Review – Dustoff Z (Nintendo Switch)

When I first heard about Dustoff Z, my first idea was to play a kind of spiritual successor to the classic arcade game Choplifter. The game consisted of controlling the helicopter on a small 2D card, killing the enemy soldiers and landing correctly near the hostages to rescue them. The Z pollen looked like this, but with low polygonal visual effects and zombies. It turns out that this game is more interesting than I originally planned.

Helicopter + Zombies + Prologue video game sequence = This bad boy will inevitably crash.

What I like most about this game is that although it looks like a classic arcade game but in a limited edition, it has a lot of elements that make it stand out as something special. The most important thing is that Dustoff Z is not a typical arcade experience where you have to survive as much as possible by collecting points. There are thirty missions, ranging from the rescue missions mentioned above to escorting convoys and some chieftaincy fights. Dustoff Z is a little more varied than I expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s a particularly difficult game.

These missions are simply short and behave like the small levels of a mobile game, so much so that every time you hit them they have the same three-star rating system. It is clear that the game is designed to be played in small queues, because you can only beat it for a few hours at most. He wants you to practice certain missions several times, because you have to collect money and resources to update your helicopter, as well as the statistics of the shooter, such as the accuracy and speed of the fire. Nothing very impressive, but it does make the game a little more interesting than expected.

These missions as escort convoys make the game more visible.

It’s not exactly a visually impressive name, because it fits the typical low pole style that causes anger in the indie scene, but I really appreciate the stupid high and stable frames. It is also equipped with simple controls. But what impressed me most was the power of his service. Of course the soundtrack isn’t that great, but if there’s one thing I didn’t expect from Dustoff Z, it’s a great set of voices. Overall, the game has a higher level of polishing than I would have expected from a small independent like this.

I don’t know, it’s just an apocalypse of zombies who don’t care what 2021 is going to be.

There’s no reason to bypass. Dustoff Z is very simple and uncomplicated. It is a short but entertaining game, which will not last long, but will still be entertaining in a short time. I don’t think I would have wanted this game if I had played anywhere other than with the switch, but this handheld system was perfect for the name in the end. If you like retro games like Choplifter, or if you’re one of the few people who are still sick of zombie apocalypse modifications inspired by The Walking Dead, let Dustoff Z give it a try. Unlike the zombies you’re constantly fighting, it’s completely harmless.

A low pile style that quickly becomes tiring. It works at very high frame rates, even in portable mode, to say the least. Simple arcade controllers that are easy to learn and not too difficult to master. Although it’s rather superficial and repetitive.
The soundtrack is decent, even if it’s not very catchy, and the sound effects are good to hear. But what really surprised you was the big voice here. Dustoff Z is both a nostalgic pleasure and a simple but innovative arcade game. It is not very complex and not very deep, which makes it ideal for mobile use. It’s best to take advantage of small explosions.
Phrase: 7.0

Dustoff Z is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

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