Café Enchanté Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Cafe Enchanté
Genre: comic
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publisher:  Design Factory| Otomate| Ideas Factory|Aksys Games
Age Classification: EU 12+ | USA T
Price: EU €49.99 | USD 49.99 | UK £44.49
Date of publication: 5. November 2020

Display of the code you use, mainly thanks to Aksys Games

The first visual novel I played was Code Realize – Guardian of Rebirth, and I liked it. It is fun to read a good book and in the meantime do what you prefer to do when playing video games. I haven’t been in the same kind of games since then, but I’d like to play Café Enchanté with the same development team.

First and only chapter without spoiler

I only knew in advance what was described on the Nintendo Café Enchanté website:

When Cotone inherits her grandfather’s coffee shop in Tokyo, she discovers that the shop has more secrets than anyone can imagine. A café is a meeting place for creatures from many mystical worlds. You will meet the king of demons, the humanoid beast, the fallen angel, and much more. And when the government officials overseeing inhuman activities show up at your door, your new coffee will be much more colorful.

Cafe Enchanté is open.

Even if I don’t know anything else, if you know visual novels or Otome games, you know what to expect. The main character is a girl who meets cute boys who are all fascinated by her. And depending on the choice you make in the game, the girl will have a love affair with one of them. Or all of them, but one after the other, because you can play different games. This may sound a little stale, but let’s see: Who doesn’t like a good love story? Escape the daily routine and be a happy lady with an overdose of romance, you can’t say no to that, can you?

If you don’t need spoilers, I’ll make it easy for you and share my thoughts on the Enchanted Coffee. After this chapter you can just stop reading and try the game yourself!

Good Boys galore

I love Café Délicieux! It’s more than just a love affair with beautiful boys. Make a mistake, they’re really hot guys, even if they’re a little weird (my taste, yours could be different). But beyond that, the plot of the main story is a real joy, it made me want to play the game to find out how it unfolds. Le Café Enchanté is going in a direction I didn’t expect and isn’t limited to arousing just a love interest.

Do you know enough? Or are you going to read and take risks on spoilers? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Men and inhuman as

You are Cotone Awaki, and you inherited the keys to the cafe that your grandfather Suan left behind after his death. In a letter Xuan Awaki explains that you have the choice to continue or finish your coffee and go back to your own life.

Cotonou visits the café in Tokyo, a sophisticated three-storey building that looks impressive. She studies the rooms and finds one marked Staff Only. Behind it is a room with a decorated door and a closed panel. Of course, the cotton doesn’t resist and opens the panel.  The door opens and Cotonou himself is in the arms of a strange-looking man.

Meet Meiser

This is the beginning of a fantastic adventure. Coton found out there was a strange clientele in the cafe. There was an evil gentleman named Misyr who was so arrogant that he embraced Cotonou. There’s a fairytale knight named Kanus, a fallen angel named He and a demonic beast named Ignis. And add a little raisin: The only regular visitor is Kaoru Rindo. Of all non-humans, he is a real person, as well as the head of a government agency engaged in research and monitoring of inhuman activities, monsters and other unexplained phenomena that occur in our human world.

Meeting with Kaoru Rindo

Turns out your grandfather owned this group of people. Serve special coffees and dishes and spend the night in specially designed rooms. The decorated door is in fact an entrance to other worlds, which is why so many special characters are taught there.

Cotonou decides of course to leave the Café Enchanté open, she learns how to run a café, how to make good coffee, which in itself resembles art.

Special Group of Friends

It’s not a short novel, but a rather long main story, which is about the context of all the characters, including Coton himself. She will get to know the institute of government and the world of non-humans. There’s excitement, mystery, romance and a little sadness. At a certain point Café Enchanté develops into conspiracies of other (romantic) characters, who are also well thought out, but shorter.

Emotions, also without head.

What I liked is that the characters are recognizable, even the headless knight Kanus. And it’s amazing that you can see your emotions clearly, even without a head. You might think that a man like Misyr, who is a demon lord after all, is not a romantic, but in fact (or is it an alternative reality?) it works.

In Le Café Enchanté there’s another element that made me play such a good game: Friendship and camaraderie among the boys. Didn’t you expect this? What does the fallen Shop have in common with the devil beast? For some reason it works, and I was happy to be part of that particular group of friends.

He loves Otome games and this is Switch?


A lot of attention has been paid to details. The main menu screen looks like a restaurant screen. The text panel has excellent decorations that change color. The background music is soothing, and the artwork is amazing. The game works well in manual mode, with buttons or a touch screen.

Charming menu

Do you like romantic stories? The one with the twist. Not too romantic? This visual novel offers an interesting story, so it may still be among those who deserve attention.

Can you tell me how much I love this game? Axis tends to bring us the best visual novels, and Café Enchanté is no exception.

Final verdict: I like it!

Here we go:

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