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This week, and every week, I bring you something cool from the indie games scene. There are so many great indie games out there, and they appear in the wild all of the time. From time to time you may stumble upon a game that you really like, and you want to show the rest of the world what you’ve seen. Today, I bring you a new game from one of the most respected indie developers out there. The game is a platformer called ‘Undergrowth’, and it’s absolutely fantastic.

This is a collection of every game I have ever made, and I’m releasing it here for the first time. All of these games were made before I joined undergrowthgames in 2013, and the vast majority of them are made using Game Maker. I’ve also included a handful of other games including the late release Total War: Attila, the open world RPG I have been working on for the past year, and the role playing game I was working on when I joined undergrowthgames.

I’m a big video game collector. I’ve been building up my collection since childhood, and as I’ve grown older, I’ve started to not only collect games myself, but in the past few years also manage other people’s collections. I’m always looking for the next big thing, and am always excited to add new titles to my collection. It’s what I love doing, and what I love the most is sharing my passion with people who are similarly excited about video games.. Read more about the ultimate collection windows and let us know what you think.The topic of this article may not be suitable for all morphologies….. but who needs an excuse to enjoy good old occult content?

Halloween only comes once a year. But you can still party with your Sims. Especially those interested in paranormal and occult phenomena.

Here are some of the best supernatural/occult CCs for The Sims 4 that will fit into any spooky story (and probably get you some cool photos).

PurpleDistil’s Career Tarot Board

Check out this AC.

Of course, The Sims 4: The Paranormal Stuff pack gives us the profession of a paranormal investigator. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very cool profession in itself.

But what if you just want to be that psychic who shines by candlelight forever and can predict people’s futures just by reading a few cards?

That’s what this career module is for.

The Tarot Card Reader mod from PurpleThistles is a career rabbit that can add a lot of energy to a supernatural or paranormal story.

There are 10 levels in total, the first being learning the minor arcana, and the tenth being the tarot reading guru.

They all have excellent descriptions of what your Sim’s tasks will be, including fair pay and fair working hours.

This career also fits perfectly into Fortune Teller’s series of radioactivedotcom positions, and you’ll soon see why (don’t worry, we’ll get to that later).

Divination poses of

Check out this AC.

As you can see from the thumbnails on the CC page, these custom poses are the epitome of darkness, mystery and seduction.

Exactly how you want your psychic/signer to be!

There are 18 solo reading poses and 2 bonus hand reading poses (requires two Sims).

The solo poses show a variety of emotions, from concern to slyness to mild interest.

Note that the deck accessory the creator refers to in his description is not in my game, but the download is still active and (as far as I know) up-to-date.

If that doesn’t suit you, you can take this recoloring of tarot decks and tablets (including grids) from drosims. It worked perfectly!

Decorative Witchcraft Set of tinywards

Check out this AC.

Some witches prefer to hide their focus in a secret room and blend into normal, non-magical society.

Others use them to decorate their living rooms.

I always say: Every person is different.

But if your Sim leans more towards the second option, this adorable CC Witchy Décor set from tinywardens should be on your download list.

It contains 34 items designed around the theme of the occult and the arcane, i.e. all the items a potionist, wizard or conjurer of the dark arts should possess.

I love that all the items in this series are cute and creepy to varying degrees. I mean, a witch doll in her own fedora can be harmless. Same goes for the dusty leather toms: impractical and unusual, but not really disturbing.

But goat skulls, knives, or a suspicious-looking jar of mushrooms?

They may seem too strange to some.

Bramelvink Pharmacy Practice

Check out this AC.

This custom CC bramblefinch master closet is the mother of all storage solutions.

Let me tell you this right now: It has 80 functional decorative spaces.

Yeah, 80.

Name a simple play cabinet, display case or shelf that comes close. Even unnecessarily large libraries don’t have half the slots available, although that would make sense.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I tried it and it worked like a charm.

It’s designed for a pharmacy cabinet, but you can also use it as a regular multi-room organization cabinet.

But given the theme of this article, it would look really cool with glass bottles, unidentified herbs, suspicious mushrooms and slightly glowing rocks.

I decided to decorate it with elements from the tinywardens witch decoration set and it was perfect.

Fun fact: the only reason this cabinet has 80 slots is because the creator had to remove the original 250+ slots (yup) because it was causing bugs in the game for some people. (Hence the possible correction of the title).

Witch Night poses of Something Nasty Sims

Check out this AC.

This is probably one of the most disturbing poses on this list. But since we’re looking for the best supernatural stuff, that’s a good thing.

It’s even scarier when your Sims are adorned with creepy creatures and makeup (I’ve listed them in this article if you need help).

There are seven poses in total, and they all pretty much represent the classic coven gatherings that are reported in the media.

Dancing people, lots of waving gestures, questionable human sacrifice…. …. all that fun stuff.

And if the idea of sacrifice disgusts you, maybe you shouldn’t use the third pose with the altar …..

Ouija Party Poses by Something Wicked Sims

Check out this AC.

This one is probably my favorite of all the poses shown here, simply because it looks like a scene (or rather scenes) from a teen horror movie.

Who else but a group of teenagers and young adults could be bored, annoyed or carefree while playing with a Ouija board?

Aside from the fact that these poses are incredibly good (no awkward cliffhangers, twisted limbs, or unnaturally forced poses, no!), the creator managed to incorporate some typical horror movie character stereotypes into the models.

You have a nosy, secretive, skeptical friend who supports you This is a bad idea.

In case it’s not obvious, I love the expressions on the faces of all the models.

And I’m happy to report that they were well suited to my game.

Set Arachna de Natalia Auditor

Check out this AC.

I wasn’t specifically looking for a half-woman-half-woman costume when I made this list, but damn. I’m glad I found it, no matter what.

Because this spider queen outfit is straight out of my occult nightmares.

And I mean that in the best possible way.

Do you want something creepy, scary and unfathomable? How about an 0 spider monster that can crawl along your walls?

The designer even added some amazing poses that fit the description! Not only can you create this nightmarish hybrid spider, but you can take terrifying photos of it as it screams into the camera, swings from the ceiling or chases its prey.

Combine these spooky spider asses with ethereal skin paint, horns and sharp fangs, and you’ve got the results you’re looking for.

New horror game boss unlocked.

Arachnophobia – Pyxisaccessories spider eyes

Check out this AC.

Do you want your spider? Sim looks more like a spider than a woman? Those creepy (but excellent) spider accessories are from another author (Pyxis!), but boy, they complete the look.

I found a few other third-party eyes or insects while searching for occult or supernatural things, but this piece stood out.

It is of an incredible quality.

Other props with monster eyes seemed either too flat or characterless. Maybe it’s just texture differences (the old Maxis Match vs. Alpha CC controversy) or something, but they really don’t show up well in CAS or in the game.

On the other hand, this Arachnophobia – Accessory Spider Eyes by Pyxis worked almost too well.

In addition to the actual varicose veins on your Sim’s forehead, the creator has added skin details like pale veins, a misshapen color, and shading to indicate bulges and hollows.

Without the eyes, the details of the skin on your Sim’s forehead look like a multitude of tiny eye sockets.

Werewolf Costume + Werewolf Pose Set by Natalia-Auditore

CC Werewolf Costume

A series of werewolf poses

As someone who also plays The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the site, I was incredibly excited to see a TS4 costume inspired by the werewolf from Skyrim.

Don’t worry, I downloaded it as fast as I could.

And I’m happy to report that the suit works as intended.

There probably won’t be the option to turn into a werewolf like in The Sims 3 : Supernatural, but good. Just assign the werewolf costume to your entire body as your second (or third, or fourth) outfit and let your Sim put it on whenever they want.

Here’s another thing I like about this Sims 4 CC maker: They are really, really good at bundling their CAS products with custom poses.

So, yes: You can make your sim howl at the moon in a werewolf costume like the model in the preview images does.

Aloha! Eye set + extensions of Pyxis

Check out this AC.

So it’s not really a supernatural or occult theme, but I decided to include it because it helped me make cool looking ethereal beasts.

This Pyxis eye kit is one of the best and most complete kits I have found for creating alien eyes.

I’m sure there are many other eye games that are even more elaborate (PralineSims games come to mind), but Pyxis is pretty famous for its CC simulations of monsters/beasts/fantastic/occult.

They have a knack for distorting features and incorporating elements of scary creatures into their CCs in an almost….. cute way.

Or at least aesthetically pleasing.

Basically, the Aloha Eye Kit allows you to play with the colors of the sclera and iris.

There are many to unpack, so I can’t list them all here. But I must say that this CAS pack (and the corresponding companion pack from the same creator) helped me create the bright purple eyes of Wraith, the milky white heterochromatic werewolf eyes, and the sinister black eyes of Spiderwoman.

If you are doing an occult simulation, I highly recommend this eye kit.

You can find overlays – Aloha! Fake eyes and overlays – here.

Enchantments of Natalia-Auditore

Check out this AC.

It’s a pretty simple set piece, but I thought the concept was really cool. And I thought, why not?

After all, there are so many occult cases where a magical glowing sign of bad luck can set the mood, you know?

I mean, think about it: summoning a demon? Are you preparing an offering for the blood moon? Have you finally unlocked the secrets of unlimited power?

Nothing gets you in the mood like a perfectly symmetrical circle of dead language symbols coming to life under your feet.

Magic Sigil CC Natalia-Auditore is available in 12 different colours and patterns.

They have the standard geometric shapes,plus nice variations of six-pointed stars….. and there are even two portals, one leading to space and the other to the black pits of God knows where.

These joints work like mats. And yes, they radiate their own light.

I recommend activating the bb.moveobjects cheat before putting them on the ground, as their footprint may affect some basics of the base game.

Devil’s Backbone – Maxis Zombie Skin 2T4 by Pyxis

Check out this AC.

If you want to create a truly authentic undead look, it’s not enough to make your Sim’s skin color gray.

Zombies are basically reanimated corpses, right?

Skin sagging, discoloration, hollow cheeks, bags under eyes for days….. You know what I mean.

Just like the creator of Sims CC, Pyxis.

This CC pack brings together some really great skin materials to create an accurate, low melanin, but visually appealing sample.

Maybe I’m crazy, but the veins and details of the skin seem almost delicate.

And there’s that sunken, dirty, out-of-the-grave look that I absolutely share.

Since zombie coloring is a skin detail, you can apply it to any skin color – not just the beautiful zombie skin color the creator created – to give your supernatural Sims a little earthiness for extra flavor.

The Halloween Collection – Mark of the Wolf by taraab

Check out this AC.

Do you want everyone to know that your sim had a fight with a (were)wolf and survived to tell about it?

Sims CC creator Tarab has been caught.

This cosmetic surgery can be simple. But I personally love the concept! The Halloween – Mark of the Wolf collection works as a makeup (rather than a skin detail) and is available in two colors: fresh blood red and healing silver.

It may not be supernatural, but I tried to apply it to my pale-faced vampire.

The results are very encouraging.

If you want to increase your vampire’s intimidation factor, this scar will definitely help.

Ghost – Skeleton Makeup by Pyxis

Check out this AC.

Like Taraab’s Halloween CC collection, this fully customized makeup kit wasn’t something I was specifically looking for….. But it’s definitely something I’ve been looking forward to.

The vignettes probably say it all, but I’ll confirm it:

These characters work both as makeup (full face or blush) and as skin details, so you can mix, match and layer them as much as you like. The edges of each shield have a soft airbrush effect, so they blend in perfectly with your Sim’s face.

Gives the impression that your sim is actually partially made of ectoplasm.

It’s also a kind of tribal face paint, like the witch doctors use for their rituals.

Either way, this movie is scary enough to be included in this list.

Demon Days – Vampire Stuff by Pyxis

Check out this AC.

Pyxis, described as a bric-a-brac that the creators have long wanted for their vampire simulations, is Demon Days: Vampire Stuff is a bag of small details and simple CCs.

Tear sacs, pallor of overlying skin, skin gradients, varicosities, calluses….. These are all small cosmetic things that don’t matter much at first glance.

But what a difference they make.

I think the sample photos speak for themselves, but small details of the skin – like eye bags and veins – can make a vampire look even closer to death.

Horns are unusual for a vampire, but quite possible (besides, they can give the vampire a more demonic appearance).

The skin tones are definitely my favorite.

Combined with pale or gray skin, the color gradients add texture and character to an otherwise bland or uninteresting vampire physique.

It’s very subtle, of course.

But believe me: All the elements in this set can make a character design much more meaningful.

It’s the little things, as they say.After a long time, the sequel to our game “Journey From The Depths” is finally here! This time we have new heroes, new dangers and new battles. All of them will be chosen carefully, both from the community and from our own creativity. All of them have a special ability that will be used in the game. The gameplay will be very much the same as we described in the first part of our game, with many different playing styles. We are sure that after playing we will see how we could improve the gameplay and make it even better.. Read more about the ultimate collection jewelry and let us know what you think.

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