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The game: Toolboy
Genre : Platformer System, Action, Puzzle
: Nintendo Switch (also for PC)
Developer|Publisher : Majestic Twelve | Studio Art Games
Age Rating : EU 7+ | USA All prices
: UK £11.29 | EU €12.49 | USA $12.49 Release Date
: 22. October 2020

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Production of robots

Toolboy is a puzzle game on a 2D platform, where you play like a little robot who has to work on the weekend (I think we all know that feeling). But the little robot soon realises that the bosses of the company are not up to the task. In terms of sound and design, the game is reminiscent of games like Abes Odyssey, which dates back to the old PlayStation. The problem is that this design may not work for all actors today.

Weekends, right?

Glossy metal world

Graphically I liked Toolboy’s style, which is well displayed in TV and portable mode. The game environment is represented in 3D models, and the whole world seems vivid and mechanical with all that metallic shine, including your main character. If you drive in 2D, you will see machines running in the background, accompanied by various industrial sounds, noises and arrows. While Toolboy takes care of the design and graphics, the gameplay unfortunately soon becomes a problem.

A beautiful mechanical world

Left alone

When I started playing Toolboy, I approached the robot and told him to stop, then a clue appeared with the Y Button, and I assumed he would continue the dialogue. Instead of pressing Y, I actually skipped the dialogue where the robot tells me to follow the blue zone behind him. So, before I continued with the game, I died a number of times until I finally discovered an additional dialogue and passed it on. That’s not a good start.

The toolboy gives very few management instructions and expects the player to fill in the gaps himself. Sometimes you stop at a computer terminal where you have to solve a few puzzles, but the game gives you short instructions on which keys to use or even what to do on the terminal in question. It’s like a gambling game that, according to a developer, would work well if the instructions were on the controls of the game, but they’re not even available in the options menu.

We don’t always know how to solve puzzles on terminals.

I hear it’s a small robot.

Ironically, management is robotic. The jumps are awkward and the steering is not smooth, making it very difficult to jump from parts of the platform. If you’re hit once, you die, which will happen again and again. Luckily the checkpoints are not too far away, so you can start the sections again. But this river doesn’t look nice. I usually moved from one section to another before finally hitting the wall, to avoid disappointment.

You are always faced with new puzzles

Finally, I wanted to focus on a few positive points. I really liked what the toolbox was supposed to achieve. In the course of the game you will discover new skills to solve different puzzles. The game constantly throws you new puzzles to test your brain and keep things new and refreshing. Unfortunately for me it was more of a test of patience.

I don’t understand why the robot has an air knife.

Lightweight screws

Toolboy looks very good, with a graphically interesting mechanical world. But when it comes to the game, I spend more time worrying about awkward commands. In its current state I can’t recommend Toolboy, but with a little polishing it could be a real robot jewel. In the meantime, you must proceed with caution.

Phrase: I don’t know,.

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