Pocket Planet Edition – Pocket-Sized Adventure on a Massive Scale

Pocket Planet Edition

After the release of Summer in Mara in 2020, Chibig returns with his release Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition, where you take care of your own little planet. This is a relaxing farming game where you take the role of a little boy named Arco and take care of his little planet. You evolve your planet from an empty earth to a self-sufficient planet and explore the universe in search of various resources that are not available on your own planet. It’s a very sweet adventure with a huge scope. This is our review of Dyland: Pocket Planet Edition, in which you take charge of a small pocket planet and explore the universe to find secrets.

Pocket Planet Edition

In most farming adventures, you have your own farmland, forest or just a wilderness area, but in Dayland… Pocket Planet Edition : Pocket Planet Edition gives you a tiny planet that belongs to a little boy named Arco. The story of how the little boy got to the planet or why he’s all alone on the planet doesn’t make any sense, but it doesn’t have to, because the little planet is there for you and houses its own mystery that you’ll have to decipher in the form of various quests. At its core, Deiland Pocket Planet Edition is a farming simulator that doesn’t care if you follow the story, because what it really wants is for you to relax and take care of your planet so that it can sustain itself.

Honestly, the planet can control itself. You have to support yourself by growing food, building tools and taking care of your planet. You start with the basics when a traveler named Moon arrives on your planet and helps you build your own tools and start a farm. Then start collecting resources and making some tools before you grow your first crop of carrots. After a brief introduction to the basics, you are on your own to create, build and maintain. Arco only has two needs: to eat and to sleep.

Pocket Planet Edition

You have a tent in the middle of the planet where you can sleep to rest. You can only work as long as you have energy. When you run out of energy, you need to sleep to restore it. Some of the food you harvest also gives you health and nutrition, and you can use the harvest to plant more fields. The planet has limited resources for you, and you must balance them. You need wood to build, but the planet has a limited number of trees. So you have to plant them to get seeds, then cut them down to get a tree. Deiland Pocket Planet Edition is not just about mining the planet. You have to maintain a reasonable balance between what you take from the planet and what you give back to it.

Pocket Planet Edition

Not only can you sleep in a tent, but you also have access to a blacksmith shop where you can make various tools, such as an axe, a fishing pole, a pickaxe, and many others if you have a recipe and the right resources. You can also build your workshop here, where you have access to various crafting supplies. The game doesn’t have many basic buildings, but you can upgrade everything on your planet to make them better. After you complete the main storyline of the game, you can also visit other planets to complete quests and collect resources not available on your own planet, giving you new opportunities to improve and develop your own.

One of the best things about Deiland Pocket Planet Edition is that your planet really feels alive. It has its own seasons of 7 days each. You have 7 days to enjoy the four seasons before the season changes, and then you have to prepare for the new season. Each season is faithfully represented in the game and you have to prepare yourself for the seasons to come. During the rainy season, for example, you need to store water in wells so you can use it to irrigate your fields when there is little or no rain. Some fruits and vegetables can only be planted at the right time of year.

Pocket Planet Edition

Besides the seasons, the cycle of day and night also plays an important role on the planet. Depending on the time of the game, there are several natural elements, such as. B. Rain, meteor shower or even shooting stars. Often your planet will be in the path of a meteorite, and you’ll have to rotate your planet to limit the damage. These meteors bring unique resources from around the world that are not available on your planet. In some cases, such as when it rains or storms, you can even turn your planet around to store water in wells and let the rain fall on your fields. It’s a pretty tricky tactic to take advantage of the weather in the game.

Since your planet is small, you can go around its axis in a short time. This is one of the reasons why the bulk of the funds should come from the various travelers you are visiting. Travelers arrive randomly and linger for about 60 seconds. They are constantly mixing and revising, and everyone brings different unique items. But not all travelers are friendly either, and it often happens that your planet is overrun by all kinds of monsters. You’ll have to fight them all and make your planet safe. You also need to make sure you leave room for the travelers, as you will be landing their ships yourself, which is a really cool game mechanic.

Pocket Planet Edition

These travelers give you various resources and assignments to accomplish what the game’s plot has planned. These missions are fairly simple and usually just unlock a new recipe or mechanism that you can explore at your own pace. Although travelers leave your planet in just 60 seconds, they always come back and bring you new supplies. If you didn’t complete the mission on their first visit, you can prepare items for them and complete their mission on their next visit to your planet. The only mechanics you have to pay attention to in the game are your stamina and your food. It’s also the best Zen game to take the time for.

Deiland was originally released in 2016, but the Nintendo Switch version is the best for this game. It’s great for the handheld and fits in well with the many similar farming games available on the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo’s flagship has many similar farming and sandbox roleplaying games. Deiland has many mechanics and game elements that set it apart from others and make it a unique selling point. This makes it a must buy for gamers who love to build sandboxes and play role-playing games without limits.

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Diland: Pocket Planet Edition is a solid addition to the Nintendo Switch library for all fans of similar games. It offers you farming, crafting and adventure in a package that seems small, but in reality is huge. The game has few hands and at its core is still a pretty good sandbox title, focusing on the player’s own pace and how they want to act in the game. The game’s graphics, level design, soundtrack, and animations perfectly match the traditional Chibiga game development style. For burning hours, Dayland: Pocket Planet Edition is an excellent game, and even if you play it in short bursts, it offers excellent gameplay and mechanics that will keep you glued to the screen. A must-have for gamers who love role-playing games with sandbox elements and space exploration.

Overall score: 8.0/10

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