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Aren’t round beds such a strange concept? I want to know who looked at a typical rectangular bed and said, “No. Remove the corners.”

I first saw it in an 80s movie. So they at least go back to that distant time and survived in some form.

I don’t know why, but I associate round beds with luxury and elegance. It’s not possible for people to just nap in those shorts and T-shirts.

Somewhere it says to sleep in a silk nightgown and high-heeled slippers, right?

If you have a round bed and I am making wild assumptions that are incorrect, I apologize.

You are interesting. And I mean that in a good way.

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I can’t think of a better way to mix Sims room than with a round bed. Everything else seems a little boring after that list of CCs.

1. Caribbean open bed

Outdoor Caribbean Bed Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

You see, that’s why I said round beds remind me of elegance and luxury.

If you are at a point in your life where you can have such a bed, let alone a bed outside, then you have definitely done something right.

It is also a status symbol for your Sims. Imagine if your Sims could look out at the ocean on your back patio and relax in the sun. What would be the epicness of this project?

It is very elegant and you know it will be comfortable. I don’t know how different it is from a “normal” bed, but I have a feeling it will be a very different experience.

I’ll have to let my Sims take care of it for me.

2. round mattresses and frames

Round Bed Mattresses and Frames TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

This manufacturer offers a number of round bed options by separating the mattress from the frame.

It doesn’t matter if you want a modern model, a vintage model or a hanging model. These are all really cool alternatives to the bed we have in play.

You really can’t go wrong.

Whatever you choose will add a touch of grandeur to your Sim’s room. Black looks classy, red and wood look classic, and the hanging bed takes the idea to the next level.

3. Langhon bed set

Langon Set Bed for Sims 4

Refer to this CC

If I had to choose the bed that feels the most comfortable, I would have to choose this bed.

It looks like a cross between a round bed and a chair with pillows. It’s a recipe for feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

His appearance seems a little more sim-dom friendly.

You can probably put this in a corner if your sims don’t have very large rooms.

4. Hamal bedroom set

Bedroom Set Hamal Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

Here we have another hanging bed.

I was shocked to find one, let alone two.

I mean. a hanging bed. Round, like this.

There’s nothing crazier than that when it comes to sleeping arrangements for your Sims.

Or for people.

The idea of sleeping in a bed suspended from the ceiling is just ….overwhelming. I didn’t know it was a choice.

Well, this CC will definitely be a lot easier for your Sims to set up. You can even arrange the bedspread and pillows as you like. And this bed also features a fireplace, a furry animal rug and a chair.

Because clearly, old furniture is not enough when you have a bed like this.

5. Olstice bedroom

Olstice Bedroom for Sims 4

Refer to this CC

You know what’s even more naughty than a round bed?

A round canopy bed!

No one, not even Siam, can sleep in such a room and not feel like a prince/princess.

And I think everyone wants to feel spoiled by royalty from time to time.

Everything here seems so, well… eccentric. I didn’t want to use that word, but it’s there, and I think it’s pretty accurate.

6. round bed and dresser

Round Bed and Dresser Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

The black and white combinations of this bed are super monochromatic.

There is also a leather texture for the sheet and pillows, which I love.

Probably very warm to sleep in, but still great.

It’s always nice when the furniture matches the bed. And we find it here, with the large chest of drawers included.

7. a set of mermaid beds

Mermaid Bed Set Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

A bed of mermaid shells may be the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life.

Everything about the ocean is always so pleasant and soothing to me.

I have never been as close to the ocean as a thousand miles in my life. But the blue, the green, the pink and all the sea creatures like starfish, crabs and shells will always be strangely familiar.

Thank you, SpongeBob.

This has to be the best idea for a round bed. I have no idea why the Bellassians did this, but it’s as great as this decor!

8. murrr decorative cat bed

Purrr-fect Cat Bed for Sims 4

Refer to this CC

I decided to end this list with something different: a round cat bed!

Well, I know, many pet beds are already around. But I rarely see furniture like this.

This bed has wooden legs and stands high on the ground.

Who says Sims get all the oval fun out of sleep? Buy the kittens in real life!

There are plenty of monsters to go around.

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