Star Citizen Devs Talk About Capital Ships & Tractor Beams

Star Citizen Devs Talk About Capital Ships & Tractor Beams

The Starburgers of the Virgins talked about the fleets and the role they play in the capital ship and where Perseus is in that pantheon. And we have our first glimpse of personal tractor spokes that COOL!

First of all, in my last video (where I was talking about the ship… apparently more than one), I was wrong when I mentioned the Hercules’ ability to LIGHTEN that the Hercules C2 and M2 can carry up to 2 Nova tanks and A2 can carry up to 1. I told you that M2 to a… which is wrong… it’s two.

Let’s talk about the capital’s ships… British fleets are built on the principle that they have the most important ship (or ships) in them.

Spear is the destroyer. He can blow them up with other big ships.

The Idris is an aircraft carrier that can safely transport fighter planes and other small ships around the world. It gives them a range that wouldn’t be possible without an aircraft carrier… Idris also has a big gun on his nose, so he is always useful in battle.

Star Citizen Devs Talk About Capital Ships & Tractor Beams

The Polar Star is a Long Ranger torpedo boat.

Hammerhead’s a combat umbrella.

The Perseus is a warship that will destroy other great ships. It’s somewhere between the role of the North Star and the hammerhead shark… Continuous medium to long range firing, mainly against larger targets.

The Polaris Bridge (which is near the middle and top of the ship) leads to the front main tower, which has a blind spot…. as long as the defense tower of the checkpoint covers this area and the big bottom tower doesn’t have the same problem.

The original order was to build this ship in such a way that a crew of four could operate it until it was reduced to six. Pilot, captain, 2 turret shooters and then 2 more flexible roles the players could have to repair the ship,

The lower deck is the cargo entrance and the lower tower… The middle deck is the main deck with almost everything on it, while the upper deck forms the bridge, the technique and the escape capsules. The ship has a central elevator and should be easy to navigate.

The personal tractor beam has been added to Alpha 3.12 It looks a lot like a sandbox with great advantages!

You can use them to move small objects such as weapons, equipment, wrecks, but especially cargo boxes. You can use it in space as well as in Earth’s gravity… …as long as the Multifunctional Tool struggles with a heavier object… …it can carry about 250 kg, so you can lift most of the cargo cases in the DURING game.

The more the beam has to do with large or heavy objects, the weaker and more repressed it will be.

They showed that somebody used a box and a beam to surf… is an ongoing project.

The module also has a second function. It works like a grab that pulls you where it hits you, as long as they are heavy enough, it seems like an incredible tool to move you.

And that’s it for a faster video today… Alpha 3.12 at Avocati, and we should see the first wave about next week.

Players waiting for their IAE helmet skins and frames must also deposit them into their account within a few days.

What do you think of tractor clusters, are they a surprising addition at this stage OR don’t they have enough other systems queuing up to make them usable?

What do you think of the IC’s thoughts about the capital’s ships? And what do you think of Perseus? Did you pick it up? Whatever your thoughts, I want to hear from you in the following remarks.

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