The Benefits of Mangata’s Hybrid Satellite Network

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Mangata, the leading provider of hybrid satellite networks, recently raised $33M to create more reliable and secure communication services for business, governments, and consumers. This hybrid satellite network combines the advantages of both land-based and satellite networks, creating a more cost-efficient and secure communication channel for customers.

In this article, we’ll look at the advantages that this hybrid satellite network provides and why it’s a great option for businesses and organisations:

Mangata Raises $33M for Hybrid Satellite Network

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network combines the advantages of cellular networks with satellite network technologies to provide reliable and secure communication services. The hybrid network can support various applications including voice, data and video.

This enables customers to access content faster and ensure uninterrupted service even in remote areas where traditional terrestrial transmission is unavailable.

Using a combination of ground stations, unmanned aircrafts and satellites combined with spectrum provided by terrestrial mobile networks, Mangata can provide coverage over vast areas or across whole continents. Furthermore, dynamic routing ensures that the system automatically routes communication packets through air, ground or space based nodes for optimum performance. This makes it an ideal solution for large scale applications such as industrial IoT, secure media streaming and smart city projects.

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network also offers high levels of security due to its ability to leverage public and private encryption algorithms for data sharing between endpoints. This technology also helps reduce latency providing users with immediate access to information regardless of location or environment.

In addition, Mangata’s unique endpoint-to-endpoint managed service allows customers to deploy their secure communication infrastructure independent from the cellular carriers while still retaining an agreed quality level agreement with them (QLA).

Benefits of The Hybrid Satellite Network

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network offers a variety of benefits for customers. With its combination of ground antennas and satellites, the user can access a wide range of networks with increased performance and reliability. In addition, various levels of broadband speeds are available thanks to the added capacity provided by the satellite network. This can result in faster downloads, quicker response times, and improved streaming capabilities compared to traditional methods.

Those using Mangata’s system also have improved redundancy should they experience any interruptions to their service – allowing them to rely on their systems in the event of an outage or unexpected power failure. Additionally, businesses in remote areas can benefit from increased access that this technology provides, such as easily accessing international markets or reduced latency for technologies that require speed such as video conferencing or cloud applications.

Finally, users can also gain access to significantly more bandwidth than traditional technologies due to the multiple frequency bands available through satellites which allow higher data speeds. This allows customers to effectively run complex video conference calls with very little latency while allowing them ample coverage even during peak times when terrestrial connections may suffer slowdown or congestion issues that could hinder user experience.

Cost Savings

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network is designed to save businesses money when it comes to connecting remote areas. By combining a wireless ground infrastructure with a satellite-based system, Mangata offers a cost-effective solution for businesses that need long-distance coverage. In addition, with a low-cost pricing structure, Mangata gives businesses access to difficult-to-reach locations without breaking the bank.

Let’s dive deeper into how Mangata’s hybrid satellite network can save businesses money:

Lower Cost of Operations

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network can help businesses save substantial money on operational costs. By seamlessly integrating with an existing terrestrial network, users can benefit from the versatility of both networks at a fraction of the cost. In addition, compared to traditional satellite systems, which require dedicated satellite bandwidth, Mangata’s dual-path routing system allows organisations to allocate resources dynamically based on changing conditions and needs. This allows them to reduce resource wastage and maximise return on investment.

Furthermore, businesses can reduce communication expenses while keeping their systems agile and reliable by combining the low latency and high throughput of a dedicated satellite link with the lower expenses associated with a terrestrial connection. The cost savings is made possible through activities such as:

  • Aggregating data across different sites;
  • Eliminating redundant hardware;
  • Efficiently managing terrestrial/satellite connections;
  • Offloading traffic between sites in remote locations; and more.

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network truly offers unique advantages that make it easy for companies to save on operating costs without compromising performance or quality.

Reduced Capital Expenditure

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network offers significant cost savings for customers by reducing capital expenditure. The adoption of our hybrid solution eliminates the need for large upfront investments to purchase, lease and equip satellite infrastructure, saving businesses large sums of money. This translates into reduced operational costs as organisations no longer need to cover the recurring expenditures that come with maintaining this infrastructure.

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The lack of capital expenditure required to deploy Mangata’s hybrid satellite system provides greater mobility and flexibility than ever before. Companies can now rapidly deploy and expand the scope of their operations without incurring additional capital costs and IT spending. This financial benefit can be seen in many areas such as video services, mobile backhauls, inflight internet access and even connecting remote communities in developing countries.

Mangata’s hybrid network also offers numerous other cost benefits for customers, such as:

  • Minimising operational costs with real-time monitoring systems.
  • Reducing high energy consumption through green energy solutions.
  • Protecting businesses from currency exchange rates fluctuations through cross border payments or global transfers.

In addition, our innovative hybrid solution allows companies to deliver multi-faceted services to their customers using a scalable platform that increases efficiency while lowering labour costs significantly.

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In conclusion, the use of Mangata’s hybrid satellite network presents a variety of advantages for customers seeking to cut their operating costs without sacrificing service quality or reliability. Moreover, thanks to its low-cost overhead expenditures compared to traditional terrestrial solutions, customers will find an all-around positive value proposition when choosing this innovative approach over legacy networks.

Improved Reliability

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network uses a combination of fibre optic cables and satellite technology to provide a more reliable data transmission network. This improves upon traditional satellite technology that uses just satellite signals, which can sometimes be weak and unreliable.

Mangata’s hybrid network is more reliable and offers faster speeds than traditional satellite services.

Increased Uptime

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network offers improved reliability over traditional satellite networks due to its redundant systems. In addition, the extra layer of protection provided by the hybrid network can reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming repairs in the event of a subsystem failure.

Using software and terrestrial technology designed to work together further improves reliability. This is because software-controlled switching between transponder configurations allows optimal switch-over times, faster speeds, and more reliable connections than possible with mechanical mechanisms. In addition, terrestrial redundancy helps to overcome any temporary outages caused by equipment or vehicle movement.

Mangata’s hybrid systems reduce service disruption due to weather events such as high wind speeds or lightning strikes that might disrupt transmission from traditional satellite networks. This means less downtime for users, increased uptime for business services, improved performance for applications requiring real-time response, and less customer frustration due to lost data or delays.

Improved Network Security

Mangata offers a secure and reliable network connection via their hybrid satellite-terrestrial network. This hybrid system is more reliable and secure than traditional networks.

The Mangata system uses a combination of satellites in orbit at strategic locations and terrestrial antennas placed at ground stations worldwide to capture data transmissions from different points on the earth’s surface. This hybrid design allows for increased speed, reliability, security, and flexibility in building a global communications infrastructure.

The satellite portion of this system offers high-speed transmission for a wide array of content including video, audio, and data files over standard TCP/IP protocols. The transmission power is controlled by software on the ground station terminal enabling access to encrypted endpoints even when the satellite is out of range or offline. This ensures that all data transmissions are securely transmitted using modern encryption methods such as AES 256-bit encryption.

The terrestrial portion of the Mangata system uses shortwave radio signals linked to 3G/4G mobile networks to ensure uptime reliability while providing lower latency that allows high-quality video streaming and fast responses over longer distances with reduced set up time as compared to traditional cellular networks. The use of multiple beam antennas also increases performance speeds up to four times faster than standard Wi-Fi hotspots used in other communication systems such as Skype or FaceTime calls, making it suitable for conducting business calls with no interruption in service due to weather conditions like fog, rain or snow.

This combined system provides increased security making it ideal for client-server applications including real-time video conferencing and eCommerce transactions that require strong data encryption measures when transmitted via an open public wireless access point like Starbucks or airport Wi-Fi spots where traditional VPNs can fail. Combined with round-the-clock monitoring support it ensures maximum uptime ensuring businesses are connected at all times with limited risk from hacking attempts or physical tampering by malicious actors attempting to gain access or disrupt service quality or availability from outside attackers.

Faster Deployment

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network is designed to speed up the deployment of new networks and communication infrastructure globally.

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The technology utilises ground antennas and satellites, allowing networks to be built in less time and with fewer resources. This hybrid satellite network promises to have a transformative impact on how companies deploy their networks, and Mangata recently raised $33M to make this technology a reality.

Faster Installation

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network offers a faster, simpler installation process than traditional ground-based terrestrial networks. In addition, the combination of mature satellite technology and modern ground systems reduce the coordination time and effort associated with setting up an area-based communications network.

Faster installation has several advantages. Mangata’s hybrid network allows customers to initiate coverage in challenging terrain or weather conditions without sending personnel to remote locations, reducing installation risk, cost, and downtime. It also allows for quicker launch of services, enabling organisations to get up and running faster by relying on preconfigured statements that are available on the satellite. Finally, Mangata’s hybrid system eliminates the need for extensive field work before deployment, dramatically reducing project planning timelines and cost.

The main advantage of using a hybrid system is the shortened deployment time from days or weeks typical with ground-based networks, to just hours or minutes with the Mangata solution. The larger the area of coverage needed, the more significant this efficiency gain becomes – allowing customers to adjust their plans quickly instead of waiting months at a time to activate an entire region.

Faster Roll-out of Services

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network allows for faster roll-out of services across large geographic areas compared to terrestrial fibre cable networks. This means service providers can quickly expand their reach to consumers demanding reliable and high-speed internet connection options. As the network’s rollout progresses, service providers will also be able to expand outlying service areas, making it easier for people in remote and hard-to-reach locations to access the internet.

In addition to increased speed and service availability, the hybrid satellite network also offers lower latency which is beneficial for applications such as streaming video and gaming. This is because latency feedback (the small delay a user experiences when transmitting data) is much lower over a satellite connection than a traditional fibered network. This allows for a more enjoyable user experience when using applications that require low latency – something that cannot be achieved on most terrestrial networks.

The Mangata hybrid satellite network offers numerous benefits compared to traditional fibre connections; from faster deployment times, expanded coverage, lower latency and higher reliability making it the preferred choice of many service providers looking to quickly connect people within wider geographical areas.

Increased Capacity

Mangata has recently raised $33M to expand its hybrid satellite network, which offers a combination of high throughput and low latency. This investment will have multiple benefits, but the primary focus is to increase the network’s capacity.

By increasing the throughput, Mangata can offer higher speeds, more reliable coverage, and greater scalability. In this article, we will look at the details of this investment and discuss the potential benefits it can bring.

Increased Throughput

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network offers one of the highest bandwidth options available, enabling increased throughput with extended range. Compared to traditional terrestrial networks, Mangata’s hybrid satellite network provides 7-10 times more capacity for data short-haul services between remote sites. This ensures that users have a fast and reliable connection when transferring large files from one site to another.

The network’s technology architecture is based on a unique mesh of satellite and local access mesh (LAM) nodes that provide maximum configurability and flexibility. This allows users to customise the project requirements in terms of infrastructure, bandwidth and distance requirements with maximum reliability. In addition, the increased overall spectral efficiency also contributes to greater data throughput with reduced power usage.

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network also features advanced modulation schemes such as QPSK/OQPSK which further increases capacity while maintaining an excellent signal-to-noise ratio across long distances. Furthermore, multiplexing technologies such as TDMA can dramatically increase bandwidth utilisation compared to traditional networks. These enhanced signal characteristics reduce errors, improving performance over longer distances where signal attenuation can be considerable.

Enhanced Scalability

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network is designed to provide increased scalability, bringing increased capacity with cost efficiencies. Our clients can benefit from our growing hybrid infrastructure that combines the power and reach of fibre-optic networks with the reliability and flexibility of satellite technology. In addition, the company’s comprehensive solution meets challenges that hinder customers from aligning their network infrastructure with business objectives.

Users can scale up or down according to their data and communication needs, eliminating any long-term contract commitments on leased satellite channels typically associated with conventional setups. This allows rapid expansion during peak periods, enabling an agile approach to achieve maximum capacity yields when required. With a world-class team of experienced engineers and program managers, Mangata designs tailored solutions to ensure seamless integration into your business needs.

With our hybrid satellite networks, users enjoy access to higher grade services with increased reliability and cost efficiency. Enhanced scalability combined with faster deployment capabilities minimises operating costs while still ensuring high performance in connectivity services at any global location.

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Network quickly and join our global constellation of innovative managed services that bring your operations into a new dimension using multiple access points interconnected through hybrid networks for reliable system data transmissions over an optimised platform through our customised connectivity solutions!


Mangata’s hybrid satellite network is an innovative approach that can revolutionise how ICT services are provided in rural areas. With a funding of $33 million, Mangata is aiming to bring a new level of connectivity to off-grid, rural and remote areas. This network can provide reliable connectivity, cost-efficient telecom, and cloud services that can be accessed at a fraction of the cost.

This technology will be a great asset for remote and rural areas and can pave the way for immense opportunities in the ICT sector.

Summary of The Benefits of Mangata’s Hybrid Satellite Network

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network is one of the most promising technologies to emerge in the satellite industry. By combining the best of fixed and mobile satellite technologies, Mangata has enabled organisations worldwide to deploy low-cost, reliable networks that are customised to fit their needs.

The benefits of using Mangata’s hybrid satellite network are numerous. These include:

  • Improved coverage and speed
  • More reliable communications
  • Greater flexibility in terms of service offerings
  • Ability to reduce costs by using existing infrastructure
  • Access to cost-effective equipment
  • Ability to use multiple providers for redundancy
  • Improved speed, scalability and security
  • Enhanced customer service experience
  • Can be easily integrated with terrestrial networks for enhanced usability.

Mangata’s hybrid satellite network is a great solution for organisations that need reliable, scalable and secure communications services. This technology provides a scalable end-to-end solution that eliminates single points of failure while offering superior performance and reliability compared to traditional satellite solutions.

Impact of The $33M Raise on The Development of The Network

The news of Mangata’s successful $33M raise was well-received by the wider engineering and space industries, due to its potential for developing low-cost satellite networks. In addition, the funding will directly enable the development of a hybrid satellite-ground network as part of Mangata’s mission to democratise global broadband access.

This significant financial boost will allow Mangata to expand its engineering workforce and develop innovative technologies and ground station interconnectivity tools. This ongoing technical innovation is necessary to unify connection access across multiple ground stations as part of its long-term roll-out plans. In addition, these funds can be used to expand testing and production procedures for growth in 2021, before launching operations in 2022.

With these fresh resources at their disposal, Mangata will likely use this money to accelerate further development and launch on time within 2022 when their initial launch contracts take effect. This shows Corporation’s utmost dedication towards the industry during economic hardship. However, they have already shown incredible progress through triumphs such as successfully launching their first low earth orbit satellites earlier this year. In any case, we look forward to seeing what they achieve next with this promising new raise!

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