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This list is not complete, and it is in no way an “ultimate list” of all games. It is a list of games that I have played, enjoyed, and think I will go back to on a regular basis. The list is based purely on my own personal opinion, so if you disagree, that’s cool. Many of these games are free, while others can be purchased. There are usually many more games that could’ve made the list, but I tried to make it as diverse as possible.

The Ultimate List – is a weekly post on my blog that lists my top ten gaming related things in the past week.

I play a lot of games. A lot. And I’ve been playing a lot of games for a long time now. I love playing games. But I don’t think I love playing games as much as I love writing about them. Not the writing, although that’s great too. But the games. This week I wanted to do something a little bit different. I wanted to do something that would be really fun for me to sit down and write about. So I decided to put together something I’ve wanted to make for a while (but never had the time to do).. Read more about ultimate list danganronpa and let us know what you think.Along with Slice of Life, Iyashikei is definitely one of my favorite anime genres. But what exactly is an Iyashikei anime?

In other words, it’s a therapeutic show for the soul.

Shows like this are designed to soothe your senses and comfort you emotionally.

Iyashikei’s pieces have elements of comedy, drama, romance and adventure to varying degrees, but all have an atmosphere that evokes calm and understanding of the slow, everyday aspects of life. And even nostalgia and the desire for self-reflection.

Of course, everyone reacts differently to what they see.

So while some may feel that an anime is too energetic or comical to be an iyashikei, others will say that it has enough atmospheric moments and manages to relax their jaded souls.

With that said, let’s move on to my picks for the best iyashikei anime series that helped me fall asleep peacefully and find calm in times of stress and anxiety.

25. Konohana Kitan

Released in 2017, Lerche’s Konohana Kitan is another anime in the Shainen genre that strikes a good balance between comedic antics and charming attitudes.

And how not to relax?

This series tells the story of an eager young fox who has just started working at a traditional inn with hot springs, and the action takes place in a world populated by ghosts. It’s an interesting combination of Japanese culture and fantasy elements.

And not only do you have a funny yuzu, you have a very cute yuzu.

In Konohanatei Tavern, you have other fox girls like Satsuki and Sakura to guide you through the inn, as they all make wonderful connections with the customers and know everyone’s story (and solve problems).

24. Barakamon

Summer 2014 is one of my favorite seasons.

It was filled with interesting and beautiful performances – and Barakamon slowly but surely captured many hearts.

Produced by Kinema Citrus (Made in the Abyss), this comedy is about Sei Handa, who is forced to face himself and improve his calligraphy skills after he beats up the director of an art gallery.

And his new location makes him a reliable Iyashikei.

The Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, with their breathtaking blue skies, the soothing sound of the sea and their inhabitants, especially the lovely freshman Naru Kotoishi, help Sei and the audience unwind and rethink their priorities in life.

23. Poco’s Udon World

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari is such a fun series.

As in the best real-life series, it’s a senator who understands what goes on in the minds of young adults (especially men).

As in the case of Barakamon, the person with high blood pressure here leaves his present abode and goes to a quieter place.

The difference, however, is that Souta Tawara, 30, finds his hometown boring – and he only returned because he had to clean his family’s house.

But then, in his family’s abandoned udon restaurant, he discovers a boy who turns out to be a tanuki, a mysterious creature with fluffy ears and a tail.

Instead of ignoring him, Souta decides to call him Poco and offer him shelter and food.

Thus begins his daily life with Poco, which leads him to reconsider his past, his boring hometown, and his perception of his father.

22. Bunny Drop

Fortunately, I’m only talking about the anime, not the source material.

If you love the series, don’t read the manga – because it takes a very questionable turn and ruins the excitement of the anime.

It is the Iyashikei who is the Josei, not the Sain.

So it’s mainly aimed at young adult women.

As in Poco’s Udon World, the main character here is a 30-year-old man who meets a child. The child is not a tanuki, but a normal human being, but no one wants to take care of him because he is illegitimate.

Rin Kaga’s cold-hearted attitude leads Daikichi Kawachi to take her in.

Soon enough, the viewer understands their fully realized personalities and can see a mature anime.

And it’s an adult film, not in the sense that it’s cruel or inappropriate (because it’s not), but because it explores the parent-child relationship and family expectations with such grace and realism.

21. Kamichu!

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is one of the shortest Iyashikei.

With two 30-minute OVAs and another two-part OVA sequel (Yokohama Shopping Journal: Quiet Country Cafe), this could be considered a full-length animated film.

You can’t go wrong with this sadly forgotten series.

This is not only a Shainen anime, but also a science fiction story created by frequent award-winning mangaka Hitoshi Ashinano.

Humanity suffered a catastrophic event and Japan was left in a terrible state.

In the remains of Yokohama lives Alpha Hatsuseno, an android who works in a café and waits patiently for the café owner to return.

Then she receives a camera, apparently sent by her host.

With this camera she tries to capture the beauty of the world – or at least what is left of it.

This is a fascinating FVO with an appropriately slow pace, offering the opportunity to appreciate what life has to offer, however fleeting.

19. Restaurant in another world

Isekai Shokudou just got confirmation of a second season for early 2021, and I’m all for it – I didn’t like this world at all at first.

As the episodes progressed, I felt the magic of an Isekai adaptation that didn’t rely on big budget action and self-sufficient protagonists.

Instead, Restaurant to Another World features typical fantasy creatures eating people.

When you see an elf, a mage or a reptile warrior expressing joy at his first bite of Japanese or Western food, you also remember to appreciate the simple things.

Moreover, the characters have their own gastronomic preferences.

And while some argue about which appetizer or drink is best, in the end, everyone comes to this restaurant every Saturday to enjoy their favorite rare dish.

Silver Link did a great job with the backgrounds and tools. I can’t get enough of a certain piano piece, so much so that I sometimes listen to a version of it over and over again.

18. Interviews with the Monster Girls

In 2017, A-1 Pictures released the Blue Exorcist sequel, Saekano’s harem and the loli romcom Eromanga Sensei.

But this year, the studio didn’t just adapt depraved shonen and anime – there was Demi-chan wa Kataritai.

Many people will be surprised that I think it’s a yasikei, especially when they look at the general information about it.

It’s a high school comedy in which a hilarious blonde vampire and a bespectacled succubus try not to cause a stir among male students and teachers.

But the show doesn’t treat these non-human personalities as gimmicks.

They are not marginalized, and the male MC treats them with the attention and respect they deserve by questioning and interacting with them every day at school.

17. The sound of the sky

Wait, how is a military show supposed to help you relax?

See, that’s the beauty of So Ra No Wo To.

This is not your usual show, full of adrenaline and conflict.

The show is different from the start:

The main character is a 15-year-old girl named Kanata Sorami. She doesn’t dream of killing enemies with her gun or glorifying war.

Instead, Kanta wants to learn to play horn, a brass instrument traditionally associated with the military. It was used to signal the beginning of daily life, to pass on orders and to pay tribute to a fallen comrade.

Moreover, the environment itself sometimes seems serene – but this is often accompanied by a sense of gloom.

Kanata and the rest of the Swiss 1121st platoon are in Seiza, a beautiful realistic old town to which the obsolete elements give more identity.

While the region around them sinks deeper and deeper into discord, the people of Seiza cling to their traditions for as long as they can breathe.

Finally, Sound of Heaven has a beautiful and unique soundtrack that elevates it above most animated series, including a heartbreaking cover of Amazing Grace.

16. Dragon Girl by Kobayashi

Kobayashi Chi no Maid Dragon must not be as good as him.

The source material for the manga is much more depraved.

But that’s the Kyoto animation for you.

You can find (and create) emotional moments in the most unlikely places.

Yes, their adaptation still features a dragon lady with an incredibly large set of breasts (and they’re planning another one in the second season). But the anime is also full of tender moments.

One of the first scenes shows a puzzled Tooru, who smiles and notices the subtlety with which Kobayashi expresses his concern, though he often looks annoyed.

Similarly, Kanna Kamui is a great source of beneficial Iyashikei.

She may be a dragon, but in the human world she’s more of an innocent, curious girl – and she could very well be Kobayashi’s adopted daughter.

15. Sweets and éclairs

Along with Poco’s Udon World and Bunny Drop, Amaama to Inazuma completes an unofficial trilogy of anime series about men learning how to be a good father to a child, whether they are parents or not.

But while the other two series are about a single adult man, this series is about a man whose wife has died, leaving him alone to care for their young daughter.

So the series has a solid emotional foundation.

But despite this tragic story, Kouhei Inuzuka and his little daughter Tsumugi will make you smile – and even hungry.

Viewers humorously say that Sweet and Lightning is actually a cooking show.

And that’s what makes it so attractive.

Kouhei dreams of being a better father to Tsumuga, especially in the area of cooking.

Thanks to his student Kotori (his family owns a restaurant), he has learned to prepare delicious meals and together they learn the simple pleasures of eating together.

14. Super Cub

I was already interested in Super Cub when I saw the visual teaser.

But the first episode proved that this was an entertaining and heartwarming series about life:

The first scene perfectly captures the feeling of an early morning, when the world is still asleep, there are hardly any cars on the road, the sun has not yet risen and it is still very cold.

The audience will then enter Koguma’s room.

She looks sleepy and gloomy. His morning routine lacks energy, and the anime reinforces this feeling by choosing a muted color palette and using no background music.

As if these signs were not enough, the MC expresses his dissatisfaction with life by greeting the morning sun with a deep sigh.

Then she decides to buy a second-hand motorcycle.

With his Honda Super Cub, Koguma’s world gets bigger and a little lighter. She still has her dark moments (like everyone else), but this time she finally has something that makes her smile and want to wake up.

Super Cub is essentially a relaxing show, from the visuals to the music (he loves classical piano) to the main character, and I hope you enjoy this peaceful journey.

13. Tanaka-kun is always alcohol-free

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is my favorite series of Spring 2016, and this season it was Re:Zero and My Hero Academia.

As the title suggests, it is the story of a man named Tanaka who always seems to be uninterested in life.

If there’s one thing he loves, it’s sleeping.

Tanaka will not prevail.

He naps as long as he can, so his friend Oota often accidentally brings him back to class.

And if you have an MC like that, how can this show not be relaxing?

Of course there are bits of (excellent) screwball comedy. But Silver Link made him stand out.

The anime still has a warm tone and appropriate dreamy mood, and the character designs and backgrounds are bright.

I sincerely hope there will be a second season.

12. Hakumei and Mikochi

Sometimes called Tiny Life in the Woods, Hakumei to Mikochi is a 12-episode television series released in 2018.

The director is, of course, Masaomi Andou. But this is a far cry from the gripping romantic dramas of high school Scum’s Wish and White Album 2.

Starting with a detailed and realistic visual teaser, Hakumei and Mikochi immediately invites you into a small world with a big heart.

In each episode you follow two little women in their daily lives.

Sometimes they are busy working, exploring the neighborhood or visiting the market.

They usually make new friends.

And while some series of this type feel like ideas for episodes are randomly generated, Hakumei and Mikochi offers a complex and beautifully designed world that feels like something out of a fairy tale.

11. Tamayura

Tamayura is the creation of a man with a feel for the genre.

Satou Junichi was the director of Aria, but for this series he took on several key roles including directing, composing the series and even designing the sound.

As for the Yokohama Shopping Log, Tamayura shows a girl with a passion for photography.

But even though it was only an OVA, Tamayura only started with four episodes – it eventually became a two-season series and a four episode film series.

Then how did it take six years?

In fact, Tamayura’s individual strengths become even more powerful (or rather, very relaxing) when combined.

Art and music are always welcoming.

More importantly, the protagonists here develop satisfying and believable characters. Each of them enters into their struggles and their journey to adulthood with a pure heart, and I will always admire their drive.

Fuu Sawatari, a young girl who lost her father many years ago, is an extraordinary MC.

Overall, Tamayura will bring you comfort when you need it, and some episodes will even bring a few tears to your eyes.

10. Flying Witch

It’s nice that Flying Witch and Super Cub are on my list.

Both use a muted color palette and have a feminine MC with black hair and bangs.

Released in 2016, the JC Staff anime immediately became an Iyashikei classic.

In some ways, the characters in this supernatural series are more realistic than in shows where everyone is perfectly normal.

Fifteen-year-old Makoto Kowata may be a witch in training, but she’s not going to cast spells on people. Like her cousin Kei Kuramoto, she is a teenager going to school and learning about herself and her world.

There is no serious conflict here.

You won’t find any undesirable and eccentric personalities here either.

Everyone from Makoto to the little girl Chinatsu Kuramoto acts like a normal person, and even Chito, Makoto’s confidant, is a believable cat.

Overall, The Flying Witch is a quiet, country series about life that reminds you to be kind and appreciate the little things in life.

9. Natsume’s friends book

Six seasons and a fascinating feature film, Natsume Yuujinchou is one of the best anime ever made.

Takashi Natsume is such a well written and likable MC.

His past is terrible, to say the least.

At a young age he was orphaned – and no one wanted to be around him because he could deal with spirits or ayakashi. Takashi’s life didn’t seem to be stable, his family members abandoned him one after another, but then he was taken in by the very caring Fujiwara.

The Fujiwara’s gave him the family love he’d been missing for years, but Takashi doesn’t want them to get caught up in the whole Ayakashi thing and how many of those spirits (and a few exorcists) want to use him.

But don’t think that Natsume’s friend’s book is just drama.

Each encounter with a ghost has a different value, not only for Takashi, but also for the viewer.

Actually, it’s a story about humanity and sharing deep bonds, which is enhanced by the warm atmosphere and soundtrack.

8. K-On!

K-On is one of the first anime series from Kyoto Animation that I saw, and it’s probably my first anime about life.

Some may disagree that K-On is a yyashikei, but I 100% believe in the healing power of this series.

That’s where Naoko Yamada became the director.

That’s why the characters seem so real and nuanced, even despite their so-called moe-blob design.

Yamada skillfully portrays the individuality of the K-On girls, simply by the way she builds each scene.

Despite the often slow nature of the series, I didn’t find it boring.

Instead, the everyday moments in the lives of Yui and the other members of the Light Music Club are beautiful.

This series illustrates youth in all its energy and laziness. But he also knows that girls can’t stay the way they are forever.

It’s a bitter feeling.

As they spend their final days in the clubroom, saying goodbye to their newest member with one last song, I am reminded of myself in high school class, with that distinct smell of dust and chalk wafting through the air.

Both seasons are excellent, but don’t forget the movie.

7. Rise and fall

Climb’s encouragement to walk so Yuru Camp can run may have been said half-jokingly, but it was really the first memorable anime about girls loving nature and going to the mountains.

Besides, who doesn’t love a success story?

Yama no Susume was released in 2013 as a series of 12 episodes – but the episodes were only three minutes long each.

A second season was filmed a year later, with each of the 24 episodes lasting 13 minutes.

The third season followed in 2018, and Yama no Susume: The next summit has already been announced for 2021.

The franchise has been around for eight years.

And yet it continues to attract new fans because it beautifully combines the girls’ passion for mountaineering with their evolution as individuals and as friends.

Even when Aoi and her friends aren’t going on adventures, their daily lives are still entertaining.

6. Last round for the girls

While Sounds of Heaven is about war, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is about two girls trying to survive the apocalypse.

Chito and Yuri don’t spend their daily lives window shopping or eating at fast food restaurants. In a completely deserted city, they scour the military zones for food and spare parts for their Kettenkrad vehicles, which look like a small cross between a tank and a motorcycle.

Sometimes they read books or make snowballs and throw them at each other.

Other times, they test their shooting skills.

Instead of total cynicism, Girls’ Last Tour balances its dark, cold, menacing atmosphere with the main characters:

Chito and Yuuri struggle every day to live, to feel alive and experience what the world has to offer, while the world itself is dying.

It’s a testament to the power of camaraderie – even the end of the world can be a little more bearable when you walk alongside someone.

5. ACCA: 13-Territorial Inspection Unit

You can probably list the four most important yyashikei titles by now.

But my choice of #5 is an undeniable surprise for at least two reasons.

First: ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka has never been more popular.

It first aired in the winter of 2017 and faced competition from Gintama, Konosuba and one of the other iyashikei, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.

Most anime fans probably didn’t realize that Madhouse released more this season than the second installment of the All Out Rugby series.

Second, it is understandable that this series was considered more of a mystery and research forest than a masterpiece of iyashikei.

But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t exciting from the first episode.

And Jean Otus is one of my favorite MCs of all time.

He is 100% nonchalant and looks like he could be quiet all the time – and his smoking moments, which could be described as cinematic, seem so simple and cool.

Also: ACCA: 13-The Territory Inspection Department shows John often traveling through the many states of the kingdom of Dowa, and each new place has its own culture and visual identity.

Add in the cool, vintage settings, the jazzy soundtrack, and the calm, natural dialogues, and it’s easy to see why this movie is at the top of my list.

4. Aria animation

For many people, this is the best Iyashikei franchise, and I understand why.

The series Aria started in 2005 and was continued with two more seasons and a special of three episodes, and in the beginning of 2021 even the movie Aria de Crepuscolo was released.

So what made Aria such an enduring franchise?

Like the other games, Aria the Animation and its sequels are a mixture of Life Slice and fantasy or science fiction.

Here you follow Akari Mizunashi on her journey from Manhoum (Earth) to Akwa (Mars), a terraformed planet.

More specifically, she becomes Undine, a city guide in the city of Neo-Venice, which resembles Venice in Italy.

A refreshing environment opens up before you, characterized by white buildings, gondolas and waterways.

Throughout Aria the Animation and its sequels, you will witness Akari’s evolution as an Undine and resident of Neo Venice.

She will meet more interesting and likeable people, and Aria will always impress the audience with the quality of her art, sound design and character dynamics.

3. Pass Biyori

No No Biyori just ended in the winter of 2020/2021.

Yes, a spin-off manga has been announced.

But the fact is that the main story is already over – and that’s a bittersweet feeling.

No No Biyori was not my first Silver Link anime (that was the anime Iyashikei Tanaka-kun is Always Listless).

But Non Non Biyori is something I will always be grateful for in the studio.

From the first season in 2013 to the 2018 Vacation season and the third and final season of Nonstop, the core cast has remained constant:

The voice actors, director, supervisor, character designer, background artist, music composer and performer of the opening theme have all been the same for the past eight years.

And the series wouldn’t be the same without the sound and visuals.

Renge is the most adorable kid in the anime. And the others were friendly in their own way.

But Non Non Biyori masterfully manages to create its own Iyashikei atmosphere in each episode by intentionally emphasizing the rural landscape and the sounds of the surrounding nature.

Plus, the soundtrack is a mix of quirky, fun tunes and woodwinds, guitar, strings and piano.

No No Biyori isn’t just another anime series either, as seasons don’t necessarily mean time passes.

The seasons and the movie all take place during the same [school] year, and you go from one day or character to the next.

2. Serenity Camp

Despite being one of the newest games in the slice-of-life and iyashikei genre, Yuru Camp has already established a dominant position.

And why shouldn’t he be at the top?

Even after just two seasons, Laid-Back Camp has the assets to promote climbing and Non Non Biyori without losing its identity.

The cheerful and jovial Nadeshiko Kagamihara has become one of the most recognizable faces in anime. But my favorite character is Rin Shma.

This blue-haired girl who rides a Vespa prefers solitude most of the time.

There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to do it on her own – and I want the other girls to respect her.

Unlike other people you meet in real life, they don’t get mad at Rin all the time for not participating in community activities.

Camp Laid-back is great in its simplicity.

If you think you’re in the mood for camping, hot food and character-building small talk, you’re right.

But you also get first-rate musical accompaniment and breathtaking nature shots, whether it’s a sunrise, a starry night sky, autumn leaves or snow-capped mountains, all in real life and in Japan.

1. Mushishi

Mushishi is the undisputed king of yyashikei anime.

This is an excellent series that, like Non Non Biyori, is one of the few long-running manga with a complete and excellent anime adaptation – although it’s not a shonen series with a lot of action.

Think about it:

Mushishi had a first season of 26 episodes in 2005, while most anime series only have half that number of episodes.

The award-winning series received another two-part second season, two special editions and a film adaptation of the final episode.

Basically, it’s about a man named Ginko who travels from one area to another in search of mushi, fantastic creatures that exist to, well, exist.

Mushens are not inherently good or evil, and their appearances range from inverted rainbows to long-tailed comets to shadowy butterflies.

The usually unexciting MC hopes he understands these clams.

These life forms sometimes cause problems for humans, but Ginko believes they are doing their best to survive as humans and animals.

With a simple and appropriate character design, naturalistic voice acting, a minimalist soundtrack, and art that recognizes nature’s small magical moments, Mushishi is a complete package for relaxation and contemplation.

Anyone looking for an acclaimed work of fiction (anime or otherwise) should check out this masterpiece by Yyashikei.

But, as with Mushishi himself, don’t rush the process:

This is a series that needs to be experienced with finesse, a soft story.

With this approach, you will have enough mushrooms for the moments when you most need a break, or when you need an animation before bed to calm your emotions, or when you are in the mood for introspection and philosophical musings.The internet’s best website of all-time. It’s a list that lives in the shadow of articles about the best video games ever written. It’s a list that is so complicated that it’s impossible to make sense of. It’s a list that can’t be pinned down. It’s a list that is all-encompassing, yet completely subjective. In short, it’s “The Ultimate List”.. Read more about ultimate ceo danganronpa and let us know what you think.

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