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Bonuses are one of the fundamental elements of the fallout franchise. While the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system has been consistent from the beginning, Perk has been examined and improved with each new iteration of Fallout.

Strange payout bonuses: New Vegas, Rad Resistant in Foulout 4 and Fallout 76, Bloody Mess in all the latest Fallout releases, these benefits can greatly enhance your gameplay and in-game entertainment.

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Although the bonuses depend very much on your style of play, the above bonuses are a good all-inclusive basis for any beginner or anyone looking for a starting point for their adventure.

Resistance properties

The best overall bonus for strong wood is a strong back. A strong back increases your weight when you carry 25 in the first place, 50 in the second place, allows you to use the action points to run when you are full in the third place, and allows you to move quickly when you are full in the fourth and last place.

This bonus comes at the beginning of the game, because the weight of the load is extremely important for the training and development of your character. At the beginning of the game you want to take everything you can get. This premium is very useful in this respect.

Another big advantage is the Big League bonus. It increases the damage in melee battles with any rank. This is very useful, as ammunition is often difficult to find on wasteland. (If you want to know how to find better ammunition, click here).

This is a particularly important advantage at an early stage, as melee weapons are easier to find than ammunition. If you choose melee combat, this bonus becomes even more important.

The last two important bonuses are Armor and Smith. Although these two advantages don’t really contribute to your character’s statistics, you can make more items with them.

The armor gives you access to the armor mods in which you invest each rank. Perk’s forging works in a similar way, with each rank giving you access to melee weapon models.


Perception is an excellent statistic to invest in if you plan to use the service on a permanent basis. In falsetto 3 and falsetto: New Vegas, V.A.T.S. was mandatory. However, Fallout 4 did a good job playing with guns. This has reduced the importance of using A.T.V.’s in combat. Although it can be very effective, it is not absolutely necessary.

Therefore, there are not as many significant bonuses in the perception tree as in some other statistics. The best investment premium is locksmithery. That’s how it works.

With every rank you get as a locksmith, you can unlock advanced, expert and masterful locks. The final layout makes it possible to use the pens without breaking them.

It is easy to see that this is the best bonus for collecting statistics. However, if you want to make consistent use of the S.T.A.V., you will want to invest in other premiums. Awareness allows you to see the enemy’s resistance when using the V.A.T.S. Focused Fire. Every time you shoot in the V.A.T.S., the accuracy (and ultimately the damage to the upper ranks) of a body part increases.


Endurance statistics is one of those statistics in which many will immediately invest because it increases your health points with every point you bring in. At the same time, Endurance has some of the best bonuses in the game.

The weighing increases resistance to damage by 10 units at each grade. It will give you an advantage in battle. Of course, it doesn’t affect you in the Power Armor.

Another big advantage is the lead belly. The special thing about this method is that it is possible to absorb less radioactive toxins from drinking water and food.

At the highest level it keeps you away from radiation by eating and drinking! This can be very useful for research, since cooked food and purified water can often be obtained in the desert.

While most endurance bonuses are on this list, the last bonus mentioned is the Resilient Man bonus. At each rank of Lifegiver you get 20 points for your maximum health. In the last place (third place) you recover just as slowly.

The survival bonus is really useful in the long run, because you don’t have to worry about your health outside of combat situations.

Charismatic services

Charisma is one of the lowest scores in the game (read our article about the best start statistics here), but its advantages can always be used to give you a good lead.

Charisma really helps when it comes to playing quietly, because it helps you to control your speech. It is also important to invest when you need money.

At the same time, Local Leader is one of the best assets in charismatic statistics. That doesn’t seem so important at first glance. Because who needs power lines now? However, it is crucial that the supply lines connect your branches in the game. This means that if you have a lot of steel in a bylaw (e.g. from a series of car breakdowns), every bylaw linked to the original will also have access to that steel.

But that’s not all, the local leader doesn’t stop! On the second level you can build shops and workshops in your colonies. This is an important part of their ability to develop their weapon mode and to sell and buy goods. In the long run, you can also make money with it in your company.

There are other advantages of the Charisma, but Local Leader can easily become one of the best among the statistics of the Charisma.

Mental benefits

Intelligence is a good statistic because it increases the amount of XP you get when you do different things during the game. Intelligence statistics also have great advantages.

One of the best bonuses among scouts is the scraper. A scraper is a bonus that has two rows with the first, so by scraping armor and weapons, you can save rare items such as screws and copper. The second level makes it possible to save rare components such as base materials and circuits.

In addition, the second level also draws attention to all items that contain components that you like. For example, if you need glue for the fashion you want to make, you can love it, and then things like beautiful glue and tape will shine, making it easier for you.

Although the scraper is the best universal bonus in intelligence statistics, there are others that are excellent. Peanuts and science! The bonuses give you access to weapon models of all ranks. It’s perfect for setting up your killing machines.

The hacker’s bonus works just like the locksmith we talked about earlier. At each successive rank, you can hack advanced, expert and master terminals. The last row ensures that you are never blocked by the terminal.


Delicacy is an interesting statistic on the list. It is mainly used to increase the action points that help in running and in the V.A.T.S. It is also useful to be a villain and a pickpocket.

The advantage of Agility Perks is that they focus more on actually adapting your character. With additions like Mr. Sandman, you can kill someone who’s asleep right now.

Other bonuses such as Command and Gunslinger increase your damage when using certain types of weapons.

Choosing the best overall bonus in the skill tree is not easy, but the bonus for Quick Hands will bring victory. Fast hands in the front row allow for faster reloading of the weapons. This is very important when exchanging fire, especially with certain weapons such as a shotgun or a revolver.

Then with Fast Hands you can charge your weapons in the V.A.T.S. without using those precious action points. It is very useful when it comes to weapons for small businesses.


The latest S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats – it’s lucky. Happiness is a big bonus because it helps to increase your happiness. It also increases the reload speed for critical hits.

Not only is it one of the best in the game, but it also has some pretty big (and crazy) bonuses.

All advantages could have been mentioned, but the first two advantages should be Scrounger and Fortune Finder in general. Scroger optimization is simple: at each optimization level you will find more and more cartridges in containers (cartridge boxes, crates, etc.). This can be incredibly advantageous, as ammunition is not easily transported to the wasteland.

Perk Finding Fortune works the same way. With every row you reach, you will find more and more container hooves. In the last row there is a chance that the enemy, by killing them, will explode in a cascade.

Other bonuses in the Tree of Fortune help you get critical hits in the V.A.T.S. One of the craziest bonuses is Bloody Mass, which gives you the chance that the enemy you shoot in the V.A.T.S. is a bloody mess.


But which one’s the best? Most bonuses in the game are questionable, the above mentioned help the average player to explore his or her own wasteland.

However, don’t be afraid to adapt to your experience by playing and choosing certain bonuses. After all, it’s a role-playing game, you should do it.

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