sandy Duncan and has become most well-known for its GameMaker Studio software, allowing anyone to create professional 2D video games with relative ease. Yoyo Games has produced a range of popular commercial games since then such as Groverunner Adventure Turtles and 10 Minute Tower Climb.

opera yoyo dec. yoytakahashiventurebeat games 10m

Nina (82)

In 2021, Opera acquired Yoyo Games to expand offerings focused on browser gaming technology. This acquisition is a significant advancement towards establishing Opera as one of the foremost technological companies offering interconnected products across multiple platforms dedicated to making gaming more accessible and enjoyable for consumers worldwide. This strategic move will allow users to access a wide selection of high-quality, tailored experiences regardless of the device they choose to play on while providing new opportunities for game developers, thanks to greater exposure across different channels.

Reasons for Acquisition

The acquisition of Yoyo Games is a major move by the Opera browser company. This acquisition provides them with a foothold in the gaming industry and the ability to use their browser to access unbranded and premium gaming content.

Let’s dive into the reasons why Opera decided to acquire Yoyo Games and what they plan to do with the acquisition:

Expansion of Opera’s Gaming Platform

In February 2019, browser maker Opera acquired the game-development platform Yoyo Games to boost their gaming platform. Opera’s gaming platform has been around since 2011 and is one of the oldest in the world. As a result of this acquisition, Opera was able to significantly expand their portfolio of games which now includes titles from Yoyo Games’ library, such as Castle Wars and GIMP.

Through this acquisition, Opera also gained access to several key technologies including Yoyo Games’ cloud-based game engine, GameMaker Studio 2. Opera also saw value in Yoyo Games for their strong network of developers and publishers using GameMaker Studio 2 for years.

With Yoyo Games’ extensive library of games and large developer community, there are now more opportunities for developers to create great titles that can be monetized through advertising on the Opera platform. Furthermore, through this acquisition Opera has now gained access to an experienced team that can help it accelerate its gaming development plans.

Overall, this acquisition is a strategic move for Opera as it boosts their gaming platform with new content and technology while bringing on board an experienced team that can help grow its user base through new games created with GameMaker Studio 2.

Yoyo Games’ Popularity and Expertise in Game Development

Yoyo Games, founded in 2007, is the publisher of the highly popular GameMaker software suite. This comprehensive game-development program is one of the few applications to make cross-platform games playable across different gaming systems. GameMaker is designed to provide everyone, from complete novices right up to experienced code masters, with the tools needed to create incredible gaming experiences quickly and easily.

The company also has an active and passionate community of game developers behind them. This energised group actively shares knowledge and best practices, which helps newer coders develop in their craft over time. Yoyo Games users have featured their games on all major store fronts, such as Steam, Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade Store and Play Store. Furthermore they have a solid database of tutorials and videos aimed at helping new users understand all aspects of game development with their software suite.

opera yoyo dec. yoytakahashiventurebeat games 10m

This combination of a powerful development platform and supportive community makes Yoyo Games an attractive acquisition target for Opera’s burgeoning gaming ambitions. Opera will now be able to leverage the expertise in game development that Yoyo Games offers and benefit from being able to access a large (and growing) base of customers who love making games with GameMaker.

Benefits of Acquisition

This past week, Opera announced its acquisition of Yoyo Games, a game development platform. This acquisition is highly beneficial to both companies, as it will create opportunities for innovation and growth in both the gaming and browser industries.

In this article, we will examine how the acquisition will improve both Opera and Yoyo Games and what benefits each side will receive:

Access to Yoyo Games’ Gaming Platform

Opera could access Yoyo Games’ gaming platform and industry expertise through this strategic acquisition. In addition, the team of veteran game developers from the Dundee, Scotland-based studio brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which will help accelerate the growth of Opera’s gaming business.

Yoyo Games’ platform has enabled browser-based game development for over 11 years. It consists of a highly successful game maker that is also integrated with images, video, animation, sound and special effects. This platform allows Opera to develop its games and build custom gaming solutions for third party companies who wish to create their titles utilising the vast features available within their Game Maker software.

The acquisition also grants Opera access to a range of existing mobile games developed by Yoyo Games that are available across all platforms. These games have enabled them to grow their user base rapidly in recent years and will now help diversify Opera’s gaming portfolio. This combination gives Opera incredible potential to provide customers with new experiences in both web-based and mobile games while continuing to improve its overall product offerings.

Opportunity for Cross-Promotion

The acquisition of Yoyo Games has opened up several opportunities for Opera and Yoyo Games to leverage each other’s platforms and technologies. The two companies can now take advantage of each other’s large customer base and user experience by providing platform-specific features and content, while simultaneously creating new services that appeal to a larger audience across both products.

Opera will leverage Yoyo Games’ talent in game development and its large existing game library, allowing the browser maker to expand its content offerings. It will also benefit from Yoyo Games’ suite of integrated tools for building games for the web without requiring coding or design experience, making it easier for more developers to create in-browser titles.

Yoyo Games will benefit from:

  • Increased visibility thanks to Opera’s pre installed customer base – the browser currently holds around 5% global market share – as well as
  • Access to low-level technological components available through Opera such as media streaming technologies, integrated search options, and support for specific web APIs.

This will allow the company to spread its products to new audiences, driving more users toward its games portfolio and subscription services.

Impact of Acquisition

The acquisition of Yoyo Games by Opera is an important development in the gaming market. Acquiring Yoyo Games, Opera is positioning itself as a major player in the gaming industry.

opera yoyo dec. yoytakahashiventurebeat games 10m

As a result, this acquisition will likely significantly impact the industry and its players.

In this article, we will explore the potential impacts of the acquisition:

Increased User Engagement

Opera’s acquisition of Yoyo Games is part of their plan to increase user engagement. Yoyo Games’ popular game development platform GameMaker Studio 2 is seen as a way for Opera to diversify from its existing browser business and provide more content for their users. The acquisition will also allow Opera to leverage user data from GameMaker Studio 2 to improve their browser experience and provide game developers with more tools and resources for creating experiences that are compatible with the Opera Browser.

The strategy behind the acquisition appears to be twofold. First, it allows Opera to appeal to current and potential users by providing them with a wealth of content beyond what they could expect from other browsers. Secondly, this move could make Opera headway into the growing mobile gaming market. By leveraging Yoyo Games’ expertise in game engine development, Opera could create an improved user experience that delivers quality games directly within their mobile browser or app store offerings.

By acquiring Yoyo Games, Opera can capitalise on the advantages associated with increased user engagement and enable a larger presence in an increasingly competitive market – all while better serving both existing and prospective customers.

Increased Revenue for Opera

One of the main reasons Opera acquired Yoyo Games is to increase its revenue. By buying out Yoyo Games, Opera gained access to the lucrative gaming industry, specifically the Sploder platform, which offers users the ability to create and publish video games without coding or programming skills. This platform generates significant advertising revenue for Yoyo Games and will now become a part of Opera’s portfolio. In addition, Sploder’s user base is expected to grow rapidly soon, giving Opera a valuable asset for monetization purposes.

Furthermore, this acquisition should add value for shareholders of both companies by helping them

  • diversify their portfolios
  • expand their customer base


The acquisition of Yoyo Games by Opera Software appears to be a move to expand its reach in the gaming space. While the company has made several strategic investments and partnerships over the years, acquiring Yoyo Games – which has a strong presence in the game development community – is a major step for Opera. With its existing browser, game engine and new acquisitions, Opera appears well-positioned to take advantage of the continued growth in web and mobile gaming.

Overall, this acquisition serves as yet another example of Opera’s commitment to diversifying its business while building an ecosystem that enables developers worldwide to build engaging experiences and reach their target audiences. Additionally, with Yoyo Games onboard, there is potential for even more innovative games on Opera’s platform shortly.

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