Star Citizen News IAE 2950 Looks To Break Funding Records

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News for the week ending the 29th of November 2020.

The 2950 IAE is coming to a close with it’s last full day on the 2nd of December.

From today the 29th onwards we move into the Best In Show where we will have the ship showdown winning ships the;

Anyone that already owns or buys one of those ship during the IAE will get a White and Gold looking skin for the ship that they can apply or remove freely.

Also all ships that were previously rentable will be available to rent from the rental kiosks.

It’s also weapons and armor day… so that might be cool… at time of recording I don’t actually know how this will change things up yet.

Star Citizen Jump Point

In Jump Point they talk about the MSR it’s a Blockade Runner.

we don’t have secure faster-than-light data transfer, so we require ships to courier sensitive data around and we only have the Herald in that role. We always look to provide choice with our ship range and upgrade options, so the Mercury is a natural fit.

But also the MSR is very multi-role now.

its ability to quickly punch through something but perhaps not stay and fight would be one of its biggest perks.

JP: How do the Mercury’s data-running abilities compare with those of the Drake Herald? JC: While these two ships occupy a similar career path, they are subtly different in capabilities: the Herald can hold less but is faster at delivering it, so great for urgent deliveries, but the Mercury can deliver much more in one go with its higher capacity.

Data as cargo will be a thing, some of it might be time specific, you’ll be able to source your own “data” with the scanning station in the MSR and then sell / deliver that too.

The 2ndary Secure Cargo hold will in the future be partially shielded from scans.

It can take anywhere from 3-12 months to bring a ship from concept to completion. Of course, complexity and size matter quite a bit and a big ship with multiple rooms will take quite a bit longer than a single-seat fighter.

December’s RSI Subscriber Flare appears to be the other 3 variants of the Overlord armor sets in Blue/Crimson, Yellow/Black and Green/Black.

From ISC last week we did also find out that the Nova tank is in white box and is being actively worked on, work on Refinery Decks and Gameplay continues for 3.12 as does updates to POI, Space Stations and Gas Clouds.

This weeks Sneak Peek was of a Station with Gas Clouds all set up with lighting around the station to make people aware of where it is! We can look forward to these POI and station updates in 3.12.

Docking Collars for stations are getting more fleshed out with their interior nearby areas also getting work so they can be attached to stations modularly.

Fire got more work too and will spread in a believable manner.

We saw some more of the interior of the C2 Hercules both in the ISC and in the Crusader Day Video that CI released… tho there is no confirmation when it’s going to be completed yet… it’s looking more like Q1 2021 at the moment tho.

Star Citizen Funding – May vs November – Fleet Week 2020 vs IAE 2950

Star Citizen looks to earn more in November than it did in May with the IAE 2950 being even more successful than that Fleet Week Event… this is largely due to almost all the ships being available for sale, the new Nomad and that mighty Perseus. We have already pushed past the $15m mark and we still have a couple of days left in November… the sale itself doesn’t end until December 3rd and even then the Nomad I think will be permanently available as a new Starter Ship and the Perseus will be on concept sale for a few weeks more.

This does mean Star Citizen has earned over $70 million in 2020 so far and looks to break the $80 million mark by the end of December.

I’ll do a bit of a financial breakdown of everything once the sale is over

The RSI Perseus also went on Concept Sale this mighty Big Ship Brawling Gunboat is 100m long, 50m and split across 3 decks, it punches above it’s weight class NO IT REALLY DOES… it focuses on having 2 massive turrets with 2 Size 7 Weapons on each… but the ship is surprisingly multirole with room for cargo/ground vehicle (upto Ursa Rover Size) a large range of facilities, 20 S5 torpedoes, 2 automated turrets for point defense. It’s available from $600 during it’s concept sale. Checkout my full Perseus what you need to know video for more information!
Cloud Imperium also confirmed that their new roadmaps will be in our hands by the end of the year and even gave us a little teaser of them… they just convey more information and should be able to be more understandable and hopefully more accurate too.

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