Sunshine Manor Enters Full Development Following Successful Kickstarter

Sunshine Manor Development

Hound Picked Games and Fossil Games have announced that their title Sunshine Manor is now in full development following the success of the Kickstarter campaign. The game managed to reach 134% of its fundraising target and, with the support of 627 fans, reached a total of £26,842. At the moment the release date of the game is not yet known, but we can expect that the release date will be 2021, since the game is in full development.

All fans will receive the Nintendo Switch Physical Sunshine Anthology Edition and the numeric codes for the PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC versions of Sunshine Manor and the Camp Sunshine expansion. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, you can still buy the physical Nintendo Switch Sunshine Anthology as the pre-orders will remain open for a limited time.

You can also pre-order the special Sunshine Edition and numeric codes for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, as well as exclusive treats. These preorders allow the developers to raise funds and use them to achieve the last few goals that the developers could not achieve during the game launch campaign. Unlocking these expandable targets will add more features and extra content to the game.

Features of these expandable goals are a remix of the Sunshine Manor soundtrack, a new suit and power for Hell’s protagonist, an additional adapter for the mini-mainstream and much more. said Paul Dolby, developer of Fossil Games :

We cannot express enough gratitude to everyone who jumped on the Sunshine Manor and promised to do so! We look forward to the next phase of development and would like to share more information with everyone. During the campaign, we received many requests from people who wanted to support our game through PayPal, but we didn’t have a Kickstarter account. So we are very happy to announce that we have opened the store for all those who have broken their promise to pre-order our beautiful physical edition of Nintendo Switch from Premium Edition Games.

Sunshine Manor is a horror game inspired by the horror movies of the eighties. In the game you enter the place of hell, which is the night of jokes or delights, but it turns into a night of horror when she is trapped in the old Aitken mansion. You must use the hidden psychic powers of hell to fight the demons in the mansion and get out.

The main features of the Sunshine Manor are the following

  • Discover and explore an ever-changing haunted house.
  • Take yourself to the realm of demons and banish the wicked from hell!
  • Beautiful 8-bit hand graphics.
  • Deadly game of cat and mouse, where the demon can be anywhere.
  • The soundtrack from the 80’s, written especially for this game.
  • A fantastic story based on the story.
  • Clever puzzles to burden your brain box.
  • Lots of fear, scary scenes and nods to cult horror franchises.
  • What happened in the old Aitken house that caused the slaughter of the Sunshine in the camp?

You can pre-order the game in the new shop.

Do you want to play Sunshine Manor when he gets out? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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