Pretty Princess Party Review (Nintendo Switch)

Set: Sweet Princess Party
Genre: Simulation
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publisher: Nippon Colombia | Play axis
Age classification: EU 3+ | USA E
Price: EU €39.99 | USD 39.99 | UK £35.99
Date of publication: 3. December 2020

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Have you always wanted to be a princess? If you like to play colourful and cute with a mini doll, then it’s time for the Pretty Princess Party.

Never follow a talking rabbit

Now you know how much I love fun and colorful games, but I can’t say I always wanted to be a princess. Sounds like you’re under a lot of pressure! But then, like my little YvoCaro, my game character, who ended up following the rabbit through a magical portal. It’s no coincidence, and she’d just be the princess the kingdom was waiting for! I hope she didn’t just learn to follow talking rabbits!

Magic Gate Party …before they disappear!

But let’s go back to the beginning. YvoCaro saw a brown rabbit whispering to himself before he jumped over some kind of shiny bow. Instead of being very skeptical about talking rabbits, she decided to follow him… To be in an alternative world. The talking rabbit was actually called Asbel, and he was very happy to see Ivo Karo again. After all, she’s wearing a magic bracelet. So it’s a missing princess who has to restore order in a long-forgotten castle with a thorn bush! It’s not like she had a choice, because the magic gate is gone!  So IvoCaro does what she’s good at! Do your best to help Asbel and the other rabbits to make the castle famous.

Glass rose resuscitation

In the castle of YvoCaro, discover that she is not the only princess, there are three others. They’re all beautiful and happy, but apparently they’re not the type to have a princess mentality.

Of course YvoCaro is a stylish dancer!

No, seriously, only YvoCaro has linked Magic Design to a magic bracelet, and he can store all kinds of furniture and jewelry as long as he has a recipe. And that’s exactly what she does: She takes them piece by piece to make them beautiful again. For each decorated room she gets a jewel that gives life to a small glass rose in the hallway.

Glass Rose Filling to Get Rid of Peaks

At the same time the level of the castle rises, and little by little the thorns that used to block the rooms disappear, creating new decorative pieces. Moreover, it brings more rabbits to a small town outside the gates of the castle. They help to get more recipes, because they have requests for jewelry, and for those who finish you well, the recipe is yours.

Villagers nearby

Lumina is what makes the world go around.

Progress in the Beauty Princess Festival, which is linked to the Lumina game currency. You buy it by asking the people of the city, but also in the rooms of the castle that you have successfully decorated. To greet the other princesses and the ash bell, Lumina receives daily lessons that you can follow.

Back to class

Lessons or minigames serve a different purpose: Experience points increase the level of taste, with each mini-game indicating different levels of taste. My YvoCaro has 3 levels of taste, cute, elegant and cool. The higher your taste, the more recipes she can learn. There are all kinds of lessons, knowledge lessons (that kind of red), you can learn archery, walk on your doughnuts, take dancing lessons or collect bouquets of flowers and much more.

A Fountain of Wisdom!

Lumina is needed both to study new recipes in the Well of Knowledge and to decipher the carvings on stone plinths outside each room of the castle. When you enter the dressing room, the stone behind the door dictates the type of furniture that should be in the room. But all wires cannot be read at the same time, they have to be deciphered. This is expensive for Lumina, especially if you want to do it fast.

Decryption space requirements

Mini-games and jewellery

When I play Pretty Princess Party, I can’t help but compare it to others I’ve played before. It gives me very strong vibrations of the magical world of Disney that I played on 3DS. Maybe it’s because the castle looks a lot like that of Disney World Orlando. But in the magical world of Disney there were more elements, besides collecting recipes and decorating, there were collections and agriculture, even if they were minimal.

Castle straight from a fairy tale

Pretty Princess Party is about collecting recipes and furniture, how to make your character cute and beautiful with some costumes. It’s strongly based on minigames, and I’m missing a few other elements of the simulation. I would like to collect items to make furniture or do crafts, instead of just pressing the A button to make the item look magical.

So many decoration options to choose from

But what the game does, it does well. The castle has 20 rooms for decoration, there are also residences where you can work on a total of more than 1,300 objects, and after that you get new assignments. The furniture and objects are beautiful and detailed. And there are so many, so many to choose from.

Decoration of the room, it’s the library

Decorating rooms is a pleasant hobby. It has the ability of a camera to take the most beautiful pictures of your efforts, and many customization options for the princess. I mean, look at the bottom dress. Isn’t it beautiful?

What a beautiful combination of colours!

The background music is funny and cute, and the game works very well in portable mode. I had a hard time with the archery lessons because my right stick wasn’t precise enough with the lucky turn, but maybe I just wasn’t fast enough.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that the target group of the Clean Princess Party is younger. I’m sure your little girl wants to be a princess herself.

Give five gives you Lumina!


Pretty Princess Party is a cute, fun and colorful game for people who love to decorate and collect. Jewelry is made with items you have to earn through minigames and decoration requests.

The game can be repeated after a while because it does not contain any other elements from the simulator, although the alignment and constant flow of new elements really makes you think.

Start menu with all statistics and collections

Don’t forget that the Pretty Princess Party is mainly aimed at a young audience, but if you’re looking for a cute and colourful good night party, this might be of interest to you too. I’m sure it will be a great addition to many Christmas stockings!

Final verdict: I love

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