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REVIEW: Disenchantment Part 3 (2021)

Friday the 15th. In January, Netflix finally released the third episode of Disappointment. Part 1 was published in August 2018 and Part 2 in September 2019. All in all, I really enjoyed the first part and could sympathize with Beans, Elfo and Lucy. The second part was a bit disappointing, full of silly jokes and surprisingly light on the evolution of the plot and characters. Much of the momentum and tension of the characters that had built up at the end of the first part was gone almost immediately, which seemed like a waste of time. Half the episodes were just fillers anyway. For some reason (I suspect COWID was involved) there was a long wait for the third volume. Usually this series is released in August or September, but this time it took almost a year and a half between part 2 and 3. I can’t help but wonder if this is affecting the audience; in fact, I had forgotten about this show and was just thinking about checking to see if it had been updated when my husband reminded me about it while watching Futurama. This is also due to Netflix’s lack of marketing for its new and ongoing shows. I hear about its content almost exclusively through word of mouth. I don’t understand why such a big company doesn’t promote its products better. Other than that, I like the show. There are other animated sitcoms I prefer (Futurama, among others), but I love these characters and the animation is absolutely gorgeous. If I survive book 2 of the Korra legend, I will definitely give another shot at the disappointment after the mediocre second part. In the same vein, I have trouble with the talk of coins. At first I thought the seasons in this series were divided into two parts. I even remember them being listed this way in the Netflix app. But Parts looks like autonomous seasons where they just use a different word, like Avatar and Dragon Prince call their season books. That’s okay, but people use the parts interchangeably with the seasons, and I’m confused. Anyway, let’s look at the third part about disillusionment and see what happens.

REVIEW: Disenchantment Part 3 (2021)


After the events of the final of the second game, Bob and his friends are stuck with Dagmar and his illegal vagabonds. Zyog wakes up to hear Odwal and the archbishop’s druids conspiring to kill him or wait for him to die. They also mention the execution of Bean, which causes him even more suffering. While Bean tries to hide from his mother, Derek finds a book that reveals an ancient curse on his lineage. Say is buried alive by Archbishop Druidessa, while Derek befriends the wood fairies. Bean, Lucy and Elfo have escaped. But when she gets home, she discovers that Zeg is different than she remembers. After asking Lucy to take care of Zoga, Bean and Elf, he went to the park in pursuit of the Archiduid. Once there, Elfo joins an adventuring club and Bean finds a job near the druids’ lair. However, Bean realizes that his employer has questionable motives and does. When she finds Elpho, he’s in an exhibit of samples from one of the researchers. They free the other monsters and chase them with a mermaid from the show. While Elfo laments his brief affair with the local fortune teller, Bean falls in love with the mermaid Maura and vice versa. Zyog treats Lucy like a cat until he traps the real talking cat to take her place. Ironically, Zog likes this cat more, which makes Lucy jealous. Maura leaves just before Bean and Elfo on the shores of Dreamland. Maura comes back and takes Bean to Mermaid Island, but when Bean wakes up the next day, we don’t know if it really happened. She returns to take care of Zeg, and joins Bin to confront those who are trying to dethrone him. Bean uses the Merkimer to ask his parents for money and help. Things don’t go as planned, but she ends up with coins and arrows. Zorg’s mental health deteriorates as a mysterious green cloud of smoke approaches Dreamland. At first, Bean is able to communicate with him enough to keep things under control. But in the end, she is forced to take control. The source of the smoke turns out to be Big Joe, who feigns remorse but really has some kind of intrigue with Odval. Ogres invades Dreamland and demands Elfo’s surrender, who surrenders despite Bean’s protests. Dagmar shows up and literally drags Bob to hell and beheads the immortal Lucy.

REVIEW: Disenchantment Part 3 (2021)

A lot happened in the third part of Disenchantment, and I definitely prefer it to the second part. The comedy is still not very strong, and some points in the plot disappear or appear out of nowhere (like the debate over whether Merkimer is Bean’s boyfriend). Overall, though, this series of episodes seems much more focused. I’m a little confused about the path they’re taking, Dagmar. In the second part, it became clear that Dagmar wants the beans to fulfill some kind of prophecy. This seems to have something to do with marrying the devil himself (?). I wonder if this has anything to do with a curse, as it exists in the lineage of Zorg. What would Dagmar von Bean gain by that? Why is prophecy so important to them, and what is their primary purpose? They show how distant she is and how much she lacks real affection for her daughter. And at the same time, she can’t say she never loved Bean. She helps Bin find out that Zyog is still alive, which she shouldn’t have done. But she also tried to kill him more than once. With her siblings, she is also part of the cult. I’m really excited to see what they do with this character, but right now I’m just lost. Are they really going to turn her into a two-dimensional villain? I love Bin Una’s mother-in-law (one of my favorites and very underrated) who turns out to be pretty cool, while her biological mother…. is like that. Saving his mother’s life was a mistake, as was taking his stepmother for granted. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plot with a mother-in-law play out like this, and I love it. Una is great as always in the third part, but I would have liked to see her more involved in the show. In fact, I wish they would make a real conspiracy out of their pirate takeover.

REVIEW: Disenchantment Part 3 (2021)

Actually, I wish Derek had been on the show more. He gets screen time at the beginning of the third part, Disappointment, and a slightly scary subplot that would cause a scandal if the genitals were reversed. However, I think his relationship with Bob and even Say deserves more attention, especially in light of recent events. Even with Una, he can talk to her once before she leaves and tell her not to follow her. I like that he followed her on his boat and I hope this will lead to something in the fourth part. I really enjoyed Zyog this time, maybe more than ever. I like that when Bean loses his powers, he’s the only one who can communicate with him. I think Disenchantment is at its best when it explores the characters and their relationships, and it’s one of the best duets in the series. I also love Bean and Lucy, though I have to admit Elfo gets on my nerves. Elfo has always been my least favorite among the three leaders, especially in the second half. He is whiny, selfish and extremely needy. In the second part, he was unreasonably angry at Bean for choosing her own mother over him for a long time. I’m sorry, but who would choose a friend they just met over their own mother? In practice, of course, this turned out to be the wrong choice, but no one (including the public) knew about it until it was too late. Even when Elfo went through a similar situation, they didn’t use it as a moment of growth. He never understood what Bean went through and didn’t see the connections. I also find his romantic escapades boring and predictable. He finds someone, it doesn’t work out, he cries like a baby and cries for Bob, who never returned the favor. There’s an episode (The Last Splash) where Elfo even falls in love with a boat. It should probably be funny or endearing, but it bothers me. This absurd, doomed relationship is the equivalent of a fleeting romance between Bob and the mermaid Maura, and I don’t get it. Whining, self-pitying love is not the same as two people developing genuine (though premature and impractical) feelings for each other. I also don’t see how Elfo is naive or inexperienced where his character usually stands. It’s been three years (these days) and he hasn’t changed at all compared to Bob, who is gaining new skills and confidence, and Lucy, who is growing up and caring for Bob. He’s had a few girlfriends, but the show treats him like a kid who doesn’t know any better. I don’t dislike Elfo, but his mind is not funny and they should do something interesting with this character soon.

REVIEW: Disenchantment Part 3 (2021)

It only lasts one episode, but I really liked that Bean fell in love (with each other?) with Maura. Interestingly, she has had all these meetings and dates with men, but she says she has never had feelings for anyone. I hope this means it’s a two-way street, unlike me who disagrees. In this series (which I really liked), the main woman didn’t see women as an option, so she realized she was a lesbian. That’s good, but I wonder why it’s so often seen as a type A or type B decision. The third part of the disappointment isn’t there (at least not yet), and maybe that’s a good thing. The chemistry between Bean and Maura is strong and their interaction is delightful. I especially liked the scene where Bean wakes up and the necklace Maura gave him makes a brief appearance, suggesting that the brief romance really happened. Oddly enough, it reminded me of an episode of Tangled. Like Dagmar, I wonder what’s really going on with the other bad guys. Odwal is an accomplice, but not as bad as Archbishop Druidessa, who personally plots assassinations and coups. But she’s not as bad as Baron Stimland Alva (who may or may not be in love with Bean), who also wants to direct Dreamland. And then back to Odwall to plan something with Big Joe. I’m not complaining because it could lead to something great. I am just lost with these characters and what they are trying to say. Finally, I want to mention my favorite character, Lucy. I’m devastated! While I’m sure they’re going to flip him again (there’s nothing permanent in this show), I really sniffed at his death and the way it happened. I don’t know if it’s her mean looks, her mischievous personality or Eric Andre’s deadly voice, but I love Lucy (tee hee). I had actually forgotten that he had become mortal in the second part, so I was really shocked and saddened. It’s kind of funny that he’s sent to heaven, the one place he doesn’t want to go, and the furthest away from Bean at the moment. I’m looking forward to what happens next.

REVIEW: Disenchantment Part 3 (2021)

Conclusion: On the plus side

Disappointment The third part is stronger and more focused on plot and characters than the second part. Bean, Zyog and Lucy experience exciting character development, a world of disappointment unfolds, and this episode ends on a truly dark note. I can’t wait to see the next episode, to see Lucy again and (hopefully) to see something interesting happen with Elfo.


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