Escort Max 360 vs Valentine One

If you have to travel long distances every day to get to work, you know that it is very important to remember a place where the police can set up the camera and the radar gun to monitor the speed of your car.

To counteract the radar technology used by the police, a radar detector is an essential electronic device to detect a hidden radar gun. The user is warned to slow down and not to be fined for speeding.

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There are several brands of wireless detectors on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

This article compares the state-of-the-art technology of radar detectors: Escort Max 360 against Valentine.

At the end of the article you will find out which device is most suitable for your needs based on all available features of the device and its price.

In the next chapter, we will first describe the special features of the various devices.

Escort Max 360

#1: Range with responsive alarm

The robust range that the Max 360 can use to detect a radar signal is enormous, with short response times. Max 360 can display the location of the radar gun at the tip of the arrow.

In addition, the Escort Max 360 uses front and rear antennas to automatically scan and process the radar signal from all angles and directions.

The Escort Max 360 is capable of transmitting the analyzed threat with maximum precision and lightning-fast response.

#2: Modern interface

The impressive interface design allows users to quickly identify threats using directional arrows on Escort Max 360. In addition, the display shows the signal strength, the type of signal and the driver’s speed in relation to the maximum speed.

Users can also set up voice communication so that they can concentrate on the road and be alerted if there is a potential threat nearby.

#3: High quality features with live database

Escort has up to 360 different modes available. The Cruise Alert mode has a Bluetooth connection with the EscortLive database to download the autonomous location of a possible hidden speed camera.

What’s more, AutoLearn mode lets you use the latest GPS technology to study your daily route and analyze all the locations on your police radar in real time.

Escort Max 360 has a very reliable database, which is managed by an affiliated community. Every threat detected by radar or laser is updated in a central database and then processed by a modern EscortLive application.

This constantly updated database will keep the police informed of new threats as soon as they are detected by other drivers in the system.


#1: Good radar detectors on the market

The most remarkable feature of Valentine is that it has a huge detection range among all the competing devices on the market.

Just like the Escort Max 360, the Valentine model uses multiple radar antennas, one at the front and one at the back. Thanks to this physical design, Valentine was able to detect signals of more than 360 degrees.

Thanks to the high sensitivity of the detection antenna, the user can immediately detect the fall at the end of the road or even from a police car following the user’s car.

In addition, the Valentine One is the best detector on the market with the longest range of detectable radar signals such as Ka, K, X, Ku-band or super wide band Ka.

#2: Classic interface with simple operation

Since 1976 Mike Valentin has developed the interface of the instrument and over the years it has remained virtually unchanged.

The main reason to keep the classic interface is that many users are used to this interface, which does not encourage new changes. Operation is intuitive and easy, whether you have experience with the radar detector or not.

However, some users will notice that the interface of modern devices is somewhat outdated these days.

#3: No GPS function

This can be a failure that many users find impossible with modern radar detector technology. There is no GPS function on Valentine One because the developer refuses to integrate GPS technology into the final product.

The reason for this is that Mike Valentin believes that GPS technology can disrupt the original design of radar detectors, making the signals less accurate.

It also means that, compared to the Escort Max 360, users cannot see red lights or radar camera warnings.


If you are looking for an extremely powerful device for the detection of radar weapons and you do not care about the design of the interface, you should choose Valentine.

However, if you want other practical features such as GPS technology, a clear interface and smartphone connectivity, the Escort Max 360 will meet all your needs. However, the price of the Escort Max 360 is also higher.

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