Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Denmark is pretty good at Torghast and shouldn’t have too much trouble getting through all the levels. DK has no special build, though he is up to something that requires a beating from the boss, but any DK copy should be able to deal with a normal Torghast if built correctly.

What about the winding corridors? Frost of Unholy can go up to level 5 with the right equipment, but it really depends on how lucky you are with certain powers and bosses. Once you start working at level 6+, boss damage becomes an issue and getting a shot becomes a real problem. For this reason, blood is preferred for climbing the highest levels of winding corridors. They have the health, damage control, talents and CDs to easily prevent their abduction.

A few rules to make life easier for you at Torgast.

  • You can do it without the garbage. Some packages are simply cruel, and it’s perfectly normal to leave them behind.
  • The CC is working on the patterns, so take advantage of it.
  • Creating synergies. You want health, damage and upkeep with the bosses in mind, because it’s going to be a wall. If you end up with a health of 500k, but without any damage, you will still have a bad time.
  • Take your time. With the powers (even on the upper floors and levels) you can reach a point where you can shoot and separate large swarms, but don’t be afraid to take swarms at once.
  • The Torghast updates for Ve’nari are useful for giving you more chances to get good powers.

The purpose of this guide is to help you complete Level 8 Twisted Corridors and

sweet, sweet bonding. These are the structures and forces that can lead you to success. They are classified as Twisted Corridors and Bloody DC and have no legendary capabilities, but there are enhancements for other specifications.

Special mention:

-Driver’s call: For regular traders and meandering jobs at level 4 and below, this is level S. The drivers will drive you to the apartment and receive the AMZ upgrade. On levels ~5 and 6+ with winding corridors, the patterns and debris will wear them down. They end up being a bit of a trap because half of the 12/18 bosses shoot them 2 or 3 times and then turn on you, so you have to build to keep yourself. Even in the fifth grade. On the ground, you can watch some bosses make their way through 4 riders and then start fighting.

-Great Cinderella: We must choose Scoldus Hall. It’s worth bringing a box of Ravenous Anima from the merchant earlier in case you encounter this event while racing through the Twisting Corridors.

-Elephant weight : That’s fine, but losing the jump can be a handicap in some situations. Some chains can be very uncomfortable, so ask yourself if you should use them. If you’re afraid of getting into an uncomfortable position, go around the edge to see if you can get up. In most cases you can save it, even if it doesn’t appear, you can.

-Purgatory: Thanks to this talent, Runa of purity and the blood elixir of life
DK get many more lives with which they can climb the tower.

Defying death: When/if this power works, it makes you bulletproof in one hit and truly impenetrable to bosses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always seem to work. Additional criteria/information may not be present or audible on the earpiece.

Level S :

Mooseavera’s goal: This show is simply absurd. As you pile on more creatures, as you climb, and it ends up being constant football. Even a single stack will do the most damage, and multiple stacks will melt everything, even at the highest level of level 8.

-Mysterical herbs: A major health benefit for you (and the fyi hunter) and a great power to collect. If you get it late in a normal Torghast, you can ignore it because you can’t stack it, but in Twisting Corridors it’s practically a 100% health guarantee.

Hunger Stone : Your coup de grâce is now cured as a percentage of your maximum health in 5 seconds. It’s no joke you need a 30% cure when you have 400k health.

Gradual decline : Their death and decomposition reduces the damage from 10% per battery to 30%. Huge on the upper floors and acts as another private. Like blood, he continues to ride Crimson Scorch.

Level A :

-The Testament of Anima’s Powers: The rare powers of Necrolord and Venter are strong and worthwhile. I can’t speak for the other two pacts, but they seem solid.

-Venom of destruction: This performance seems unremarkable, but it fits well with everything. The heal bonus can offset Elethium’s powers by giving you a heal penalty, and the extra damage done by the creatures is significant, especially with the percentage increase in damage capabilities.

-Hematoma Bat: On the upper floors, a dump like a truck and one less hit can make a big difference. Check one with this power and watch your new friend remove packages for you. It’s a simple grip and forget about preparing the winding corridors. For the average merchant, it’s not that useful.

Compulsory insurance : Better health means it’s harder to take a shot. Good performance that you can find regularly at the supplier.

Runa Hunter: The 8 runes are easily accessible, and many of them, like the Blood Rune
, are incredibly powerful. It’s always worth picking up when you see it.

An unstoppable knife: This power is fantastic for blood, and you can get the Rune Dance Weapon to a 20 second CD. It’s good for Frost, but less useful for Unholy.

Level B :

Deadly grass: This ability allows you to reach insane rush levels, and it can be useful to pick it up when it’s available. Unscrupulous people get more mileage by working as another companyscd in a hurry.

-Pulling power : Snog down is a pretty powerful CC. You can create silly situations by clinging to the Power Maw board and the CC Group channel. In general, it makes your grip a way to fix things, especially when combined with the Drake Breath Building.

Bone Growth Juice : Turns your CD-ROM into a CD+. It’s great that you picked up the phone.

Blytestone: This and other damage increases with

Plaguebringer and
Super Strain are worth grabbing, but it often feels like they only help keep up with basic skills.

-The studio’s getting bigger and bigger: More skills, criticism, excitement and versatility are always welcome.

Fucking leech: There’s no reason to mock passive percent healing when you have the opportunity to submit health updates. 2. Simply and easily folds into 3.

-Forces of ethylene : A bonus with a 25% penalty for something else and healing. You can take one and possibly two with enough Obleron poison, but be careful. Some sanctions, such as. B. Aggravated or punitive damages, may result in their not competing.

Level C :

-Blood poker: Useful for blood and frostbite, as your pet now has a 100% power and sacrifice pact with a 25-second efficient CD. Chances are you have enough support that you don’t need it. Not good for bad guys who really need to hurt their pets.

-living arms: Many of Torgast’s enemies have no weapons, which limits the usefulness of this power. You won’t miss it if you don’t take it.

-Durkriever Lens/Division: Ward is more useful because it reduces enchantment by another 10%, and both can be extremely powerful in some situations. But your other survival options are always better, as some bosses and scum don’t do magic damage, which limits the use of these powers.

  • Chains for ice construction:
  • Chains of misery: It binds the enemies for total damage. To be useful, you need unbreakable barriers, otherwise you will have to use spam chains. Frankly, DC thrives on grief and shouldn’t need this building.
  • Broken handcuffs: Pretty good on your own, without chains, because you end up with a long doe, slowly. Useful, but you won’t miss it if you don’t get it. Cold Frosty Heart can do much more.

The animal, the rest:

-phenomena: At first glance, this seems like a pretty usable force. It works on the bosses and for 3 seconds, you suffer no damage. The number of times I had the fear of the enemy right before Mind Freeze, forcing me to take a full CD, is too much, if not too much.

-The collapsing aegis: It can be useful in certain situations and help you overcome certain difficulties, but you still need to improve your survival skills. Remember, you can keep it without choosing power as long as you need immunity if that is your only choice of power.

-Occult transmitter: Sounds good, but I wouldn’t miss it if I didn’t take it.

-Molten dust: This power and others like it are worth seizing if there is no other choice, but they don’t do much damage. You’re safe now.

-A charging balloon: Denmark has better stamina than that, and there is no point in accepting it.

-Blood food: This may make it easier for some floors and levels, but it won’t help you with patterns that manage real walls.

Cleaner Flames : Death’s Pools shouldn’t be a problem, and Dirt hits much harder than Pools, and is best held by the Anima Raven cell for tormentor fire. If you have a cage that covers the top 6 floors, feel free to pick it up to help you out.

Concluding remarks

Don’t be afraid to reload if the race is on the 12th. The ground is collapsing. With DK blood, this is not a problem, but you can get help with composites and additional equipment if needed. Good luck and good climbing.

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