Razer Customs Review – Create Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad

Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad

In the end I was very happy with my Razer customs drawing.

Creating very personal game settings is becoming a real hobby for many players around the world – and I can see why.

The place where you play is a very personal space, and for many players it is the place where you spend most of the day. This is the 2020 version of the Personal Temple, and if you adapt it to express your personality or your favourite fantasy world, you can feel even more comfortable during game sessions.

There are hundreds of different ways to achieve this personal expression, and the brand new Razer Customs is one of them.

With Razer Douane you can make your own design and place the Razer Gigantus V2 mouse pad on it. We’ve tried, and it’s not only easy, it’s beautiful!

Razer Gigantus V2 Quality

Before we start, we have to deal with the goods.

The Razer Gigantus V2 comes in three different sizes, and whether you want a small portable mouse pad for your laptop or a large one for your gaming preferences, the Gigantus will appeal to your imagination.

The 3 mm thickness is slightly thicker than most mouse pads, but also gives the mouse pad a strong quality feeling. The surface is incredibly smooth and the Gigantus V2 base product is a fantastic mouse pad.

Step-by-step instructions for the TravellerInch

Go to the main page of Reiser Douane

You have two options. You can create your own design with Razer Customs, or add your own personal taggamer to the game world based on the pre-designed design.

  1. Click here to work with prefabricated works of art.
  2. Click here to create your personal mouse pad from scratch.

Create your own personal mouse pad

1. First select the size of the mouse pad you want to work with. Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad increaser

  • Average size: 360 x 275 x 3 mm
  • Large: 450 x 400 x 3 mm
  • XXL: 940 x 410 x 3 mm

You can also make your own phone cases. We’re going to focus on mouse pads, but the process is the same.

2. Select the basic color.

Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad

This is the basic colour on which you base your design. You can go back anytime and change it any way you want.

3. Select the second color. It is located above the main colour and the shape can be changed at will.

Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad

4. Select a model. At this point everything becomes interesting and you can start adjusting the design.

Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad

There are over 100 different models, but don’t forget that you don’t have to select a model.

5. In the next three steps you can select three stickers.

Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad

In this step you can choose from popular game slogans like GLHF or GIT GUD, but there are also many emotions and symbols. There are many options, but I hope Razer will expand his selection in the future.

That’s what it looks like: The best Razer product so far.

6. The final phase: Personalize with your Tag Gamer.

This piece is the icing on the cake and makes it possible to own the mouse pad.

Congratulations! You now have your own custom mouse pad to improve your game settings.

Result: It’s nice to see your drawing on a real mouse pad.

Using the Razer Customs tool is simple and fun, but the coolest part comes when you see your design come to life.

Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad We have chosen the XXL version, which fits our keyboard, our mouse and some others.  Since I created my first character in World of Warcraft in 2005 and finally integrated it into my game setup, I’ve been using the same game tag.

You can also choose from hundreds of prefabricated works of art.

You can also choose from hundreds of custom designs from different games, eSports brands or your own Team Razer developments.

Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad

If you’re not too sure of your ability to create great designs yourself, you can also choose from hundreds of beautifully finished works of art.

The design includes games such as Diablo, Gears of War, Overwatch, Starcraft and many others. This includes specific electronic airport organisations such as Muzport, Evil Genius, Copenhagen Flame and others.

This process is much easier because you just select the size, draw it and add your player tag.

Your Own Customized Razer Mouse Pad


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