Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Locations Guide

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In this Spider-Man: The Miles Morales Sound Sample Locator Guide shows you the location of all sound samples in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The sound samples are part of the collectibles you have to find and record for your uncle. To complete the search for the collection, you need to find the location of the 10 sound samples and record them to complete your uncle and father’s mix tape.

Audio sampling guide – Spider-Man: Mile Moral

Our Spider-Man: The Miles Morales Sound Sample Locator Guide describes the locations of all sound samples in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Sound sample number one – Helsa’s Kitchen.

This is the very first sound test, and it’s connected to the story. You start directly from the location. Turn to the river and look to the right where you will find a red buoy with a flashing red light above the dot. Zoom in and listen. Record the sound and it will be edited.

Sound sample number two – Upper East Side.

When you arrive at the sound test site, look for a large water tower on your side. If you look at the bottom of this water tower, you can see that there is ice there and that water flows out of the ice. Record that sound.

Sound sample #3 – Upper West Side.

When you activate the Upper West Side sound sample yacht, your next sound sample yacht will start. Find a fire truck with sirens in the fire station and increase the volume of the siren. Record the sound of it and you’ll complete your collection.

Sound example #4 – Central Park

For this noise test we have to go to Central Park. Start the hunt, jump on the deck and activate your jacket. On the frozen water you see a group of pigeons. Walk slowly towards them and pick up their sound. If you approach them normally or if you frighten them, they will fly away, so you have to approach them carefully.

Sound example number 5 – Midtown.

Then go to Midtown and start the next sound sampling task. You have to find a small cabin in the middle of the street right in front of you. He’s carrying a big flag, which is actually a neon sign. Zoom in on that shield and pick up the electric hum to complete the mission.

Sound example #6 – Chinatown

It’s very easy to see. Start a sound sample in Chinatown and go. Soon you will find a large red Chinese door with an inscription in Chinese. Directly beneath the Chinese inscription are wind chimes of the Chinese wind. Watch these chimes for your rehearsal hunt.

Sound sample No. 7 – Greenwich

Go to Greenwich for the next rehearsal. For this mission you have to look for a big church tower. Don’t go to him because he’s outside the registration area. ¬†Instead, just climb to the top of the arbour and take the church bells with you. You should be ready to go.

Sound sample number 8 – Harlem.

Drive to Harlem and start a sound test drive. For this example, you need to record the train running over the tracks. Find the trail, but don’t leave the sound zone. If you’re in the area, zoom in and start recording as the train passes to record the sound on the tracks.

Audiosample #9 – Financial district

Start the sound sample mission and jump to the top of the structure in the middle of the area. Look at the river and you’ll see the ferry blowing on its horn. Zoom in and record the sound for your mix band.

Sound example no. 10 – Back to the beginning of the secondary work.

Collect 9 monsters to start the Back to Top search. Follow the signs and you’ll arrive at the pleasure hideout. Inside you will find the final sound example.

Find all the sound samples to complete sub-questions, and you’ll also unlock the Purple Kingdom combination. For more help with the game, please refer to the following guides.

That’s what our Spider-Man concludes: Miles Morales Strait Monster Location Guide. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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