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As we all know, the PS5 is one of the most popular products, and every time the console goes online, it is constantly sold out. Let’s not even talk about the chances of finding it in a shop like GameStop. The easiest way to find PS5 online seems to be through third parties. Businesses like eBay have a fair amount of PS5s to sell if you’re willing to pay much more than the original selling price. But there is another kind of third party vendor, and if you think scalers are bad, then these vendors are the worst. I’m talking about the crooks.

There have been thugs since the beginning of human life. Even though people didn’t have an official language in the beginning, they knew how to communicate, and I assure you there were a handful of deceptive cavemen who probably did terrible things to get what they wanted. Things like selling weapons in exchange for food, except that these weapons were probably so badly made that they collapsed when the hunter needed them most. You can imagine how that could happen.

Avoiding PS5 Scams Unfortunately, cheating is something that will probably never disappear, and PS5 is no exception. So, where are these frauds and how do they happen? With a handful of different currency requests online, it’s actually easier than ever for fraudsters to do business. Let’s start with social media. When you enter the Facebook market, you are likely to find a PS5 console for sale somewhere. Not on your playground, but are they at work? I’m not saying anyone is trying to steal from you online, but chances are that if you use an application like Cell or even PayPal to transfer money to a seller, they might close their account or block you from getting a PS5 and paying a refund.

Many scams can also be found on websites such as Craigslist. I know it’s no surprise to some people, but it still happens every day. You come across an advertisement that the buyer wants to send you and convince you that you have to pay in advance because you might not pay at the time of the order, etc. Frankly, these crooks will find a way to make you feel unfair if you’re not willing to pay upfront. Even if you suspect they are crooks, they will try to convince you or pretend it doesn’t matter if you don’t buy from them because it is still a PS5 and will sell quickly. They want you to think that, but it is absolutely preferable that you buy from a reputable source, even if that means you have to wait longer.

I know you don’t want to hear the sentence above, but it’s a fact. I would even go so far as to tell you that it’s better to spend $1,000 (USD) on a scalper on eBay than to try to make a private online sale. Even a private meeting is risky for both parties. At the very least, if you spend extra money on eBay, you either get a refund if something goes wrong, or you get the console. Why is eBay better than cheaper private sales? Because you pay a crook for a PS5 and he keeps your money (say $600), well, you don’t have $600 left and you can’t give it back. So, if you buy a real PS5, you lose another $500, and now you have more than $1,100 in taxes, etc..

People are literally being robbed of their money and the worst thing is that these crooks come from different places. You can go to Instagram and find PS5 for sale. The seller has a lot of positive reviews, all comments on his posts claim that the seller is legitimate, so you think there is a good chance that this person is doing the right thing for you. Unfortunately, some vendors who were once legal have now gone to the dark side, and this is most likely a defense against the financial losses caused by the Covida 19 pandemic. But that’s no excuse, I’m just saying the real colors might have started to shine. Not only are there good sellers, but there are also sellers who actually create hundreds of fake accounts and use them to make themselves credible. It’s endless, I tell you!

Avoiding PS5 Scams That’s why it’s traditionally dangerous to buy something online from someone you don’t even know. They’re not all idiots, but crooks are superior to honest people in these circumstances. Moreover, it is very risky when and where to buy a PS5 from someone on the internet. This man is waiting to give you money. They expect to have PS5. They can bring you a can of PS5 cat food, or who knows, they might be planning to steal you with a gun/knife, and then it will be something completely different! It’s just not worth the risk.

If you intend to buy a PS5 from an unknown third party, I advise you to buy it directly from me. Just send me an email asking me to buy the PS5 and I’ll ask you to send $450-550 (USD – the total cost depends on the model you want) to my mobile phone bill or transfer it to me, whichever suits you best, and I’ll send the console directly to your home. You have to pay me in advance so I can get my money back, but I’m sure you understand. Unfortunately for you, I’m lying and I’ll keep your money and your PS5 for myself since you bought it for me. Thank you for this gift. It was very naive of you.

See where I’m going with this? Just believe that the best and safest option is to wait until you can buy from a licensed trader, or to limit losses and spend more money with an eBay Meter (or similar company) if it matters so much to you. Now I understand perfectly why anyone would want something like that, but if we get that excitement of something, we can easily ignore the red flags of the crooks and let the euphoria of buying a PS5 cloud our judgment. I hope you can get a PS5 when you come on the market, but more than that, I hope you won’t be cheated or stolen.

Thanks for reading and be safe! As always, I’ll see you on the Internet!

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