The cheapest way to get Heirloom Shards and the entire Anniversary Collection in Apex Legends

This is the anniversary event of the Apex Legends collection, and with a new event in the collection comes a new set of 24 skins of epic and legendary legends and weapons that you’ll want to have with you. As a bonus, this event also includes a prize of 150 heritage shards, rather than a separate inheritance, for owning the entire collection. However, Apex Legends is a free game, so extra cosmetics aren’t cheap…. are they?

If you buy each event pack and claim your 150 Inheritance Chips, you’ll get 16,800 Apex coins for the normal 700 Apex coins. That’s a lot of prime currency, and is equivalent to about $150, even if you buy it through Apex Coin….’s most convenient kits. But what if there was a better way? This is the cheapest way to buy back the entire anniversary collection.

Buying a collection, step by step

In total, by buying back the collection this way, you save more than half the money you would have otherwise spent. Note, however, that this always comes with the purchase of a premium. You need premium coins in this transaction, and if you don’t have enough, you need to spend real money to add Apex coins to your account.

Message: You MUST perform these steps in the order listed. Otherwise it won’t work.

1. Epic Hidden Metallurgy

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For the anniversary of the collection, the cost of metal fabrication was cut in half. This means that the legendary skins are worth the normal, non-event price of 1200 treated metal, but we don’t care. What is interesting to us is that the epic legend and weapon skins are only worth 400 pieces of metal. He doesn’t do as well in the game as his legendary counterparts, so we take our luck out of the system with the packs and buy the 12 Epic skins up front. This includes legendary skins and weapon skins. This costs $4,800 in metal and guarantees that every event pack you buy in the future will contain legendary loot.

That’s what it looks like: All weapon skins from the Legends of the Best birthday collection.

More expensive but still economic alternative

If you don’t even have the metal to do step 1, buy exactly 4 less of these skins and instead buy a pack of 3 Bloodmoon Skins for 2500 Apex pieces (but note that this increases the risk of getting 1 in 16 Lifeline skins, which can ruin the next step). Do NOT purchase the Mecha Over Matter Bundle or the Hunt and Run Bundle. They are not cost effective and will cost you more in the long run than buying a suit. This method is worth 2,500 first-class coins and 3,200 artisanal metals. To buy premium currencies at the best rate, see Step 2. If you have less than 3200 metals, you will need to buy more individual event packs.

2. Clean Fire 7 Pack

Assets through reproduction

The Pure Fire 7-pack is the best pack in the store because it’s equivalent to buying a 7-pack, and then you get the legendary Lifeline Hell Raiser skin for only 100 premium pieces. It’s the cheapest you can get from Legendary at this event or anywhere else. You MUST do this after the first step, otherwise you have a chance of getting epic items instead of legendary items. You should buy it after you’ve unlocked the 12 legendary items (or the 8 you chose the other way) to make sure you get the most value for your money.

That’s what it looks like: All Legends skins in the anniversary event of the Legends Apex collection

If you do not already have Vertex parts to make this purchase, the best package for this method is 6,700 Vertex parts, which cost $60. The remaining parts are also sufficient to complete step 3.

Message: In the alternative method, the best bundle of leading coins you can buy is a bundle of 11,500 leading coins that costs $100. You must purchase this kit to cover the cost of Pure Fire package 7, Blood of the Moon package 3 and the 2 standalone packages you purchase in step 3.

3. Purchase of 2 (not 4) event series

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If you did everything right, you should now have 20 of the 24 event packs in the Anniversary Collection, with 4 Legend level skins you don’t already have. Below is an image of what your screen might look like now, although any other caption is fine, it doesn’t have to be these four.

Screenshot via Respawn

If you’ve done it right, it’s time to leave the bundles and metal treatments behind. You’ll be buying old-fashioned event packages. You buy 2 Event Packs from the Collector Screen for 700 Apex each. Now you only want to buy two, not all four. It’s important.

4. Win the last 2 free Event Packs

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The last two event packs are eligible for non-premium in-game cash rewards. The awards tracker has two awards for the anniversary collection. To get the last two packages, you must get them before the end of the event, on the 23rd. February receives 5,000 event points. One event pack is unlocked at 3000 event points and the other at the 5000 event points mentioned above.

That’s what it looks like: All Tracker awards for the collectors anniversary event in Legends of the Top

You earn event points by completing daily event-related tasks like B. Just enter the game, deal a certain amount of damage, and earn a certain number of top 10 finish points each day. The maximum number of event points you can earn in one day is 1,000, which means it will take at least five days to get the last event pack.

If you do, the entire collection is yours! But that’s not all…

5. Claim your relic shards

Screenshot via Respawn

These two methods will also allow you to obtain the 150 shards you desire, as indicated above. You can spend it immediately on an item of your choice in the Heirloom store or save it for a rainy day. We will definitely keep ours until the church we can no longer give to comes into the store.

That’s what it looks like: How to get fragments of relics from the anniversary collection in Apex Legends


In total, this method will cost you 6,400 coins and 4,800 metals in the game. (The alternative method costs 8,900 premium currency and 3,200 in-game metal). So if you use your stash of crafting materials and all our other tips and tricks, not only can you save over 10,000 Premium Currency, but you can also take home 150 Relic Shards and the entire anniversary collection without going broke. We did, and we had to share it with all of you. Have fun!

frequently asked questions

How can I get free relics on Apex?

How much does it cost to buy all the relics at the top?

If a player has 9600 metal coins, they can use them to make all the epic items and buy the two legendary packs for 7500 coins.

What is the fastest way to get relic shards in Apex Legends?

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