Top 10 Best Halberds in Dark Souls 3 (And How To Get Them) –

While there are many ways to keep your distance in the world of Dark Souls 3, few are as much fun as an enigmatic halberd.

Lavshilda spears and axes, halberds offer a variety of sweeping and kicking moves that will keep your enemies on their toes – and you’ll be out of danger.

But what’s best for you?

Come with me to discover the best halberds on DS3!

10. Halberd

Single Halberd in DS3


The Halberd comes with a power requirement of 16, which is high enough to know when you can catch it.

Those who earn the necessary skill points are rewarded with an impressive starting weapon, an athletic weapon for the long distance and the ability to possess a hyper weapon that can put most enemies on the run.

Where’d you get that? Sold to the young girl of the sanctuary at the beginning of the game or release giant soldiers who themselves have weapons on the high walls of Lorraine.

9. Ice cream

Firearms in DS3

The enamel, which in the last two Dark Souls installations is regarded as a braid, shows a good increase in damage compared to the standard halberd, at a price that fluctuates a little.

His imaginative mastery of bow weapons is perfect for fighting hordes of enemies. And it integrates perfectly with the rest of his movement.

Where’d you get that? You can buy from Greyrat after his first trip to the Firelink Sanctuary.

8. Reeds for firebox

Sacrifice of the Fire Reed - Dark Souls III

The very interesting half burner/partial burner fusion (and partial burner!), the burner lining has some of the longest strokes.

And he exchanges his heavy attack for the opportunity to practise his chosen magic.

Despite his name, he can’t throw arsonists.

But this incredibly unique weapon will leave a trail of fire that will follow your enemies!

With a large intelligence zoom and a surprisingly high spell for your spells, this halberd can be very entertaining to experiment with hybrid movements.

Where’d you get that? Drops of fallen fire witches with the same weapons in Iritilla.

7. Winged Knight HALBERD

The winged knight half in DS3.

The crushing winged knight with halberry wings, which needs a high strength of 26, has high damage and a large range.

But it’s not as catchy or funny as some of the other entries on this list.

However, if you are looking for a minimum-max body size, good power scaling and a consistent DPS, then this halberd is an easy candidate.

Where’d you get that? An unusual fall of the winged knights who own it, which can be found in different parts of the game – the oldest is the high wall of Lorraine.

6. Suspended red halberd

Overhang of the red halberd in DS3.

Very similar to the above mentioned halberd, it has a chic red handle and an extremely powerful Stamina Weapon skill that gives you an unwavering balance and reduces damage for short periods of time.

With the same amount of damage and higher damage than the standard halberd, the red halberd can be considered a direct improvement for people who do not want their weapons to force them to charge their enemies like crazy.

Where’d you get that? Pick him up in the sewers of the Undead village on the way to Irina’s liberation.

5. Lucerne

Lucerne - Dark souls 3 halberds

Absolute classics.

Lucerne has a large radius, a fatal blow and fantastic damage caused by floods and sewer back-ups.

In addition, alfalfa always shows tensile damage. And combined with a lion ring, it can definitely destroy other players in PvP if your swing is positioned correctly.

Where’d you get that? It is located to the right of the fighter’s entrance, at the end of the high wall of the Lotrika district.

4. Dark Knight Belief

Black Knightslave on DS3

The terrible Dark Knight Glyve has made a terrible move.

Its vibrations, heavy and deep, are surprisingly fast. And they leave a few holes for your enemies.

It is also the same skill of a long-range weapon as standard enamel. It even has the pleasant taste of 20% more damage for demonic enemies!

Where’d you get that? Hidden in the arena of Master Gandir’s boss, in endless graves.

3. Gandhir Galberd

Halberd Gandhira in the Dark Souls 3.

One of the highest level melee weapons in the game is Gandhiras Halberd, a force that will keep your opponents informed. How?

With its powerful and heavy movements.

His weapon skills are standard steroid-based halberds, which force you to be careful and fearlessly attack your opponents with a powerful attack, unlike the boss behind the weapon.

Where’d you get that? Soul transplant with the soul of champion Gandhira.

2. Crucifixion of the Mad King

The crucifixion of the Mad King in DS3.

At the top of the list because of its uniqueness, to put it mildly.

The crucifixion is a really weird weapon in the encircled city DLC, which is a screaming corpse attached to a cruciform spear.

She’s causing quite a bit of dark damage, as you can imagine. This means it’s easy to modulate with intelligence and confidence, in addition to the robust Class C scale. It can even be polished, which is rarely the case with shiny titanium weapons.

What’s odd is that it’s still your weaponry you want to smash the head of some lousy skeleton… …and after a major attack, it causes an AES explosion, a persistence type or a dark sphere that explodes after a certain amount of time.

Where’d you get that? Defeat the furious Shira invader in the landscape of the Eshan Desert at the end of the DLC outskirts.

1. Split elevator Big word

The word Splitlife puzzle in DS3

Despite its somewhat confusing name, the word big sword is actually a halberd.

And what a halberd.

Not only can it be saturated and polished, but it also has an incredibly powerful kick.

And the heliborne combined weapon mode offers so many possibilities that you might even have to watch the tutorials on YouTube to learn how to use it fully.

The large double-edged sword, a weapon of great skill and one of the most common halberds in the PvP scene, is undoubtedly one of the best halberds there is.

Where’d you get that? Bought by a stone witch in a pile of goats, just at the beginning of the encircled city DLC.

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