World War Z challenge mode guide – March 15

Return to the heart of New York City this week in World War Z in challenge mode. The new combination of modifiers turns what would normally be a fairly simple mission into a frantic nightmare.


The modifiers for this week are as follows.

  • Chainsaw Massacre – The only heavy weapons you’ll find in the mission are chainsaws.
  • Restless hordes – The zombie hordes are twice as numerous.
  • Lack of weapons – They have no weapons other than heavy, and they have twice the ammunition.

Image by Saber Interactive

Also, you can only pick up chainsaws at weapon points. Power reserves are always present in the mission, and there are two opportunities to grab a flamethrower, but otherwise this heavy melee weapon will take some getting used to. You’ll need it too, because the waves of zombies will be twice as big as in the normal version of this mission.



This mission is much easier if you don’t make any noise. We found that we had the most success when we started the mission with three other AI players and the other players joined us much later. The key is to never run away or use a loud weapon.

If you run, zombies will come out and attack. Sprinting also attracts hurdles, and because they are twice as regular, you get overwhelmed very quickly. By using silent weapons that all classes have access to, you can minimize the noise you make. If you are consistent, you can reach the first defense point where you have to move the train without hurdles.


With this week’s modifiers, we weren’t expecting a flamethrower. But if you look in every nook and cranny, you’re sure to find one. If you do, take it. It is best if the player using the Exterminator class or similar offensive class gets it back. That way, they don’t have to rely on anything other than killing zombies in the defensive parts of the mission.


Play to the strengths of your class


Each class must play a different role to make this week of challenge a success. Exterminators have to beat hordes of zombies with their hammers to keep their numbers from increasing. Doctors should bombard everyone with stimulants when they have free time, and Hellenes should build as many clay bridges as possible on defensive crosses. Finally, the repairmen must provide all players with explosive ammunition. Since there are no supply boxes for ammo, the ability to reload and take extra damage is crucial to winning this week.

Do not neglect the chainsaw.


This week you start the mission with a chainsaw, and there’s so much debris you can swap out to get ammo. But don’t forget to use it. You don’t have to swing much to hurt the zombies. If you hold down the aim key, you’ll see your character turn the chainsaw and aim it forward. Zombies that get close are immediately devoured, making it a great way to protect yourself in tight spaces like sewers or on a boat at the end of a mission.

Economical use of a machine gun


This mission has machine guns on both defense points. The key to getting the most out of it is to use a little for each wave of zombies. When the horde arrives, shoot at the base of the barriers to reduce the climbing groups. After 50-100 bullets, the horde should be small enough to leave the machine gun and work the rest with your own weapons. This leaves enough ammo in the machine gun to go back and use it against the second horde, which will attack right after the first.

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