Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Creations NDEMIC

Sometimes the world seems like a terrible place, and to relieve the stress of life, it can be terribly amusing to think of ways to destroy it, as in the case of the nanovirus Plague Inc.

Basically, that’s what makes Pest, Inc. such a great game, and what makes Pest, Inc.’s nanovirus in particular such a great version of the game to win.

Here you can really hire your mad scientist and create little nanocreatures that will destroy us all. If your roommate never stops playing music at any time of the day, traffic seems endless and your boss never appreciates your ideas, why not use this guide to learn how to eliminate them all with your sneaky microscopic inventions!

What is the plague in a nanovirus?

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Creations NDEMIC

Plague, Inc. is a game developed by Ndemic Games that you can play on your phone or PC. He’s got a pretty amazing trick, at least the first time you hear it. In this game you are not trying to play hero and save the world, but you are playing with the plague and trying to destroy it.

This game contains all kinds of pathogens and organisms, but the nanovirus, Inc. plague is one of the most interesting. You don’t work from an organic pathogen that manages to grow and infect people, but you create a laboratory that is part of nanotechnology.

So you get to the heart of the crazy science that makes the game so entertaining. As with all epidemics, you have to develop your nanovirus and spread it all over the world and make sure that humanity doesn’t find a way to stop you in advance.

How to defeat the plague of the virus

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Creations NDEMIC

Right now you’re probably sold out because you gave up a human project with our own technology. After all, the irony is wonderful.

However, this does not mean that the game is a cakewalk. Actually, we’re not nearly there yet. Plague, Nano-Virus Inc. is actually one of the most challenging options the game offers. The unique technological aspect of things can really play against you in this game if you’re not careful.

So make sure you take the right steps to make your nanovirus succeed. How do you do that? Just follow the steps we publish here.

In this way, the Inca plague nanovirus can be defeated:

1. Unlocking the nanovirus

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Creations NDEMIC

Let’s start at the beginning. Before you can play for Nano-Virus by Plague, Inc. you must unlock the Nano-Virus option.

There are two ways to do this. The easiest and fastest way is to pay for it. For a small fee you can get everything from the plague, including a nanovirus.

A more difficult and time consuming (and much more fun) way is to unlock a nanovirus through a game. To do this, you have to beat the game several times, first as a bacterium, then as a virus, then as a fungus, then as a parasite and finally as a prion. They all have to be beaten in normal or superior mode.

Like we said, it’s a longer version. …much longer. It is up to you to decide whether you want to invest time in this journey or whether you want the plague of the nanoviruses to appear now.

2. Race against research

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Creations NDEMIC

Now that you have the option for Plague’s nanovirus, Inc… There’s something you need to know before you go beyond the choice of this plague.

And that’s the biggest problem facing your nanovirus: human innovation. Of course, every disease must be treated by mankind, who researches and tries to find a cure before it is destroyed. However, unlike the other scourges of the game, you’ll have to face human research to mow the grass under your nano’s feet from the start.

This brings us to the sci-fi element of the game. Since the nanovirus is a clearly insane scientific entity. Once it’s invented, people will know. This means that you are now under time pressure. And you have to plan accordingly.

3. Well conserved genes

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Creations NDEMIC

Your disease has been around since it was invented, so you should spend more time fighting it from the beginning.

It starts with obtaining the genetic material at the moment of production. So start with the metabolic leap of your nanovirus, Aquacite (so you spend less time travelling by sea to faraway countries), genetic mimicry (which makes it harder for your nanovirus to heal) and Extremophilus.

This combination gives you strong defensive and attacking abilities that also give you a little more time and allow you to use it well.

4. Warm start, inhabited and mobile

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Creations NDEMIC

The name of the game spreads here quickly and destroys people quickly. Some pests are a slow marathon in which mankind slowly wears itself out. The plague of the nanoviruses, Incorporated, looks more like a sprint.

So to get back on your feet, you have to choose a warm country that is full of people and where people travel a lot in both directions. It is a recipe for fast distribution in many places.

Consider countries such as Brazil and India as your first stop, as they integrate perfectly and have access to a large number of countries and a wide variety of sea and air travel.

5. Maximising your nano benefits

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Creations NDEMIC

Strategic weaknesses in the game such as the nanovirus of Pest, Inc. are pretty well covered for the time being, but the game offers you a lot of compensation in exchange for making things harder for you from the start.

These include a much easier spread, less expensive symptoms (from which you really should benefit) and a much greater resistance to weather conditions than other pests.

Build your strategy based on these capabilities, and then add a nice layer of unique nano capabilities. This includes intercepting code fragments that you can use to hack into shipments looking for a cure. It slows down all human efforts to defeat you.

Get it earlier and also stabilize the radical elements, isolating the Kill Switch and giving you more time.

6. Use the advice of PlagueInc.

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Splashproof / AbsolutVision

It is clear that this game is not easy. If it had been easy to invent a nano-virus and destroy humanity, some misanthropists would have done so already.

Instead, the game becomes difficult, and in a very unexpected and unexpected way. You can anticipate a lot of things that can go wrong, but that doesn’t always mean you’re ready.

Sometimes you need a little extra help with the overall strategy of the game. In that case, it is always best to take a break, take a deep breath and then follow a few tips about the plague, Inc.

These tips can help you avoid the usual pitfalls in your strategy and find your way out of the mess your disease has fallen into. Therefore, if mankind fights harder than expected, it will fight with advice that nullifies any plans it may have made.

7. Use of condoms against plague

Plague Inc. Nano Virus – Create nano creatures and infect the world!

by: Stripping / Urinating

There are times when a strategy is not enough. Especially if you have a fast game like the plague, anything can go wrong. And if it goes wrong, it can get out of hand before you can react.

When the person approaches the switch, you’re really up against the ropes. The only way to answer this question is to change the game with the cheaters of Plague, Inc. These crooks give you the advantage that you can actually hack into the system.

A nanovirus invented by a mad scientist like you can certainly appreciate that ability.

Other surprising information on income from the plague

Not everyone is eager to purify the planet of all human life, at least not with the help of nanoviruses. So, if you really want to destroy humanity, but you want a different kind of plague challenge, try one of these versions of Plague, Inc:

  1. Play with the mushrooms of Plague Inc. and help them conquer the earth.
  2. Are you afraid of people burning you? May the plague parasite please them and everyone else.
  3. Give the world a headache with a Prion of Plague, Inc. borrowing everyone’s brains!
  4. Officially the apocalypse of the mindless zombies with the plague virus, Inc. necroa, where everyone not only died metaphorically. They’re really dead! Nobody ever listens to you. It’s time to let them do whatever you say, whatever happens, the brain that controls the plague neurosis.
  5. Put your teeth in the Pestue, Inc. and see what a full-blown vampire epidemic will look like.
  6. Enter the game with Pest OG and beat the original game on its toughest level: Plague Inc. bacteria reproduce on a large scale.


There are many ways to give in to your dark impulses towards your fellow citizens. You can watch apocalyptic films, read the book The End of the World or imagine that climate change will wipe us all out without much help.

But if you’re looking for a better way to play an active role in the destruction of humanity, there’s nothing better than playing Plague, Inc.’s nanovirus. Like all Plagues, Inc., this game is a challenge, but it is also a great journey from here to the apocalypse.

So ask the most important project to end the human domination of the planet. Whether it’s a bad day at work or a difficult week with your family, you will feel this misanthropic aggression if you use the steps above to go to a more peaceful and simple world without others.

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