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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a total of 45 members of the Order of the Ancients to find and defeat. They are high-ranking enemies, some of whom hold high positions in England. You must find and defeat all 45 members of the Order of the Ancients in the game. If you want to know where to find them all, read the rest of this manual.

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A total of 45 members of the Order of Elders of the Confession of the Assassination of the Valhalla. These members are scattered throughout the map of England and it is up to you to find them and deal with them. Each member you film brings you closer to the last and most important member of the Ancient Earth Order.

Of the 45 people, 15 have been designated as fanatics, who roam and patrol certain wildlife areas in the area made available to them. They will attack you on sight and can be very difficult to win, even if you are at the required level of strength.

the location of the former Creed Valhalla assassins.

When you have defeated all members of the Order of Ancients of Days, you will clear the trophy of the Ancients of Days disorder with the Cape of Thor. You must choose to follow the Ancient Order of Days only during the game and after all major missions.

All diligent places in Valhalla Creed Assassina


Woden is near the center, he will probably patrol the streets on his horse, and once you have scanned him, he will be added to the Order of the Elders of Days. Go from the centre to the far west of the region and visit the verge areas.

Take a look around, and you’ll meet Woden here soon. As a zealot, Woden is a powerful enemy, and you should only fight him if you are at a similar level of power in the game.

Such as

To find hake in the Valhalla of Creed Assassin, you have to go to the Essex region in the game. You could see her walking on a horse, and when you get close to her you’ll see a white fanatic badge on the map.

Again a sailor, he has great strength and good fighting characteristics in both short and long distance battles. You have to make sure she’s trapped to defeat them.


Berktun in Creed Valhalla Assassina is located only in the Hamtunsayr region. As soon as you arrive in the area, scan everyone who rides a horse and see if there is a fanatic symbol on the map or not.

Also keep an eye on Wincestre’s surroundings, as this wandering enemy is known to travel a little further than the other characters.


Hrothgar faces superior fanatics and won’t wander around his territory much. All you have to do is come to Sussex and give a tour of the area. It is likely that as soon as you arrive, a fanatic symbol will appear indicating the exact location of the fan.

Beating Grottgar may be a little easier than the other Zealots, but make sure you get the medallion back after you confirm the murder.


In Ox Beneforscire you will find the Kudberkt street, there is no fixed place, because zealots like to explore their surroundings, and you can only be in the main street of Ox Beneforscire. It is advisable to scan every NPC you see with Vision Odin to confirm your identity.

Once you’ve found this fanatic in Ox Benefenefordscire, all you have to do is watch out for his attacks and defend yourself as best you can by avoiding all red rune attacks. This allows you to beat Cudberct easily and effortlessly in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.


Gorsus can also be found in Oxeneforscire, but he doesn’t sit on the horse, you’d rather see him walk. Like all fanatics, you’ll meet him on the main road in the region. Just be careful not to fight another Zeloot if you’re already leading him into battle.

This will only complicate your life and make it difficult to defeat the zealot. Take your time and defeat Horse effortlessly in the game.


Osgar can only be found on the streets of Lincolnsaire. There is no designated place, but you can just walk down the main street of Lincolnsaire and find Osgar. Since he’s on a horse, it can be a little difficult to find him.

Our best advice is to scan all the people you see driving and check if they are fanatical. When the symbol appears on the map, you know where your destination is and you can attack Osgar.

As a zealot, Osgar is probably very strong and dangerous, with many combinations of attacks, and to defeat him all you have to do is understand the plan of attack and confront one of your own people.


Kendall, like most other fanatics, will ride the main roads of Grantebridge. You can’t determine your exact location, except you have to scan the area to find it.

Kendall wanders the land of Grantebridgesair and, like other fanatics, is in itself the work of his defeat. Basically, you have to scan every NPC horse that runs on the main roads of Grantebridescire to find and eventually beat Kendall.


The main streets of Glowescestrescire are the best place to find Beorhtsige. He’ll be on horseback, and you’ll have to get close to his location to see him on a map. One of the best places to start watching is Thief’s Warren and then start from there.

As soon as the Zeloot icon appears on the map, make sure you are on the same level as Beorhtsige to beat him in the game. Every zealot brings new challenges, and in this he is no different from the others.

To find and overcome this zeal, you must check the areas near Gloucesstraier.

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When you’re in the Sauropauca, you should finally meet Valmaier in person. As a strong and powerful enemy he drives over the main roads of the Sciropesciere. It can usually be found near a raid on the Abbey of Venlocan.

We know he keeps wandering around and often doesn’t show up at all. When this happens to you, one of the easiest things you can do is wait for it to happen.

Fanatics have a predetermined route, and they will always follow the same route.


Cola is perhaps one of the strongest zealots defeated in the Walhalla of Creed Assassin, as it is one of the most destructive in melee battles. His attacks are strong and he moves only along the river from Eurishire to Lincolnshire.

All you have to do is wait by the river, and you’ll probably find coke there. Make sure you are well prepared and fully equipped with resources and ammunition. Cola is destructive over long distances, so make sure you’re not far away.

Once you’ve defeated the Colonel, you’ll need to pick a medallion from her and bring it back to Hytham for a new skill.


Both Kallin and Kola are in the Eurviscire region of the game. As a fanatic, Kallin likes to ride horses and travel from one point to another. It can be a little hard to find, so you have to use Odin’s vision and scan everyone who rides a horse.

If you see Cullin, attack first until he knows. It’ll help you get a few punches before he gets a chance to get his revenge.

Victory over Cullin may be a little tiring, but finding him is probably harder.


You will have to return to Granthenbridgeshire and look for the Zeloot on the main roads in the region. There is no fixed location where it will be, so it is best to use Raven and explore the area in advance.

Once you make contact with her, make sure you use your skills and resist her attacks. It is fast and unpredictable, which enhances the intensity of the battle.

That’s all you need to know, go to Eurviscire and find Eorforwine, wandering the main streets of the game.


Redwald is a fierce warrior and uses fire to his advantage. You can see him riding a horse near Ledecestrescire. One of the hardest and oldest games of the Zealots.

She’ll use mines, spears and everything in her arsenal to kill you. Moreover, his shield is virtually impenetrable, and his abilities will certainly allow you to run for your money, no matter how much strength you have.

Finding Redwald can be easy, as you walk through the ruins near the town of Venonis, which you will see in Ledecestrescire.


Waffa is located in the East Anglia region of England. Like other fanatics, she will ride her horse and stay on the main road. Since the east of England is large, you have to start southeast of Grantebridge.

Like other Zealots, she will fight a great battle, but during the whole battle she will hardly change. Don’t forget to dodge, parry and occasionally step aside in case of an attack through the red rune.

Not much more than that to beat Waff at Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Once you have removed each of the controls from the Zeloot to find clues that can open up the possibilities of

After destroying all the zealots of the Valhalla Creed Assassin, you must turn your attention to the Order of the Ancients. Any person on this list must be made public by searching for clues.

All former colonies in Valhalla founded by the assassins

Havelock. (Billhook)

You must receive two instructions before you can determine Havelock’s location in the game. The first indication can be obtained by killing Eanbert, who is a member of the Order.

For a second clue, go to Aelfgarstun in Lincolnshire and find one of the barrel houses. All you have to do is activate Odin’s vision and find a suitable accommodation.

As soon as you get a second clue, you’ll know where Havelock is. He’s in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. You see it on your map and all you have to do is go inside and kill him on the spot.

Patrick (Anvil)

For the first clue you have to kill Leofif, he is another member of the order, and then you have to go to Oxenefordscire and find a church there. When you arrive at the church, take a look at the round square and look for an open forge.

Here’s a second clue, and if you combine them, you’ll see Patrick’s location, which is in Oxenefordscire, Oxeneforda. It is advisable to walk at night, because it will sleep and is easily killed.

Used Müsel (guided tour)

To get the first clue, you must find and kill a member of the zealous Horza. Then you must find and defeat the player from Orlog in Buckingham. Once you hit him, you know where Müzel is.

The third clue can be gathered in Oxenefordscire, there is a place called Eatun Barn, and here you have to find a wall with an X drawn on it.

Destroy this wall with a can of oil nearby and penetrate it. You have to walk all the way down until you see a rock blocking your path.

This will lead you to a remote room in the cave, where you will find the last clue. He’ll tell you Lathe’s in Buckingham, surprisingly just behind where you met Orlog. Find him and prepare to remove him from the list.

Guns (shaft emissions)

For the first clue, we need to kill Waff. In her final moments, she’ll let you know where to find a second clue. For that, you have to go to the east of England.

After finding the fast point of movement, and at the bottom of the tower, you have to find 4 guards, on the left side of this tower is a wagon with a note in it. This is your second clue, and for the last clue, just enter it.

A third clue: You have to go to the southeast of the British Watch express train station. Search here for the coffin of wealth, and it’ll tell you exactly where to find Gilf.

To get to Gilfa, to go to the east of England and to protect the forest, the map will probably show the enemy camps. Here you’ll have to look for a place rich in equipment and next to it you’ll find Gilf, one of the soldiers.

This guide is still incomplete, as in addition to the Zealots there are a total of 30 Orders of the Ancients of Days. Come back soon, because we will soon add new information to this guide.

Although this document is complete, you should take a look at our quick guide with everything you need to know about the Valhalla Assassin Creed here on .

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