Turmoil Review – It is an oil boom of the 19th century, and you could start a small oil drill on a small piece of land. The problem is that you will be competing with many others for the biggest oil spills and the prosperity that comes with them. Do you have what it takes to be a real oil baron, or are you going to dry up? There’s only one way to find out: Play unrest at the counter!

Turmoil is a random oil drilling simulator that, if all goes well, can take you from dishwasher to millionaire. To start the game, you must choose one of the many miners and quickly get your first piece of land to try to get rich. As the game progresses, you’ll work in a fantastic way to set up the main mechanisms of the game and gradually introduce new upgrades and new shops in the chess order, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed by new information.

The first thing you have to do when drilling an oil well is to place a dowser, which helps you to locate a possible underground oil well with its reliable ground rod. Then it’s time to buy the oil well and start drilling. Drilling into the unknown is like playing Dig Dug, and by laying your pipelines underground you hope that your disadvantage was real and that you hit the oil. Moving a pipe requires a simple point-and-click and you will see that the more pipes you use, the more dynamic the cost will be. As soon as you touch the oil, it will start to leak, which means it’s time to start shipping and selling the oil!

Buying a horse-drawn carriage is the next order with the oil tank if the prices are not that high. One of the clever little winks you’ll find in this game is that the companies interested in your oil are known as right Inc. and left Inc. which are connected on both sides of the screen where you’re going to deliver your oil. This is a relatively simple game cycle in which you hunt and dig, drill and sink into one of the underground procedural oil wells and then sell it for a good price to the highest bidder. The more money you receive after you spend it, the better you will be able to improve your overall performance in the meta-aspect of the game.–.jpg

As I said before, over time you will become acquainted with the extra buildings. The people who move to your small town will offer you quality new equipment, upgrades and even interesting information. This multi-level purchasing system turned out to be more reliable than I expected and really improved the game’s reproducibility. Not only was I able to purchase upgrades (e.g. larger pipelines and faster start-ups), but I was also able to set minimum selling prices with the company at a premium to initial costs, which often resulted in significantly higher profits when I reached the wells. It is this evolutionary element of the city and my society that has certainly created a good flow of the game and prevents it from repeating itself too much.

If you expand and improve your drilling activities, your main goal is to compete with other citizens in their activities and also to try to become mayor. At the beginning of each year you bet on the land, and the land has a certain value because of the oil, so you can expect to go to war often for a place with a high premium. At the end of each year, your profits are distributed to your competitors. You will then return to the city with your profit (or loss) and work until the next year to purchase new updates or drums. It’s impressive that the overall gameplay is very intuitive and relaxed, and the game also works very well on the go because it supports both the touch screen and the controller.–.jpg

In addition to the basic campaign, the game also includes a single-player mode that effectively looks like a micro-race for the most money in a year and is a fun and quick distraction. The stock also includes a DLC stock called Heat On, which offers a reasonable amount of new content and will definitely encourage you to continue drilling for this fine crude oil!

Although Turmoil certainly adds a certain amount of charm and depth to this style of mini-simulator, I hoped that real mining gameplay would offer more challenges, obstacles and variations. It just wasn’t enough to get to the finish line where I could recommend it to any player. But if the premise fascinates you, it should kill you for a while.

Overview of Turbulence

  • Graphs – 6/10
  • Sound – 6.5/10
  • The course of the game – 7.5/10
  • Late appeal – 6/10


Final remarks : EXPLANATION

Turmoil is actually a very charming game, with a soothing soundtrack and a really pure 2D artistic style. The gameplay is relaxed but exciting, and I’ve never felt overwhelmed by any aspect of the simulator controls. It was a nice time for me to jump and drill for black gold in 1899.–.jpg

Alex has been actively involved in games since the release of Nintendo. After turning his hobby into a profession, he spent just over ten years developing games and is now creative director of the studio.

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